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Direct Image Cards

DirectImage Cards utilizes our fotokard Mobile Application or our Interactive Website to process plastic cards to a thermal image printer. Our applications are used for company ids, souvenir cards, hotel key cards, kids help find cards, etc and onsite issuance of loyalty and credit cards. Our Customized Applications can scan drivers licenses, process videos to QR Codes, super impose corporate overlays, and be customized for any mobile or website application whereby the customer is looking to get a plastic card into the hands of a customer. Our Secure Servers also capture the data for clients for the customers so they can communicate with their customers through the retrieval of email and license information. All you need is an Android tablet or mobile device and you can download our wifi based program. Clients include Disney, House Of Harley and SDI Marketing.

5255 Dryden Ave, Burlington, Ontario L7P 7P6
Peter Thompson

Dave Connors
Director of Sales