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January 2013 ACTion Newsletter

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  1. Editorial - 2013: My wish for you
  2. G&D Chosen By CIBC As Trusted Service Manager For Mobile Payments In Canada
  3. MasterCard To Share EMV Solution With U.S. Debit Networks
  4. VeriFone NFC Managed Services To Drive China Mobile Commerce Network
  5. ASC X9 Proposes Exploring Alternatives To EMV - Members Only Story
  6. UL Expands Transaction Security Offering In The Us
  7. Transaction Network Services Adds Ingenico's Iwl250 3g Wireless Terminal To Its EMV-Ready Device Portfolio
  8. Visa Joins Blackberry Mobile Phone Payment Technology
  9. PayPal Forecasts An NFC-Free Revolution On The High Street - Members Only Story
  10. Ingenico And Microsoft Partner To Put Windows 8 Into The Hands Of Retailers
  11. Sunova Credit Union First Credit Union To Offer Interac Flash(Tm)
  12. Gemalto's Upteq NFC World's First High-End SIM To Obtain American Express, MasterCard and Visa Certifications
  13. Unionpay To Beef Up Worldwide Networks
  14. The Future Of NFC: Why Apple Should Join The Party - Members Only Story
  15. Infineon Debuts Coil On Module To Support Global Contactless Payment Applications
  16. Discover Launches Game-Changing New "It" Credit Card
  17. ZTE And China Unionpay To Collaborate On Mobile Payments
  18. Starbucks Teases Upcoming Mobile Strategy For Grocery Stores - Members Only Story
  19. NXP´s MIFARE Desfire Selected To Support Vancouver's Green City Plan
  20. Oberthur Technologies Selected By Banco Bradesco For EMV Card Personalisation And Fulfilment
  21. Another First For Everlink's Instant Card Issuance Solution
  22. Ingenico Announces An Agreement For The Acquisition Of Ogone, Leading Pan-European Online Payment Services Provider
  23. AJB Joins The Visa POS Solutions Program
  24. Google Introduces Digital Couponing And Loyalty Solution "Zavers" - Members Only Story
  25. UL Achieves Qualification For Complete Portfolio Of GlobalPlatform Qualified Collis Test Tools
  26. Oberthur Technologies Selected By Westpac Group As Exclusive Payment Cards Partner
  27. Fiserv Acquires Open Solutions Inc., Expanding Its Suite Of Innovative Technology Solutions For Financial Institutions
  28. NFC: Not Just For Mobile Payments Anymore - Members Only Story
  29. Moneris Solutions Forms Partnership With Prospera Credit Union
  30. Gemalto Powers The Launch Of The UK's First 4G Mobile Network
  31. Disney Taps Contactless And NFC Technology To Connect Customers To Its Fantasy World - Members Only Story
  32. UL Becomes Accredited FIPS 140-2 Laboratory
  33. Everlink And Rycom Rev Up With Octane Mobile
  34. Eufiserv Expands European And Global Coverage With Pulse Global ATM Network
  35. Disney's MyMagic+ System Faces Scrutiny From Congress - Members Only Story

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Source: Catherine Johnston, President & CEO, ACT Canada (01/31)

2013: My wish for you

Well, the holidays are over and the gifts have been unwrapped, but I still have a list of things I would like you to have.

This year I have three wishes for our members and readers; two for the financial sector and one for the public sector and for the industry that supports them.

For the Canadian financial sector, I fervently wish that the US would move aggressively toward EMV. This would put an end to the expensive mag stripe fraud that we still suffer after a significant investment in chip.

A year ago the prevailing thought in the US was that EMV would not happen. By mid-year that was followed by an acceptance that it would happen, but not by 2015. Now we are in an interesting phase. Several large issuers are moving forward, which is good. Unfortunately many other stakeholders are sidelined by a discussion about how EMV is different in the US.

While it is true that there are considerations unique to the US, most of what needs to be done is the same as in every other region that has implemented, because global interoperability requires it. In order to meet the 2015 liability shift dates, both the unique elements, such as Durbin routing, and the core EMV processes must be developed in parallel.

My second wish for the Canadian financial sector is that all payment stakeholder groups come together to work through the issues that hold back mobile payment and value added applications. When only some of the players are involved in planning and others are not at the table, it has the effect of circling the wagons and shooting inwards! Bring parties together is a core function of ACT Canada and we are dedicated to making this topic a key priority this year.

For the public sector. My wish for you is a clear understanding of the extent and cost of identity fraud related to the ID that you issue. Canadian financial institutions have long used tools to help them understand and combat payment fraud. That knowledge was used to determine when the security bar needed to be raised to protect customers through the use of chip. Governments around the world have moved to chip to protect their citizens and this year Passport Canada raises the security bar by moving to e-passports. British Columbia is leading the country by cutting health card fraud, not only saving tax dollars, but improving access and care for their citizens. For every other government in this country and every ministry and Crown Corporation, my wish for you is that you find a way to provide the same benefits for your constituents.

As for me – I got a wonderful gift this month from someone who was talking to me about Cardware, our annual conference. He said that his company values the fact that no matter what you hear in the market, you can always get the truth at Cardware. In a dynamic market there are always misunderstandings and it is sometimes difficult to cut through the noise. It doesn't always make you popular either, but neutrality can be very valuable and to have that acknowledged is everything I could wish for. Thanks to all of you who see that value in ACT Canada and our work.



Source: ICMA Industry News (12/20/2012)

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is serving as the Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) in their offering of NFC credit card payment services to their customers. G&D's TSM service will securely download and provision the CIBC Mobile Payment Application and the credentials required for contactless payment transactions using NFC-enabled smartphones, in line with global best practices for ensuring secure NFC transactions for consumers. The TSM service is managed from G&D's fully certified North American TSM datacenter located in Toronto, Ontario.

CIBC has launched its mobile payment solution in Canada, allowing Canadians to pay for small ticket items with their CIBC credit card at participating retailers using their NFC-enabled smartphone.

G&D's Service Provider TSM (SP TSM) solution, the NFC Service Manager, offers the required scalability and flexibility to deliver secure mobile contactless payment functionality for multiple payment associations across Canada. The TSM datacenter being used to support this functionality provides secure remote management of secure elements, applications and keys for the handling of credentials for payment transactions via a mobile device, as well as full end-to-end solutions for NFC, including issuance and lifecycle management. Collectively, these capabilities ensure that consumers can use NFC payments with confidence, knowing that all information used to process payments is managed securely.

"Given our well-established relationships with Canadian banks and mobile network operators, G&D is uniquely positioned to fulfill the required role within the Canadian mobile NFC ecosystem as the trusted third party required to securely provision consumer credentials and payment applications," said Michael Kuemmerle, group executive Mobile Security and member of G&D's management board.

CIBC and Giesecke & Devrient are members of ACT Canada; please visit www.cibc.com & www.gi-de.com.


Source: Smart Card Alliance Industry News (01/22)

MasterCard has announced that it is making some of the company's proprietary technology solutions available to other U.S. debit networks in order to facilitate migration to the EMV standard. MasterCard will allow acquirers to brand transactions originating from the Maestro application identifier for all debit networks within the United States.

The move will allow issuers to simplify their EMV implementation and enable chip entry with potentially lower costs, Master Card said. As merchants and their acquirers map out their terminal plans, they will be able to further optimize their investments, simplify their certification processes and choose their routing of debit transactions, the company said.

"By making our EMV solution available today, debit networks, merchants, acquirers and processors can take advantage of a market-ready solution currently in place," said MasterCard president for North America Chris McWilton. "This will allow financial institutions to begin issuing EMV cards across their portfolios immediately, rather than waiting for a new solution to be developed."

Jane Cloninger, director at Edgar, Dunn & Co. said that extensive conversations had gone on among EMV Migration Forum members, as well as members of other groups, about the need to establish a common system to support debit transactions.

"Based on our experience around the globe, this announcement is a good step to continue the momentum of the U.S. market's migration toward EMV," she said. "We applaud MasterCard for taking a leadership position in this turning point for the industry."

Additional details concerning the implementation of the Maestro AID will be shared with the parties involved in coming weeks.

MasterCard is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.mastercard.com.


Source: VeriFone (12/08/2012)

VeriFone Systems, Inc. announced an alliance with China Mobile and Bank of China to deploy VeriFone's managed services solutions for NFC payment and mobile marketing in Shen Yang, China. Another alliance member, Shen Yang Badatong E-Commerce Co., Ltd., is equipping thousands of merchant locations with VeriFone NFC acceptance systems to enable payment and redemption via NFC at the point of sale.

This represents the first implementation of VeriFone's PAYMEDIA Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP), an end-to-end solution that enables merchants, brands and third parties to launch highly targeted campaigns to mobile wallet subscribers.

"VeriFone solutions make it possible for consumers and merchants to fully leverage the power and simplicity of NFC technology supported by Bank of China and China Mobile," said Zvi Mitlanski, senior vice president, VeriFone Asia Pacific. "This implementation demonstrates the potential of VeriFone's Payments-as-a-Service vision and strategy, and provides Shen Yang with a complete infrastructure for provisioning, integrating and managing wallets and other mobile apps."

A key element in the NFC implementation is VeriFone's PAYMEDIA Universal Acceptance Platform (UAP), which provides the Shen Yang alliance with a complete solution for full control over NFC mobile commerce acceptance. As an open standard, the UAP allows for mobile commerce over any enabled acceptance network.

"Bank of China and China Mobile are implementing a true end-to-end NFC infrastructure, working with Shen Yang Badatong to make NFC payment and mobile commerce a reality for merchants and consumers," added Mitlanski.

PAYMEDIA UAP enables Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and wallet providers to easily download wallet acceptance applications directly to merchants' point of sale systems and allows merchants to connect these apps to providers via VeriFone's cloud-based gateway. PAYMEDIA MMP complements mobile wallet acceptance by driving consumers to merchants with offers, promotions and digital coupons that can be used as they complete their transactions.

China Mobile and Bank of China expect to issue an initial 50,000 SIM cards during the current year. The SIM cards will be marketed to subscribers through bank branches and China Mobile customer support centers.

VeriFone is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.verifone.com.



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Source: UL (12/11/2012)

UL opens an office in Plano, Texas, to further expand their transaction security services for customers based in the US.

The opening of the new office in the US marks a significant step for UL in their commitment to deliver transaction security services to customers within North America. Through the acquisition of RFI Smart, Witham Laboratories and Collis, UL's transaction security presence already included over a dozen offices worldwide. However the opening of the office in Texas will really make a difference in the local expertise available in North America.

Dirk Jan van den Heuvel, Managing Director of UL's Transaction Security team, commented: "We are excited with the addition of this location to further extend our local reach. Whilst we do business on a global scale, it is always a benefit for customers to be able to reach out to experts locally. And it is great to see that our local expertise in North America is now a fact. We will offer our full portfolio of transaction security test tools and services across the four domains we are currently operating in, and we are confident that our clients – existing and future – will benefit from our presence."

The resulting growth in expertise, global footprint and range of services renders UL a strong global competitor particularly in the rapidly growing mobile payments industry and in the migration from mag stripe to EMV chip cards in the US. In a time of significant growth and technical diversity, UL's enhanced Transaction Security service supports the company's mission of creating safe and secure living and working environments, keeping pace with emerging products and innovation.

UL's transaction security services were formed after the acquisition of RFI Smart in 2010 and Collis and Witham Laboratories in 2012. On the 1st of November 2012, the three companies rebranded to UL and became one. Under the UL umbrella they offer extensive advisory services, training, test & certification services, security evaluation services and test tools to the payment, mobile, e-Ticketing and ID management domains worldwide.

UL is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.ul-ts.com.


Source: Ingenico (01/08)

Ingenico and Transaction Network Services announced that TNS has certified Ingenico's Telium 2 iWL250 wireless payment terminal for use with the TNSPay Mobile wireless payment gateway in the United States. Ingenico's device is the first EMV-ready payment terminal available on the market to support 3G connectivity.

The iWL250 terminal meets the latest PCI PTS version 3.0 security requirements and is equipped to handle both EMV- and NFC transactions. The certification of Ingenico's terminal helps TNS to continue with its strategic objective to provide merchants and ISOs with the most innovative mobile technology to accept all forms of payments.

For over eight years, TNS has been one of the leading providers of reliable and secure mobile payments for merchants. Through TNS' partnership with Ingenico, we are offering a differentiated, fully EMV-compliant product to our customers in the U.S.," said David Cronin, senior vice president & General Manager Payments, North America; "The certification of the iWL250 3G wireless terminal affirms TNS' long-standing commitment to provide our merchants with the latest secure, innovative and cost-effective mobile and wireless payment technologies."

Manufactured with advanced merchant functionality in mind, the iWL250 handheld terminal operates on 3G wireless networks, as well as legacy infrastructures and diverse payment processing platforms. The terminal is designed to support traditional magstripe cards, along with newly emerging EMV and NFC dynamic payment options. The terminal uses Ingenico's global dual chip Telium 2 architecture and is fully PCI compliant, facilitating secure, fast and reliable transactions. The iWL250 comes standard with embedded multiple forms of payment processing technologies, which precludes the need for expensive future hardware upgrades.

As the leading global POS manufacturer, we are very pleased to have the iWL250 3G mobile terminal certified by TNS. Their commitment to deliver the latest mobile and wireless payment processing technology to their vast network of clients, allows our product faster entry into the U.S. market and immediately establishes the iWL250 as a primary wireless terminal choice for ISOs and merchants," commented Rod Hometh, vice president for market development for Ingenico North America. "The iWL250 Telium-based terminal is a perfect payment acceptance product for any small to medium size merchant seeking to differentiate themselves by securely accepting all current and future forms of payment such as EMV chip card and NFC-enabled transactions either at checkout or remotely. We're certain that the wide base of TNS' customers will be pleased with this product and its unparalleled performance today and in the future."

Innovative Telium 2 features such as high definition color screens, dual chip architecture, 3G wireless, and embedded contactless, have made Ingenico's POS devices the most tech savvy, secure and competitively priced products available in the marketplace today.

Ingenico and Transaction Network Services are members of ACT Canada; please visit www.ingenico.com & www.tnsi.com.


Source: Smart Card Alliance Industry News (01/16)

BlackBerry users will soon be able to charge purchases at the cash register to their Visa cards using technology implanted in the company's new smartphone models.

Research In Motion that Visa has given the green light for its credit card system to work using the smartphone maker's encrypted mobile payment technology. The payment method securely links BlackBerrys to bank accounts and credit cards.

The announcement makes RIM a prominent player in the growing market for mobile payments, which is still in its infancy.

RIM's payment technology lets customers use their smartphones like bank cards. They can pay for items by holding it up to a sales terminal, which makes it identical to the chip that's implanted in most credit cards.

"Any place you can tap your credit card you can now tap your mobile phone," Geoffrey MacGillivray, manager of services security and payments at RIM, said in an interview.

Visa's approval builds on a partnership between RIM and Canada's three biggest wireless networks through their EnStream joint venture, which is also part of the security infrastructure that would make the payment method work at checkouts.

Under the EnStream agreement, RIM will manage security credentials for SIM cards in BlackBerrys and devices running both Google's Android and Windows operating systems.

Visa's announcement also opens the door for other credit card companies to partner with RIM, though MacGillivray said those negotiations are still underway.

Shares of RIM rose 2.94 per cent on Wednesday afternoon, or 42 cents, to $14.69 on the Toronto Stock Exchange, coming off a six per cent gain earlier in the session.

The jump follows two days of big gains for the stock, which closed at $11.79 last Thursday.

Visa's approval comes as RIM puts the finishing touches on the unveiling of its new BlackBerry smartphone models on Jan. 30.

Using a smartphone to make a payment is considered one of the next waves of wireless technology in North America, driven by the growing number of credit cards, rewards programs and identification that many people carry.

At this point, most smartphone users are limited to using barcode technology in their phone's apps to pay at retailers like Starbucks or to rack up loyalty points at various retailers.

Newer BlackBerry smartphones, including the latest models in stores, have the ability to make mobile payments as do some phones using the Android operating system. The new iPhone 5, however, does not have Near Field Communication short-range wireless technology to link to credit card information.

The company is hoping to use that reputation and a new generation of BlackBerrys to reclaim market share lost to Apple's iPhone and Android-based smartphones.

Research In Motion describes its Secure Element Manager technology, or SEM, as a way for networks to manage all types of mobile devices equipped for close-range wireless payments, also known as near field communications or NFC.

The EnStream joint venture owned by BCE's Bell, Rogers and Telus has already begun to deploy mobile payments in Canada using the RIM SEM technology.

"The approval from Visa of RIM's SEM solution is an important step in that it will enable carriers to support Visa issuing banks and financial institutions," said Frank Maduri, a RIM senior director responsible for mobile payment services.

"We now offer carriers a robust solution with around-the-clock global support that works on any NFC-capable device, and meets the stringent technology and usability guidelines for Visa.

Visa is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.visa.com.



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Source: Finextra.com (01/14)

Ingenico announced that they are working together with Microsoft to deliver enterprise-class devices based on the new Windows Embedded 8 Handheld platform.

As a global secure payment solutions provider, Ingenico joins other prominent enterprise device OEMs working closely with Microsoft in these innovative efforts.

Ingenico will collaborate closely with Microsoft to bring fully integrated handheld electronic payment solutions and innovations to the retail industry. By leveraging Windows Embedded 8 Handheld, which is based on Windows Phone 8, Ingenico will provide its secure payment technology expertise to develop the future of retail payment acceptance with personal, seamless and differentiated consumer experiences.

"Retailers across the country are seeking and continue to invest in the next generation of handheld devices with specific functionality needed to transform their businesses," said Thierry Denis, president of Ingenico North America. "The Windows Embedded 8 Handheld platform represents a new wave of innovative intelligent hardware, software and application solutions. We are very pleased to work with Microsoft to develop the next generation handheld devices equipped with Ingenico's secure payment technologies. We aim to bring a new set of payment innovations to the enterprise handheld device market."

The new Windows Embedded 8 Handheld-based devices will leverage Ingenico's mobile payment and secure EMV technology to enable fully integrated acceptance of current and future forms of payment, including magnetic stripe, EMV chip-based cards, contactless, and NFC-enabled transactions.

"Working together with partners like Ingenico on Windows Embedded 8 Handheld devices allows us to deliver the quality, usability and integrated experiences that customers are demanding," said D'Arcy Salzmann, senior product manager for Windows Embedded at Microsoft. "Together we are driving customer solutions that are tailored for core enterprise scenarios. Customers will benefit from Ingenico's payment expertise and will gain worker productivity and reduced training costs through the intuitive Windows Phone 8 user experience in Windows Embedded 8 Handheld. Enterprises deploying Ingenico's Windows Embedded 8 Handheld payment solutions gain another key device in their intelligent systems, and will be able to employ the data and telemetry from Ingenico devices for new insight into their operations."

Ingenico is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.ingenico.com.


Source: Canada Newswire (01/28)

Interac Association announced that Manitoba's Sunova Credit Union is now issuing Interac Flash enabled debit cards to their members, making Sunova the first credit union nationwide to offer Canada's first and only contactless debit payment solution.

With Interac Flash, debit users can make small value purchases faster than ever before. Instead of inserting their chip card and entering their PIN, cardholders can hold their Interac chip debit card in front of a supporting point-of-sale reader to make quick and secure contactless transactions. By spending less time processing payments, particularly cash, merchants can help improve throughput at the point-of-sale, as well as the overall customer checkout experience.

"The Canadian credit union system continuously strives to provide their members with innovative, high value payment solutions that best meet their financial needs," said Mark O'Connell, president and CEO, Interac Association and Acxsys Corporation. "We're delighted Sunova Credit Union sees the value of contactless debit and we're proud to announce them as the first credit union in Canada to offer Interac Flash to their members."

Sunova Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with 11 branches and nearly 28,000 members throughout Manitoba.

"Offering leading edge technology is extremely important to Sunova," said Dallas Kostna, vice president and CIO of Sunova Credit Union. "By being the first credit union in Canada to offer Interac Flash enabled debit cards, our members can take advantage of this innovative technology to make quick and secure contactless Interac Debit transactions using funds withdrawn from their own accounts."

Sunova members will be able to receive their fully personalized Interac Flash debit card upon request. In-branch card issuance will be managed by Everlink Payment Services Inc.

"A growing number of Canadian retailers are accepting Interac Flash contactless debit payment technology and it's fitting that a Canadian credit union sees the value in offering this technology to its members," added David Phillips, president and CEO, Credit Union Central of Canada.

Interac is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.interac.ca.


Source: Gemalto (12/04/2012)

Gemalto announced that its UpTeq NFC high-end SIM has obtained certifications from the three largest global payment networks - American Express (AMEX), MasterCard and Visa, in addition to previous certification by EMVCo. Available in all form factors for 2G, 3G and 4G handsets, the UpTeq NFC supports contactless payment and other secure services via AMEX ExpressPay, MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave, providing unmatched flexibility to service providers and end users.

The UpTeq NFC has been certified with the widest scope of functionalities possible. With an optimized delta certification for product approval, this secure service platform can be tailored to fit the needs of each individual NFC deployment. Following the Singapore NFC launch in August, the fully certified UpTeq NFC is now being deployed by Singapore's three mobile operators – M1, SingTel and StarHub – and will also support CEPAS1, a local payment standard used for small value purchases. The high end SIM will also be customized for the local requirements of KDDI in Japan, Rogers in Canada and Orange in France, amongst others.

The UpTeq NFC acts as a tamper-proof secure element for consumers' confidential credentials and payment data and is a crucial part of enabling NFC transactions. The strict requirements needed to obtain certification from AMEX, MasterCard and Visa translates into confidence for end users. The flexibility from easy 'onboarding' – the addition of new NFC services - also makes it attractive for new high value services such as mobile identification, coupon redemption, loyalty programs and transit cards. The availability of this fully certified NFC SIM on the market provides a strategic time-to-market advantage for mobile operators and banks looking to deploy NFC massively.

"Our involvement and experience in the telecommunications and banking sectors have enabled us to create a high end security device that leverages the strengths of these two industries," commented Frédéric Vasnier, Senior Vice President at Gemalto. "Combined with the fact that our high availability Trusted Service Management centers in Singapore, the US and France have received certification by MasterCard and Visa, Gemalto is offering a unique service footprint to support mobile NFC deployment anywhere in the world."

American Express, Gemalto, MasterCard and Visa are members of ACT Canada; please visit www.americanexpress.com, www.gemalto.com, www.mastercard.com & www.visa.com.


Source: ICMA Daily News (12/07/2012)

China UnionPay launched UnionPay International Co Ltd. in Shanghai in a bid to build up its global payment networks and an international payment brand.

China UnionPay has established networks in as many as 135 countries and regions, and has issued more than 12 million bank cards overseas in some 30 countries and regions.

UnionPay International Co Ltd, the newly launched subsidiary of China UnionPay Co, will be dedicated to operations in overseas markets to accelerate the brand's integration into the global financial market, said Su Ning, board chairman of China UnionPay and UnionPay International.

China has witnessed increasing usage of bank card payments in recent years.

In the third quarter of 2012, consumer payments by bank card reached 4,152 yuan ($659) per capita nationwide, and 46.3 percent of the entire population are bank card holders, a 6.1 percent year-on-year increase, according to the latest data released by the People's Bank of China, the nation's central bank.

More than 60 commercial banks from China and other countries had become initial members of UnionPay International.

Liu Shiyu, deputy chief of the central bank, said he hoped that UnionPay International would become a widely recognized, mainstream brand in the global payment market.

In the first half of 2012, 42.7 percent of social retail goods were transacted via bank cards in China, and a growing number of Chinese enterprises and individuals have been using China UnionPay cards for cross-border settlement, which has accelerated the internationalization of the renminbi, said Liu.

China UnionPay has already set up an extensive network in China, and UnionPay International will help extend its business in overseas markets, said Liu.

"The launching of UnionPay International will help boost Shanghai's presence in the global financial market," said Tu Guangshao, vice-mayor of Shanghai.

Shanghai is striving to become an international hub for the innovation, trading, pricing and clearing of renminbi products by 2015, and UnionPay International is expected to play a role in efforts toward that goal, said Tu.

China UnionPay set up its headquarters in Shanghai in 2002. The launching of UnionPay International is expected to attract more resources to Shanghai to help the city become an international financial center, said Tu.



Available in the ACT Canada Members Only section of our web site. Click on the link below to access this section

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Source: Contactless News (01/30)

Infineon introduced its Coil on Module chip package to support global distribution of dual interface bank and credit cards.

The new Infineon chip package combines the security chip and antenna using a radio frequency link - rather than the common mechanical-electrical connection – which improves the robustness of the payment card and simplifies card design and manufacturing.

In conventional card manufacturing processes, the chip module is connected to the card antenna via soldering connections or conductive paste. This method is complex and requires individual adaptation of the antenna design to the respective chip module.

Using the Coil on Module chip technology, card manufacturers can produce dual interface cards up to five times faster with more efficiency. This also makes the card more robust as conventional connections between the chip module and the card antenna – which can be damaged by mechanical stress to the card – are eliminated.

In addition to bank and credit cards, Infineon's Coil on Module chip package is also suitable for other types of dual interface smart cards such as electronic access controls, public transport ticketing and electronic identity documents.

Infineon is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.infineon.com.


Source: ICMA Industry News (01/11)

Discover Financial Services announced the national launch of Discover it, a no annual fee credit card which offers card members the rewards and service for which the company is known, while providing a unique combination of features, benefits and an enhanced customer experience.

The new Discover it card comes in a modern blue metallic finish that resembles brushed steel, with the name and card number on the back of the card.

The new card's feature set delivers some of the best qualities that consumers have been asking for in a credit card and builds upon Discover's leadership in rewards and customer service. Discover has long been known for developing innovative products and services that are relevant to consumers, and the company has ranked #1 in customer loyalty among credit cards for 16 years in a row, according to the 2012 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index Report.

"We believe that consumers want something different from a credit card company—something that addresses their specific needs, treats them fairly and gives them what they deserve," said Roger Hochschild, president and chief operating officer at Discover. "This card is a natural extension of Discover's 'It Pays to Discover' brand positioning and truly shows how Discover is looking to build a long-term relationship with its customers."

Discover is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.discover.com.


Source: ICMA Industry News (01/11)

China: Another partnership is looking to introduce a mobile payment service in the Chinese market. This time it's handset-maker ZTE Corp. and payment card powerhouse China UnionPay.

A source from ZTE told Caixin Online that ZTE will release a mobile phone model featuring NFC technology next year. ZTE and UnionPay signed an agreement last month to cooperate in developing applications and technology to provide mobile payment services.

The Chinese market, the world's largest mobile phone market, is ripe for development of mobile payment technologies. Last year, China UnionPay announced that it will partner with wireless carrier China Mobile Ltd. to offer a mobile payment product this year.



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Source: Smart Card Alliance Industry News (01/29)

NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced that Canada's South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (TransLink) has adopted its MIFARE technology platform for Vancouver's public transport system. With the introduction of NXP's MIFARE technology, TransLink can quickly roll out a reliable and secure contactless service across the entire infrastructure to further accelerate use of public transportation in the smart city of Vancouver.

Ranked among the world´s top 5 cities of Mercer´s Quality Living Ranking for four years, Vancouver is pursuing a Green City Plan to address urban challenges including the optimization of transportation over a 30 year period. To achieve its Green Transportation goal of accomplishing 50% of all trips by foot, bicycle or public transportation, Translink asked US systems integrator Cubic to create an efficient, secure and future-proof transit system powered by NXP's MIFARE technology.

Vancouver is introducing the Compass Card, which will enable passengers to enjoy fast, convenient and secure transactions across buses, sky trains and ferries using just one contactless smart card. In addition, passengers can add travel products or values to their Compass Card at vending machines, online, by phone, or at a walk-in customer service centers. The new MIFARE DESFire EV1-based transport scheme including NXP's infrastructure solutions is currently being installed.

"Vancouver has identified smart contactless ticketing as a key way to expand the appeal and convenience of its citywide transportation network. Its selection of MiFare DESFire as the technology to deliver this further expands NXP's footprint in smart cities around the world. ABI Research forecasts the consumption of secure smart card tickets in transportation to grow by 86% by the end of 2017", said John Devlin, group director security and ID with ABI Research.

"With urbanization being a significant megatrend in the 21st century, one of the greatest concerns for modern cities is ensuring that residents, vehicles and the economy itself is able to keep moving," says Ulrich Huewels, vice president and general manager, card security business line, NXP Semiconductors. "NXP solutions can address this challenge by optimizing public transport systems and individual traffic. NXP provides a complete end-to-end solution validated by more than 650 cities worldwide, and used by up to 1.2 billion passengers per day in megacities such as London, Moscow, Los Angeles or Beijing."

The MIFARE DESFire open architecture platform is based on open global standards for both air interfaces and cryptographic methods. In addition to offering data transfer rates of up to 848 kbit/s, MIFARE DESFire utilizes a triple DES, 3K DES, and AES hardware cryptographic engine for securing the data on the smartcards and data during transmission. Further, the MIFARE DESFire platform enables seamless extensions of ticketing solutions on banking cards or on NFC-enabled mobile devices both working with NXP's SmartMX high security microcontroller technology, leveraging NXP's leading position in the overall Identification market as well as in market segments such as transport ticketing, access, banking, e-government or NFC.

NXP Semiconductors is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.nxp.com.


Source: Business Wire (01/23)

Oberthur Technologies announced that Banco Bradesco, one of the largest private banks in Latin America, based in São Paulo, Brazil, selected Oberthur Technologies to provide EMV card personalisation and fulfillment services.

Bradesco's EMV card personalisation and fulfilment will take place at Oberthur Technologies' São Paulo, Brazil manufacturing facility and service center, using the company's proprietary
Common Personalisation System (CPS), developed over the past ten years and deployed across Oberthur Technologies' global network of over 35 service centers across the globe.

"Oberthur Technologies is proud to be selected as a partner by Bradesco" said Martin Ferenczi, Managing Director of the Americas Region at Oberthur Technologies. "Our global experience, locally based teams, state-of-the-art facilities and Common Personalisation System provides Oberthur Technologies with the expertise to meet the needs of customers throughout Latin America."

"Bradesco wanted a partner with EMV experience and flexible personalization and fulfillment capabilities" said Osvaldo Rodrigues Filho, Production Manager, Banco Bradesco Cartões. "Oberthur Technologies' offered not only a fully scalable solution, but also demonstrated the knowledge and commitment we wanted. We look forward to a good future working together."

Oberthur Technologies is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.oberthur.com.


Source: Everlink (01/29)

Everlink Payment Services Inc. is pleased to announce it has achieved a significant technological milestone by becoming the first in North America to provide a financial institution with the ability to instantly issue fully personalized Interac Flash enabled debit cards in its branches. This achievement was fully realized on January 28th when Sunova Credit Union began leveraging the recently enhanced Everlink Instant Card Issuance (ICI) solution, a web-based, turn-key solution for the on-demand issuance of fully personalized EMV chip debit cards for its members.

"At Everlink we make it a priority to ensure that our clients are kept on the leading edge of payments technology," says Mark Ripplinger, President of Everlink. "The introduction of Interac Flash is sure to have a fundamental impact on the way Canadians pay for goods and services. Thanks to our ICI solution, Sunova's credit union members will be able to enter their local branch, have a fully personalized Interac Flash EMV Chip debit card produced on location – including customized card images, and full personalization of the Chip – and walk out in less than 5 minutes. This is something that no other financial institution today can claim."

Everlink Payment Services and Interac are members of ACT Canada; please visit www.everlink.ca & www.interac.ca.


Source: Ingenico (01/29)

Ingenico announced it has reached an agreement in principle with Summit Partners to acquire Ogone, the leading pan-European online payment services provider for an enterprise value of € 360 million.

This acquisition represents a key milestone in the execution of Ingenico's strategy of becoming the unique "one-stop-shop" provider covering multi-channel payment solutions: point-of-sale, online and mobile. The combination of Ingenico's customer base and infrastructure with Ogone's platform would offer an unrivalled ability to generate significant synergies in terms of new upselling opportunities and offer optimization expected to generate additional EBITDA in excess of €20m by 2015. With this acquisition, Ingenico would also further reinforce its presence in Transactions while leveraging the attractive exposure to the online transactions growth.

Based in Brussels, Ogone has developed, over the past ten years, a recognized expertise in making online payment services less complex, more efficient and secured for merchants. Thanks to its scalable, in-house and robust platform and its experienced management team, Ogone has built a prime, truly international client base with over 42,000 merchants, highly diversified in terms of sizes, segments or distribution channels. In 2012, with more than 280 employees, Ogone reached € 42 million of revenue, with an EBITDA margin of around 30%. The recent commercial initiatives, including the Barclaycard white-label contract win, should generate a revenue growth in excess of 30% in 2013.

The acquisition of Ogone offers a sound financial rationale, with a strong positive impact on both margin and growth profiles, while maintaining leverage under control. The acquisition is expected to be neutral on Ingenico 2013 EPS and highly accretive on 2014 EPS before PPA. The secured financing of the acquisition will consist in existing cash for € 120 million and in committed bank lines for € 240 million.

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Source: AJB Software (01/11)

AJB Software Design, Inc announced that it is a participating Payment Technology Provider in the Visa POS Solutions Program and has validated current versions of its payment processing suite. AJB is launching several initiatives this upcoming calendar year giving merchants increased options to manage the evolving payment landscape.

"We've made it easy for large merchants to scale into key new payment standards and technologies," said Pat Polillo, Vice President Sales and Marketing at AJB Software, "Whether it's EMV, loyalty with real-time POS offer redemption, mobile wallets, or enhanced security & encryption, being first-to-market in this field can provide strong market advantage for our client community and we are constantly strengthening our partnerships with market leaders to bring innovative solutions to our merchants." AJB's participation in the Visa POS Solutions Program streamlines its ability to deliver Visa payment solutions to merchants of participating acquirers, including real-time offer redemption at the POS.

AJB's integrated payment solutions are customized based on industry and customer need, and are applicable for an array of sectors, including Department Store, Apparel, Petroleum & C-Store, Hospitality, Supermarkets and Specialty Retail.

"Visa is very focused on supporting product innovation at the point of sale with the leading payment technology providers to help enable acquirers and their merchants of all sizes to benefit from new product development in electronic payments", says Phil Kumnick, Head of Global Acquirer Processing for Visa Inc. "The Visa Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions Program is designed to offer acquirers and their merchants access to the latest in Visa payment innovation, ranging from real-time merchant offers that are tailored to an enrolled consumer's life style and shopping location, to encryption technology that
Visa is developing to enhance transaction security."

AJB's payment processing suite consists of the Retail Transaction Switch (RTS) and Flexible Integrated Payment System (FIPay), and enables merchants to quickly deploy new payment innovations. RTS is a robust, multi-purpose transaction switch that scales to meet the high level of performance demanded by North America's largest and most well-known retailers Through RTS and its FIPay suite of products, AJB maintains its market leadership position by being among the first in market to support important new payment technologies.

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Source: UL (01/03)

UL is pleased to announce that GlobalPlatform has qualified the new Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform Mapping Guidelines and the Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform SWP and HCI, after successful completion of the GlobalPlatform TestFest process.

The qualifications of these test suites result in UL offering a full portfolio of GlobalPlatform qualified test suites that completely ensure the interoperability of smart-cards or secure elements within the GlobalPlatform ecosystem.

The Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform Mapping Guidelines ensures the compliance of a card that implements the GlobalPlatform Mapping Guidelines specification and has also been designed to be compatible with other cards that implement a core set of GlobalPlatform Card 2.2.1 functionality. This new test tool is backed by a high expertise in mobile and compliance test tools and will ensure high level of compliance and interoperability.

The Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform SWP and HCI ensures the compliance of an SWP-enabled card according to the industry standard ETSI test specifications (ETSI TS 102 694-2 and ETSI TS 102 695-2). With NFC technology gaining momentum on a daily basis, we are confident that the Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform SWP and HCI provides the ideal testing solution.

Maxim Dyachenko, Manger Development & Delivery at UL Transaction Security, said: "Over the last few years, smart card technology has changed considerably. More powerful microprocessors along with secure multi-application smart card operating systems provide the necessary functionality required by a large number of smart card applications. Many smart card applications in various industries rely on GlobalPlatform technology for personalization, key management and security. We are excited that through the qualification of two test suites, we can now offer our customers a full portfolio of certified GlobalPlatform test suites. This strengthens our position as the number one competence center in transaction security technology."

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director at GlobalPlatform, added: "We are delighted that UL's Transaction Security service line has shared its expertise and participated in the compliance program certification process. On behalf of GlobalPlatform, I would like to congratulate UL on achieving GlobalPlatform qualified status for its Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform Mapping Guidelines test suite and Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform SWP and HCI."

Additional test suites that complete the Collis GlobalPlatform test suite portfolio are the Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform UICC configuration, the Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform UICC Contactless Extension and the Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform Basic Financial Configuration.

UL's transaction security services were formed after the acquisition of RFI Smart in 2010 and Collis and Witham Laboratories in 2012. On the 1st of November 2012, the three companies rebranded to UL and became one. Under the UL umbrella they offer extensive advisory services, training, test & certification services, security evaluation services and test tools to the payment, mobile, e-Ticketing and ID management domains worldwide. The strong brand 'Collis' will remain as a product line.

GlobalPlatform and UL are members of ACT Canada; please visit www.ul-ts.com and www.globalplatform.org.


Source: Oberthur (12/12/2012)

Oberthur Technologies announced its appointment by Westpac Group, one of the leading Australian banks, as the exclusive payment cards and services provider for its Australian and Pacific Banking businesses including: Westpac Bank, Westpac Institutional Bank, St.George, BankSA, Bank of Melbourne and Westpac Pacific Bank.

Under the 7-year managed services contract, on behalf of the Westpac Group, Oberthur Technologies will provide manufacturing, secure personalisation and distribution of all banking cards to Australia, Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and the Cook Islands.

"We are extremely pleased to be selected and to extend our relationship with Westpac in the region. Combined with our current business, the award firmly establishes Oberthur Technologies as one of the leading providers to the Australian financial services market. Our team is fully focused on completing a successful, seamless transition of services and enthusiastic about this new partnership," said Roswell Wolff, Managing Director Asia at Oberthur Technologies.

Oberthur Technologies, operating in Australia since 2002, delivers payment, SIM, and Identity card products and services to banks, telecom operators and government bodies locally and across the Asia Pacific region. In 2008, Oberthur Technologies opened one of over 30 global, secure card personalisation service centres in Western Sydney; which delivers a diverse range of smartcard personalisation and fulfillment solutions. These include customised and bespoke card issuance services, operating to strict delivery deadlines as well as strong security and compliance policies that govern the banking industry.

Oberthur Technologies is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.oberthur.com.


Source: Open Solutions (01/14)

Fiserv, Inc. announced that it has acquired Open Solutions Inc., a leading provider of collaborative, enterprise core account processing technology for financial institutions. The purchase price was $55 million, and Fiserv assumed approximately $960 million of debt. In conjunction with the acquisition, Fiserv will benefit from an acquired tax asset with a net present value at the time of purchase of approximately $165 million.

Open Solutions is a Glastonbury, Conn.-based technology provider to banks, thrifts and credit unions. Through this acquisition, Fiserv will add several new technologies to its offerings, including DNA, a real-time, open technology account processing platform. DNA is an attractive alternative for financial institutions that seek a modern technology architecture and want to benefit from the power of data and integration. The platform also enables collaboration and technology-sharing through DNAcreator and DNAappstore to deliver localized and unique customer-facing value.

Through this acquisition, Fiserv will also add several other key solutions, including the CUnify and TotalPlus account processing platforms, Weiland Account Analysis for commercial account analysis, tools that enable the creation and sharing of client-developed functionality, and Raddon Financial Group, which offers performance consulting services.

Open Solutions serves more than 3,300 clients worldwide, including more than 800 account processing clients. These clients can benefit from the broad array of add-on solutions offered by Fiserv, such as its CheckFreeRXP electronic bill payment service, ACCEL/Exchange payments network, debit processing services, Popmoney social payments service, Corillian Online banking, Mobiliti mobile banking, and a variety of other products and services that can create opportunities for financial institutions to grow and prosper.

"Open Solutions provides several growth opportunities, including a real-time account processing capability that serves multiple charter types, languages and currencies on a single platform," said Jeffery Yabuki, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fiserv. "Open Solutions' strong team of associates is intently focused on client success and committed to collaborative technology, which will enhance the value we provide to our clients."

"We are extremely proud of the innovative products Open Solutions has developed since its founding in 1992, and the strong business that we have built over the years," said Louis Hernandez, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Open Solutions. "Joining Fiserv provides us with significant resources that will benefit our clients and increase market momentum. We are delighted to join Fiserv, a leader in the delivery of innovative financial services technologies."

This acquisition adds technology solutions, brings a base of high-quality account processing clients, and provides new opportunities for Open Solutions clients to create value for their customers and members. Over time, Fiserv expects to add some of the features contained in its Acumen® account processing platform to DNA. This combination will provide financial institutions — including credit unions, banks and thrifts — with a technology platform that enables the delivery of a differentiated experience along with integrated solutions. This enhanced technology will also be available for those institutions that want agility and speed in the United States, and in selected areas around the world.

The company expects to achieve annualized revenue synergies in connection with the acquisition of at least $75 million, and annualized cost synergies in excess of $50 million, over the next several years. The transaction was completed on January 14, 2013.

Open Solutions is a member of ACT Canada; for additional information about the transaction visit www.fiserv.com.



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Source: Moneris (01/16)

Moneris Solutions Corporation recently announced a partnership with Prospera Credit Union, a British Columbia-based, member-owned co-operative enterprise that provides full service financial offerings to individuals and businesses from Vancouver to Kelowna.

Moneris has developed an effective referral program that builds upon its merchant services expertise and Prospera Credit Union's financial services expertise.

"We are delighted to be working with Prospera Credit Union to offer their business members innovative technology, operational excellence and unparalleled customer service," said Jeff Guthrie, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Moneris Solutions. "Prospera not only provides exceptional service to its members, as a credit union, it also contributes to the well-being of the communities it serves through a variety of programs and charitable partnerships."

"Moneris is a leader in the payment processing space and we know our customers will appreciate getting the best point-of sale (POS) payments and service in the industry," said Bruce Howell, President and CEO, Prospera Credit Union. "We pride ourselves on building meaningful relationships with our members and the community, and our partnership with Moneris will allow us to continue to do that."

Moneris is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.moneris.com.


Source: Gemalto (01/23)

Gemalto announces that it is delivering its UpTeq LTE SIM and embedded software applications to EE, the UK's most advanced communications company, powering the launch of the UK's first 4G mobile network.

EE, the joint venture between France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom in the UK, is the first mobile operator in the UK to launch 4G, which is available on the company's EE brand. EE's 4G service is already live in 18 cities and towns across the UK, with 17 more planned by the end of March 2013, and 98% of the UK population is scheduled to be covered by the end of 2014.

In this first large-scale LTE deployment in Europe, Gemalto's UpTeq LTE plays a key role in helping EE meet the commercial and technical challenges of 4G. The high-end software package included in the SIM card is compliant with the latest industry standards, and embedded for EE in both Micro SIM Plus and nano SIM (4FF) formats.

4G technology allows consumers to experience "blinding speed" mobile interactions, thanks to short response times (low latency), and loading speed up to five times faster than 3G. Customers can thus experience the full potential of their mobile devices when browsing the internet, and securely enjoy data-rich services such as high definition video, live TV, music and multi-user gaming.

"Gemalto was able to meet our very challenging requirements in terms of planning, capacity and overall program delivery," commented Simon Frumkin, VP of Procurement and Supply Chain at EE. "Gemalto moreover demonstrated the technical expertise required to assist EE in defining its services precisely, and in implementing quickly the card software functionalities as well as the back-end applications."

"Through the support of Gemalto EE enjoys immediate access to all the knowledge and expertise acquired in our recent high profile deployments in Japan and the US," added Philippe Vrignaud, senior vice-president of telecommunications at Gemalto. "EE is leading the introduction of LTE in the UK, and the Gemalto UpTeq LTE front-end and back-end software technologies allows them to rapidly leverage the full potential of LTE networks(1)."

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Source: UL (01/16)

UL is pleased to announce the accreditation of its Australian office as a FIPS 140-2 laboratory.

This accreditation means that UL is allowed to perform security evaluation services on the design and implementation of a cryptographic module that provides protection for sensitive or valuable data. This includes basic design and documentation, module interfaces, authorized roles and services, physical security, software security, operating system security, key management, cryptographic algorithms, and electromagnetic interference/electromagnetic compatibility (EMI/EMC).

The FIPS 140-2 standard outlines requirements to be met by hardware and software systems that process Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU) data for government organisations. UL's Transaction Security office in Australia is accredited to evaluate products up to level 4, which is the highest level of security required by the standard.

Stephen Kirk, a Vice President of UL said: "We are very pleased to have gained this accreditation, which is becoming increasingly valued and recognised around the world. The importance of the FIPS 140-2 accreditation continues to permeate industries other than Federal Government, such as banking. Being an accredited lab allows us to expand the services we offer our customers and continue to develop our reputation as the 'go-to' business for all transaction security needs."

UL is one of only twenty labs in the world to have become an accredited FIPS 140-2 laboratory.

UL is a significant player in the transaction security domain, through the recent acquisition of RFI Smart, Witham Laboratories and Collis. The three companies rebranded to UL on the 1st of November and perform transaction security services under the UL umbrella, including advisory services, training, test & certification services, security evaluation and state-of-the-art test tools and simulators.

UL is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.ul-ts.com.


Source: Everlink (12/19/2012)

Everlink Payment Services Inc. announced a partnership with RYCOM Inc. to introduce a turnkey mobile banking service offering for its credit union and bank clients known as Octane Mobile.

Octane Mobile includes user interface and flow design, smartphone vendor agnostic application development, backend system integration, ongoing application support, and business analytic reporting. Octane Mobile's powerful mobile application development tools provide a scalable platform from which to leverage the functionality of modern smartphone devices including features such as remote cheque capture, branch / ABM locator and digital wallet. In addition, Octane Mobile offers extended capabilities to allow the introduction of the FI's services to non-customers.

"Mobile banking has experienced dramatic growth as customers increase the amount of time they spend on, and the number of activities they can perform through, their mobile phones," said Everlink President Mark Ripplinger. "Octane Mobile effectively fulfills customer demand for real-time account updates, and is accessible 24/7, at virtually any time from any location; thereby offering the end user a flexible and convenient banking experience."

"Octane Mobile's integration experience with various third party banking systems has assisted financial clients such as First Calgary Financial and Meridian provide a seamless user experience to their ever growing community of mobile banking clients," said Casey Witkowicz, President & CEO, RYCOM Inc. "Together, the Everlink and RYCOM team can assist clients establish a mobile strategy that will enable them to acquire, retain and convert customers by generating meaningful mobile conversations around their brand while simultaneously measuring the results."

Everlink Payment Services is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.everlink.ca.


Source: Discover (12/13/2012)

EUFISERV Payments and PULSE, the debit and ATM network subsidiary of Discover Financial Services, announced they have entered into a strategic ATM participation agreement allowing more than 68 million cards, issued by 600 EUFISERV member banks, to participate in the PULSE Global ATM Network.

"EUFISERV Payments is proud to announce this major milestone for the European card market. As the only scheme providing ATM and POS Pan European access today, the partnership with PULSE opens new opportunities for our member banks inside and outside of Europe," said Wolfgang Adamiok, Board Chairman of EUFISERV Payments and Head of Payments & Card Strategies at the German Savings Banks Association.

Under the terms of the strategic alliance, ATM transactions conducted by EUFISERV member cardholders will be enabled at more than 850,000 ATMs in the PULSE Global ATM Network. In addition to expanding acceptance for EUFISERV members in key destination markets, the agreement also will increase PULSE's global ATM volume.

"PULSE is pleased to assist EUFISERV with their goal of creating a more robust Pan European Payments network," said Dave Schneider, President of PULSE. "We have built an extensive global ATM network and look forward to working with EUFISERV participants to enable their cards in the European region and other key target markets."

The arrangement will be implemented in two phases. PULSE and EUFISERV will focus first on European markets, followed by acceptance opportunities in other PULSE ATM markets where EUFISERV cardholders frequently travel. The companies also plan to look at future opportunities for EUFISERV participants' card members, both in Europe and around the world.

Gerd Förster, General Manager of EUFISERV Payments, explained that the partnership is in line with EUFISERV's goals and they hope to partner with additional banks and financial institutions in the future. "The new agreement with PULSE provides our issuing members with new options for ATM access. EUFISERV Scheme – as a SEPA-compliant scheme – is open to banks and other financial institutions. We continue to look for new opportunities to expand our scheme. Our partnership with PULSE is an example of that," said Förster.

"This alliance is a significant part of Discover's 'Network to Network' strategy to create an alternative global payments network and give both financial institutions and consumers more choice," said Joe Hurley, Vice President of Global Business Development at Discover. "By partnering with regional payments networks such as EUFISERV, Discover is able to leverage its unique set of assets to grow volume, while providing our partners with the global reach and localized preferences and needs they require. It's a win-win for everyone."

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