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ACT Canada was formed in 1989 for the purposes of promoting the awareness, understanding and use of advanced card technologies. We are pleased to provide interviews to the press. If you are interested in arranging an interview, please contact us at + 1 905 426-6360 or via email at info@actcda.com.

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Press Releases

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Ontario Liberal Leadership candidate suggests chip-based system could save $8-10 billion annually

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Association commends Ontario Liberal Leadership candidate for red and white health card policy

-Wynne announces commitment to speed up elimination of red and white health cards to reduce fraud-

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Cross Border Identity Management: Background Paper

This background paper addresses some of the card technology industry's concerns about the use of vicinity or long range (read) RFID for identity management.

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New Help for Canadian Retailers

Toronto - Catherine Johnston, President & CEO of ACT Canada, today offered help to Canadian retailers converting to EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) payment.

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New Privacy Design Tools Launched

ACT Canada announces that the release of a new privacy design tools in response to governments and other issuers who choose to use contactless or RFID card technologies.

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