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November/December 2012 ACTion Newsletter


  1. Editorial - Hindsight and Foresight
  2. CIBC, Rogers Complete Mobile Credit Card Transaction
  3. Canadian Nexus Members Eligible For TSA Pre Check
  4. SecureKey Launches Online Authentication Service For Government Of Canada
  5. Mobile Wallet Switch Solves Standardization Problem For Mobile Payments – Members Only Story
  6. Canada Leads The Way In Adoption Of MasterCard Contactless Payments
  7. French Public Authority Consortium Selects INSIDE Secure's NFC Technology For E-Health Project
  8. Home Trust Teams Up With MasterCard Canada
  9. Can Google Profit From NFC Technology? – Members Only Story
  10. G&D Selected By The Royal Bank Of Scotland To Deliver The Secure Infrastructure Enabling The Natwest Touchpay Service
  11. Visa's Digital Wallet V.me Exits Beta With 50 U.S. Banks Participating; Point-Of-Sale Integration, Mobile Apps Due In Early 2013
  12. Full Speed Ahead: Everlink Offers Interac Flash POS Terminals
  13. Verifone Enables Small And Medium-Sized Merchant Chip-And-Pin Acceptance For Smartphones And Tablets
  14. NFC's Secure Element War – Members Only Story
  15. Discover Financial Services Announces Next Steps For EMV Deployment Across The Globe
  16. Gemalto And Standard Chartered Bank Announce First Large Scale Rollout Of Display Payment Cards
  17. Interac Online Cleared For Takeoff With Air Canada
  18. Starbucks Starts Taking Square Wallet – Members Only Story
  19. Visa Beefs Up E-Commerce Authentication With Real-Time Risk Analysis
  20. INSIDE Secure NFC Payment Applet Certified By MasterCard
  21. Elavon Launches Ingenico Telium2 Terminals In The United States In Preparation For The Migration To EMV/NFC
  22. FIS Joins The Multos Consortium
  23. NXP Semiconductors: In Line With Unprecedented Industry Growth
  24. Square Card Readers Now Sold In More Than 250 Retail Stores In Canada, Including Apple And Best Buy – Members Only Story
  25. Apriva Certifies Ingenico's Iwl250 3g Wireless Terminal
  26. INSIDE Secure Launches PicoPulse Solution
  27. MasterCard, ING Testing EMV Internet Payments
  28. Infineon Promotes Open Standard To Accelerate NFC Mass Deployment; Fast And Secure Communication Interface Implemented By Major Industry Players


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Source: Catherine Johnston, President & CEO, ACT Canada (11/28)

Hindsight and Foresight

Hi. It's that time of year when we look both forward and back.

This year we've seen the US accept that EMV is happening. They have gone from doubt to action in less than 6 months. This is good for Canadian issuers who long for the day when their continued losses from mag stripe fraud comes to an end. We've seen China move towards EMV as well. The question here is whether the People's Bank of China (PBOC) standard will compliment the EMV standard. Watch with interest.

Mobile discussions took the inevitable step of shifting from what the technology could do, to what the market will realistically do. As someone who fell in love with what chip technology could do, I know that progress comes after you shift your focus to what the consumer wants and hopefully will pay for.

We've seen TD Merchant Services launch their Lottery Gateway, a great innovation that allows merchants to leverage their EMV infrastructure. The Royal Canadian Mint has introduced MintChip (see October editorial). In the background, the supplier community is working on new levels of security and new products to serve a market headed toward new form factors.

So, where will we go next year?

I expect to see more innovation to leverage EMV at the point of sale, but I predict that there will be clear leaders in this space, with others lagging behind.

Merchants will continue to look for ways to protect their interests in payment and will get increased attention from other stakeholders.

We will continue to talk about the "consumer experience" and come to accept that cards will be a viable choice for a long time. We will struggle with the economics of supporting multiple standards, so will push to standardize contactless specs.

Card not present fraud will see new solutions implemented this year in North America.

Now, you could argue that these predictions are just that – simply predictions, but there is one thing that is guaranteed. In 2013, ACT Canada enters its 25th year. My thanks to all who have taken this incredible journey with us and all those who lent a helping hand.


Source: The Paypers (11/05)

Canadian financial services provider CIBC and communications and media company Rogers have completed their first point-of-sale mobile credit card transaction in Canada using the SIM card inside an NFC-enabled smartphone.

The new mobile payments functionality from CIBC and Rogers is set to be available to CIBC credit card clients who use a Rogers smartphone and allow them to pay with their CIBC credit card, whether Visa or MasterCard. In order to pay for purchases, consumers need to by hold their Rogers BlackBerry smartphone up to a contactless payment terminal and the payment will be automatically charged to their CIBC credit card.

The CIBC mobile payment app is set to be accepted at Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass contactless terminals across Canada.

In recent news, Rogers has team up with Dutch digital security company Gemalto. Under the deal, mobile payment services currently being pilot tested and coming to market in 2012 on Rogers NFC-enabled devices are set to be secured by digital security technology from Gemalto.

CIBC, Gemalto, MasterCard and Visa are members of ACT Canada; please visit www.cibc.com, www.gemalto.com, www.mastercard.ca & www.visa.ca.


Source: Government Security News (11/16)

Members of Canada's expedited, pre-approved passenger security clearance system are now eligible to participate in TSA's Pre Check pre-clearance program.

Canadian citizens traveling domestically in the U.S. who are members of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) NEXUS program are eligible and may receive expedited screening at participating U.S. airports, said TSA on Nov. 15.

TSA Pre Check is part of TSA's effort to implement risk-based security concepts that enhance security by focusing efforts on travelers considered higher risk and about whom the agency knows less. The agency said that to date, more than 4 million passengers have used Pre Check, which is now now available in 32 U.S. airports for Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and US Airways frequent travelers.

"The inclusion of Canadian NEXUS members in TSA Pre Check is another step in building strong and effective partnerships to expand the use of vital risk-based security initiatives," said TSA assistant administrator of Risk Based Security Doug Hofsass. "TSA Pre Check lanes will be available at 35 airports nationwide by the end of 2012."

Eligible passengers, said the agency, include U.S. citizens flying on participating airlines and Canadian and U.S. citizens who participate in NEXUS, as well as U.S. citizens who are members of CBP's other Trusted Traveler programs, including Global Entry and SENTRI. Individuals interested in applying for the NEXUS Trusted Traveler program should visit www.cbp.gov.

Passengers interested in participating in TSA Pre Check through their Trusted Traveler program membership enter their PASS ID into the 'Known Traveler' field when booking a flight reservation or saving their PASS ID to their airline's frequent flyer profile. Members can find their PASS ID either online by accessing their Global Online Enrollment System (GOES) account, or on the back of their membership card in the top-left corner, said the agency.


Source: SecureKey (11/06)

SecureKey Technologies Inc. announced the launch of SecureKey Concierge, an innovative Credential Broker Service that allows Canadians to use their bank authentication credentials to access online services from the Government of Canada. Three of Canada's largest banks, BMO Financial Group, Scotiabank, and TD Bank Group are the initial Trusted Sign-In Partners, with other financial institutions expected to follow in the coming months.

The new service is part of the Government of Canada's Cyber Authentication Renewal initiative. No passwords or personal information (i.e.: name, address, date of birth, etc.) are exchanged. Trusted Sign-In Partners won't know which government service is being accessed and the government won't know which Trusted Sign-In Partner is being used. SecureKey Concierge is subject to the Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

"SecureKey Concierge is the result of an innovative collaboration between SecureKey Technologies and leading Canadian Financial Institutions", said SecureKey Chairman, Greg Wolfond. "It provides exceptional convenience for consumers by reducing the number of usernames and passwords that they need to remember. At the same time, SecureKey Concierge reduces the cost for government in regards to issuing, storing and managing their own online user credentials."

Consumers are managing dozens, sometimes hundreds, of increasingly complex login IDs, and using them interchangeably with many online services, actually increasing their risk and exposure to damaging online attacks. SecureKey Concierge mitigates these risks by using existing credentials that consumers have and use frequently from their banks (Trusted Sign-In Partners), who actively manage and monitor security for their customers far beyond other conventional providers of online credentials. It also forms the basis for a broader ecosystem for other governments and public and private sector organizations that could benefit from shared authentication by Trusted Sign-In Partners.

Many Government of Canada departments have already implemented SecureKey Concierge, allowing millions of citizens to use Trusted Sign-In Partners to access federal government services online.

"SecureKey Concierge complements TD's already extensive list of services that are focused on customer convenience," said Paal Kaperdal, SVP, Online Banking, TD Bank Group. "This partnership enables our customers to access online government services in a secure, comfortable format, and is a great example of how government and industry are working together to create innovative solutions for Canadians."

SecureKey Technologies Inc and TD Bank are members of ACT Canada; please visit www.securekey.com & www.td.com.



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Source: ContactlessNews (11/09)

Canadian consumers are leading the pack in adopting MasterCard's PayPass Tap & Go contactless payment technology as their payment method of choice, according to MasterCard Canada research.

With one-in-ten in-store purchases made with a MasterCard PayPass-enabled credit card, Canadians show their love for the convenience, safety, and security that PayPass has to offer. Since 2005, Canadian consumers have made over 240 million transactions with their MasterCard PayPass-enabled credit cards or devices.

PayPass offers consumers a fast and convenient alternative to cash for their everyday purchases. Consumers simply tap their PayPass-enabled card or device on a specially equipped merchant terminal, eliminating the need to fumble for cash and coins, hand their card over to a clerk, or swipe the card.

Nineteen of the top twenty-five largest retailers across Canada accept or plan to accept PayPass, including Tim Hortons, Petro Canada, and Loblaws. And MasterCard is currently working to increase this number, possibly setting the stage for mobile payment adoption in Canada

MasterCard is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.mastercard.ca.


Source: Output Links (11/06)

INSIDE Secure announces that the company has been selected by a French public authority consortium led by Docapost BPO, a digital transactions company owned by La Poste, France's postal service, to provide NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and security expertise for an e-health project.

The e-health project, CoNFianCe, aims to improve the management of home care and services provided to the dependent living at home, in particular the elderly. There are 1.16 million dependent elderly in France, of which 61 per cent live at home. The number of dependent elderly living at home is expected to double by 2050, according to French government figures.

Caregivers around France will be equipped with smartphones developed with INSIDE Secure's NFC technology. They will use these NFC-enabled smartphones to facilitate the real time management of home care assistance. This includes making very quick updates of administrative, financial and other management records related to each home visit, on-site at the time of the visit. The information will be digitally stored and transmitted to the central office. This saves time as well as reducing the risk of administrative errors. Those under home care will also be equipped with an NFC ID card.

"INSIDE Secure is pleased to have been selected by Docapost to provide security expertise and develop NFC applications that help those in need of home care assistance," said Bertrand Moussel, Executive Vice President Strategic Business Development, Digital Security at INSIDE Secure. "This e-health project reinforces INSIDE Secure's leadership role in NFC, a cutting-edge technology showing great promise in a vast number of very important applications worldwide."

The e-health project is a joint partnership between Docapost and social welfare association Abrapa, located in Bas-Rhin (north east France). It is financed by the French Ministry of Industry.

INSIDE Secure is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.insidesecure.com.


Source: ICMA Industry News (11/21)

Home Trust Company has teamed up with MasterCard Canada to grow Home Trust's payment card services and merchant acquiring portfolio.

Home Trust will expand its payment card portfolio through the development of a prepaid card business with MasterCard. Home Trust selected MasterCard to help develop its prepaid card portfolio because of MasterCard's proven track record and widely accepted suite of products that are popular with Canadian consumers.

MasterCard and Home Trust will also work together to further grow Home Trust's merchant acquiring portfolio. Home Trust conducts merchant acquiring through Payment Services Interactive Gateway Corp. (PSiGate), a wholly owned subsidiary of Home Capital Group. PSiGate offers secure, cost-effective and trusted solutions to small and mid-size merchants.

"We are excited by the opportunity to deliver the MasterCard brand to Home Trust customers," said Gerald M. Soloway, chief executive officer, Home Trust. "By expanding our credit card services to include MasterCard, we are further diversifying our business and providing our customers with flexible solutions to meet their credit card needs. We look forward to building and developing our relationship with MasterCard."

"Prepaid is an important product for MasterCard and we're looking forward to working with Home Trust to grow the reach of prepaid in both the commercial and consumer spaces," said David E. Orzel, senior vice president, market development, MasterCard Canada.

Home Trust and MasterCard are members of ACT Canada; please visit www.hometrust.ca & www.mastercard.ca.



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Source: ICMA Industry News (11/16)

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and NatWest have launched TouchPay, a mobile contactless payments service for Apple iPhone 4 and 4S models powered by an NFC-enabled protective cover accessory. Initially available for 1,000 customers who registered to experience the speed and convenience of mobile payments. TouchPay will be made available to all RBS and NatWest customers who have Apple iPhones in the near future. Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) provides Trusted Service Manager (TSM) service, data generation for payment applications and fulfillment of iCarte devices.

Interest in participating in the trial program has already been incredibly high, with more than 9,000 RBS customers registering to participate over a period of three days. To use the service, customers simply attach the cover to their Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s and follow the on-screen instructions to download the TouchPay app from the Apple App Store. Once the activation process is complete, users can use their smartphone for transactions of £20 or less at mobile contactless-enabled retail outlets without entering their PIN and can also track their spending through the TouchPay application.

During the activation process, Giesecke &Devrient's TSM service is used to authenticate the end user and for the secure over-the-air (OTA) personalization of the customer details to the iCarte which enable the NFC payment functionality. G&D also undertakes additional data generation on behalf of RBS before the activation process starts and provides fulfillment services for the iCarte packs that are sent to customers.

Ben Green, head of mobile at RBS, comments, "TouchPay has proven incredibly popular and shows that our customers want more flexible and convenient ways to pay. The TouchPay service means that our customers need only to carry their smartphone with them to make payments and manage their finances wherever they are. Giesecke & Devrient is a strategic partner of RBS and their knowledge and experience in delivering secure NFC services has been invaluable to ensuring the success of Touchpay."

Michael Kuemmerle, member of the management board and group executive of mobile security at Giesecke & Devrient, said, "As the market for secure mobile financial services develops our innovative TSM solutions enable service providers, such as banks, to introduce NFC services quickly, easily and securely. G&D has a long relationship with RBS and we have been the provider of cards and services to the bank for a number of years. RBS is a UK market leader in providing mobile applications to their customers and G&D are delighted that RBS has chosen to work with us as their trusted partner to deliver the TSM services for Touchpay."

Giesecke & Devrient is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.gi-de.com.


Source: Tech Crunch (11/13)

As the digital wallet battle rages on here in the U.S., Visa's digital wallet V.me is today exiting from beta, and announcing numbers related to its current traction. The company says that it has now signed up over 50 financial institutions to its platform, including two of the largest retail banks, PNC and U.S. Bank.

It also has 23 merchant partners participating, with some of the bigger names including 1-800-Flowers, PacSun, Shoebuy.com, Buy.com, and MovieTickets.com, for example.

However, it's the list of banking partners that is today's bigger news. In October, PNC became the first U.S. banking partner to announce its launch with the service, and in a month's time, Visa has expanded to 52 other banks as well. These relationships are critical for a digital wallet platform like V.me, because the banks have pre-established relationships with their consumers that Visa can take advantage of to push its service forward.

For those unfamiliar, V.me is Visa's digital wallet platform designed for both online and mobile commerce. An open platform, the service supports not only Visa cards, but also MasterCard, American Express and Discover. The idea is that a consumer can load up their cards into V.me, then use the V.me checkout option in lieu of filling out multiple forms when online shopping – a pain point that's more acutely felt on mobile, than on web, of course. But while the service is currently focused on online shopping integrations stateside, Visa is planning to roll out V.me internationally and on point-of-sale terminals in early 2013, says Jennifer Schulz, Visa's global head of eCommerce. That would put it more head-to-head with other mobile payment services like Square, which recently activated 7,000 Starbucks stores, following the Starbucks partnership and investment, as well as PayPal which has been growing its brick-and-mortar footprint in places like Home Depot, Jamba Juice, Toys R Us, Foot Locker, Office Depot, and others.

"In early 2013 – not necessarily in the U.S. – you'll see physical implementations of V.me," says Schulz, explaining that mobile has enabled new ways to shop beyond online checkout, but may also include things like mobile shopping combined with in-store pickup, for example. V.me's mobile payments mechanism can take advantage of NFC, more popular overseas than here, but it can also support QR codes, barcode scanning or other methods. Those initial POS rollouts may focus on the NFC support, though.

Having V.me become not just an e-commerce and m-commerce option, but also a mobile payments option, will further clutter the digital wallet landscape, now filled with a number of digital wallet and mobile wallet contenders. But that won't always be the case, says Schulz. "Right now we're in the proliferation stage," she explains. "Over time, you will see a consolidation. And where will that consolidation end up? It will end up with trusted brands. It will end up with consumer-centric value propositions...And it will be about acceptance and scale." With this announcement, Visa is aiming to show just how quickly it can drive scale, and it will be the first of many more announcements to come, Schulz says. (One notable merchant partner was to be a part of today's release as well, but was pulled at the last minute because Visa is now planning on an even bigger launch around their participation in V.me.)

In addition to expansions on the merchants and banking side, the company also has plans to roll out its own cross-platform mobile applications in early 2013, around the time when the point-of-sale integrations begin to go live.

Visa is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.visa.ca.



Everlink Payment Services Inc. is pleased to announce that it now offers Interac Flash enabled point-of-sale (POS) terminals to its clients. Effective immediately, new and existing Everlink clients will be able to leverage this new payment technology via Ingenico's Telium 2 POS devices with integrated contactless acceptance, available directly from Everlink.

The two major benefits of this Everlink offering are: That it provides ISOs and their merchant clients with the ability to improve customer service with reduced lineups and increased efficiency and profitability while maintaining a high level of security. And that it eliminates the need for a bulky external contactless reader thanks to the integrated nature of the Ingenico iCT250, iWL 250 3Gand iPP320 devices.

"Everlink is committed to providing our clients with the latest technology and the best value proposition," says Everlink President Mark Ripplinger. "Our ISO and Merchant Acquiring Program clients will now be able to offer their merchants the speed of service benefits of Interac Flash as well as realize related cash management cost reductions, both of which will help them grow their business."

Everlink Payment Services; Ingenico & Interac are members of ACT Canada; please visit www.everlink.ca, www.ingenico.com & www.interac.ca.


Source: VeriFone (11/08)

VeriFone Systems, Inc. announced the availability of SAIL EMV, a new platform that enables banks and acquirers around the world to quickly provide smartphone and tablet-based chip-and-PIN card payments solutions to small and medium-sized merchants.

SAIL EMV provides banks and acquirers in more than 100 countries and across six continents with a complete solution to expand their product portfolios with custom-branded services that enable mobile merchants to accept chip-and-PIN payments.

The VeriFone solution includes innovative, cost-effective payment adapters designed to meet strict industry security requirements; mobile phone SDK's for easy integration with iOS and Android mobile platforms; and a secure transaction management system leveraging VeriFone's Point Gateway payment-as-a-service global infrastructure.

SAIL EMV adds to VeriFone's suite of chip-and-PIN enabled smartphone and tablet solutions, including PAYware Mobile Enterprise hardware and VeriFone GlobalBay mobile software that is already being deployed globally with larger retailers. With Point Gateway services, merchants can utilize the VeriFone portfolio to empower multi-channel strategies spanning traditional retail, mobile retail and e-commerce.

"International deployment of the SAIL platform provides a unique mobile payments solution that enables rapid expansion and adoption of secure chip-and-PIN technology through thousands of VeriFone's international banking and acquiring partners," said VeriFone CEO Douglas G. Bergeron. "The open, flexible and modular nature of SAIL EMV is attractive to organizations that want to expand sales with smartphone and tablet payment solutions for small merchants."

More than just a secure hardware solution, SAIL EMV contains all of the building blocks that banks and processors need to build a custom branded experience. Utilizing the proven Point Gateway, transactions are quickly and efficiently managed, and users are presented with powerful tools to help analyze and grow their business. For the hundreds of thousands of merchants already utilizing the Point Gateway worldwide, the addition of SAIL EMV provides a powerful mobile add-on solution.

"The decision to launch our mobile solution with VeriFone was easy," said Dov Kotler, CEO of Isracard in Tel Aviv, one of several organizations already offering or developing SAIL-based services. "No other player provides an equivalent range of solutions, spanning from the largest merchant to the smallest. We're confident that our partnership with VeriFone will keep us ahead of the competition."

Miguel Angel Balcazar, vice president of business development, with Mexico City-based PROSA, said, "With SAIL, VeriFone has developed a complete open platform that makes it easy for us to provide our member banks with the ability to service the growing mobile payment needs of their customers."

In Stockholm, Erik Cyrus, Head of Group Cards at Swedbank said, "Reducing cash throughout society is highly prioritized for Swedbank and there is a great need for solutions that enable also the smallest merchants to get paid electronically, we clearly see that the smartphone is an important part of the future payment infrastructure. Going towards this, open solutions and security becomes very important."

Jean Ochse, Head Acquiring, Standard Bank South Africa, Johannesburg, said, "Merchants are eager for a complete integrated mobile payments solution and VeriFone's SAIL provides us with the ability to develop and deliver customized services locally that leverage VeriFone's worldwide expertise."

The universal SAIL EMV reader connects to a smartphone or tablet via the audio jack and enables merchants to accept both chip-and-PIN and magnetic stripe cards using a standard app. SAIL EMV is designed to meet all industry security standards, including EMV Level 1 and EMV Level 2, PCI PTS 3.0, SRED, PA DSS and PCI DSS. In addition, it provides end-to-end encryption of all card data, ensuring sensitive information is never exposed while inside an insecure smartphone or tablet.
The SAIL platform is currently in production in multiple countries, and VeriFone is working with development partners in various geographies towards additional deployments in Q1 of 2013.

VeriFone is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.verifone.com.


14. NFC'S SECURE ELEMENT WAR – Members Only Access

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Source: Business Wire (11/12)

Discover announced the next milestone in its global EMV deployment: a comprehensive strategy and roadmap that includes Discover Network, Diners Club International, PULSE and Discover Card.

In alignment with U.S. EMV migration timelines, Discover is introducing Fraud Liability Shift for Discover Network (in the U.S., Canada and Mexico) and PULSE (in the U.S.), effective October 1, 2015 at point-of-sale terminals and Oct. 1, 2017 at automated fuel dispensers. This Fraud Liability Shift policy will be a risk-based payments hierarchy that benefits the entity that leverages the highest level of available payments security. As Fraud Liability Shift is already in place for Diners Club International (effective December 31, 2012 for mandated Participants), Discover will have one standard liability shift policy in place across all networks by October 1, 2015.

Starting October 2013, Discover will also grant annual PCI audit waivers for merchants that process 75% of Discover Network transactions via terminals supporting both contact and contactless payments.

Discover cardmembers also will benefit from the enhanced security EMV provides, as Discover looks to gradually start replacing its current cards with chip cards in the coming years, with initial outreach to frequent travelers.

PULSE, a Discover Financial Services company and one of the nation's leading debit/ATM networks, will capitalize on Discover's already significant EMV-deployment experience by using the D-Payment Application Specification (D-PAS) to enable EMV transactions at the point of sale. In addition to introducing Fraud Liability Shift, PULSE will require U.S. direct-connect merchants and point of sale acquirer processors to support EMV data effective Oct. 16, 2013.

Although PULSE's implementation of D-PAS supports all cardholder verification methods, its U.S. implementation of EMV is expected to feature broad support for online PIN-authenticated transactions as the most secure cardholder verification method.

PULSE also is collaborating with other debit networks and industry work groups to facilitate interoperability among card brands and to enable merchants to route debit transactions consistent with the requirements of the Federal Reserve's Regulation II.

"Our timeline to support chip-based credit and debit transactions, in addition to our Fraud Liability Shift policy, are critical milestones to helping make EMV a reality in the U.S.," said Diane Offereins, President of Payment Services at Discover. "As with the Discover mandate announced earlier this year, our approach to EMV enables participants to select verification methods and transaction types that meet their organization's needs."

Discover Financial is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.discoverfinancial.com.


Source: Gemalto (11/15)

Gemalto and Standard Chartered Bank, a leading financial institution, announce the first large scale rollout of a display card solution in Singapore. Jointly developed with Nagra ID Security, Gemalto's Ezio onCard PAD & PAY is an innovative two-in-one device with a small LCD display combining EMV payment, One-time Password (OTP) and transaction signing for e-banking. As part of an end-to-end offering, Gemalto is also providing the authentication server, card personalization, fulfillment and project implementation for Standard Chartered Bank. Card personalization in particular is performed in Gemalto's own certified banking facilities, providing the same high level of security as handling EMV payment cards.

Ezio onCard PAD & PAY combines Gemalto's expertise in both payment cards and tokens, cumulating in the creation of an innovative converged product that brings a richer experience to Standard Chartered Bank's customers. Available in three configurations - standalone token card, token card with ATM cash withdrawal, or token card with ATM cash withdrawal and credit card - users can select their preferred option. This promotes card usage and top-of-wallet consideration.

Standard Chartered is a leading international banking group with a strong presence in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Available to all its customers, the card is launched in Singapore and is in line with the Monetary Authority of Singapore's requirements for customers who make use of online banking to utilize new security tokens that are enhanced with Transaction Signing ability from January 2013. In the near future, Standard Chartered is also looking to include contactless functionalities in the token cards.

"At Standard Chartered, our number one priority is to safeguard our customers' interests. The introduction of Gemalto's Ezio onCard PAD & PAY is a tangible example of how the bank converts technological possibility into market-leading capability," said Trevor Haeger, Chief Information Officer, Standard Chartered Bank. "We are relentlessly improving our security to be ahead of the game and ensure that our customers continue to enjoy banking safely though our outstanding internet and mobile channels."

"Ezio onCard PAD & PAY end-to-end solution captures the key elements for compelling user adoption - increased trust, portability and ease of use," commented Tan Teck Lee, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer and President of Gemalto Asia. "Gemalto is in a unique position, thanks to its expertise and experience, to provide an end-to-end offer that includes consultancy, manufacturing, personalization, fulfillment and servers, to specifically meet Standard Chartered Bank's requirements and ensure a smooth product launch."

Gemalto is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.gemalto.com.


Source: Interac (11/01)

Acxsys Corporation and Air Canada announced that Canadians can now purchase tickets and services online for Canada's largest airline using Interac Online. Interac Online allows consumers to shop easily and securely for products and services over the Internet, using funds withdrawn directly from their bank accounts. Starting October 25, Canadians who have access to Interac Online through their financial institution can pay using Interac Online when they visit Air Canada's website, www.aircanada.com.

"We are excited to offer the convenience and security of Interac Online to Air Canada customers," said Mark O'Connell, President and CEO, Interac Association and Acxsys Corporation. "Canadians want the freedom to choose to pay using their own money when shopping online, and retailers want a cost effective and high demand payment option. Interac Online delivers on both fronts and we're delighted that Air Canada now offers this payment choice to their customers."

"Air Canada is pleased to make this additional payment option available as part of its ongoing strategy to offer customers more choice and greater convenience through enhanced on-line capabilities. Through our partnering with well-established providers such as Acxsys Corporation, customers can also be assured their online transactions will be secure and straightforward," said Craig Landry, Vice President of Marketing at Air Canada.

Interac Online is currently available as a payment option on aircanada.com to customers of BMO Bank of Montreal, RBC Royal Bank, Scotiabank and TD Canada Trust. Because payments are conducted through a consumer's existing online banking account, Interac Online offers consumers privacy, security and spending control.

• Privacy: financial details, card numbers or login information are not shared with the online retailer.
• Security: the payment is conducted through online banking, which means the consumer's financial institution transfers the funds to the online retailer using established and secure banking procedures. It's also backed by the Interac Zero Liability Policy*.
• Money management: the transaction is immediate using funds available in a consumer's banking account.

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Source: Visa Inc (11/26)

Visa Inc. announced a new solution in its information products line up to help issuers reduce the risk of eCommerce fraud using real-time, risk-based transaction analysis. Called the Visa Consumer Authentication Service, the solution is designed to seamlessly support an issuer's Three Domain Secure (3-D Secure) program such as Verified by Visa and is available in all Visa Inc. markets immediately.

Visa Consumer Authentication Service authenticates the consumer prior to the authorization process, adding a powerful layer of protection against fraud. As the consumer begins the online checkout process, the solution performs a real-time risk assessment of the transaction based on numerous inputs including device and transaction information and historical spending patterns. The result is that issuers can complete lower-risk eCommerce transactions without requiring consumers to go through the extra step of entering their passwords or other verification. The solution minimizes disruption and abandonment at the point of purchase, while also helping issuers and merchants reduce fraud losses.

"Cyber Monday is the day when consumers traditionally begin searching the Internet for holiday gifts and sales. Coinciding with this busy online shopping period, Visa is launching Visa Consumer Authentication Service, providing an extra layer of protection to online transactions," said Silvio Tavares, head of global information products for Visa Inc. "This solution is another example of how we use Visa's network intelligence to create tangible value for merchants and our financial institution clients. Because the solution only prompts consumers for verification of the riskiest transactions, most consumers will have a streamlined authentication process when using Verified by Visa."

Visa Consumer Authentication Service is a hosted access control server that provides issuers with the following capabilities:

Sophisticated risk-based authentication. Visa Consumer Authentication Service's risk-scoring model takes into account enhanced inputs, including critical information about the device, transaction information and spending profiles. This data wes. This data will enhance issuers' decision-making ability to identify potential fraud and prompt for verification only when necessary.

Dynamic methods of authentication. Visa Consumer Authentication Service supports a wide range of account holder authentication methods. This means higher-risk transactions may be verified by the issuer in a variety of ways including more secure, dynamic methods such as one-time passwords or hardware tokens.

Support for mobile. Visa Consumer Authentication Service can be integrated to function through a range of devices including mobile phones and tablets, to ensure consumers have a secure, efficient and reliable payment experience when shopping through another channel beyond the PC.

Rules for strategy refinement. Visa Consumer Authentication Service provides issuers with the tools to write additional rules to further refine risk decisioning capabilities.

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Source: INSIDE Secure (11/13)

INSIDE Secure announced that its Mobile MasterCard® PayPass M/Chip 4 payment applet has attained MasterCard CAST and Functional certification on the INSIDE SecuRead NFC module. The INSIDE payment applet can be used by banks, wallet providers, transit operators, mobile network operators, handset and tablet makers and others in SIM, microSD and other form factors to enable MasterCard payments in any NFC mobile device.

"Certified for use on INSIDE's new VaultSEcure secure element announced last month, or in the SecuRead module, our Mobile MasterCard PayPass M/Chip 4 payment applet also offers customers considerable benefits when used with other secure elements or UICCs running a GlobalPlatform-compliant Java Card™ operating system, including the one in our own VaultSEcure, by enabling a faster, less costly certification process than when developing an applet from scratch," said Pierre Garnier, Executive Vice President NFC and Secure Payment Divisions at INSIDE Secure. "As important, the INSIDE Secure certified applet offers customers confidence that they can safely go for MasterCard certification on other SEs because the applet has been developed in accordance with the MasterCard specification, supporting both Mag Stripe and M/Chip profiles for global compatibility."

The INSIDE Mobile MasterCard PayPass M/Chip 4 payment applet is the first in a planned family of certified branded applets, and is part of the company's ongoing development effort to offer a comprehensive suite of pre-tested or certified branded payment, access control and banking applets. In addition to the Mobile MasterCard PayPass M/Chip 4 payment applet, INSIDE plans to support the Visa Mobile Payment Applet, First Data CertiFlash Mobile and the SecureKey Authentication Applet. INSIDE also offers an advanced toolbox of NFC enablement applets for EMV white label, NFC-ID, couponing, gift and loyalty cards, closed-loop payment, CIPURSE™ and other transit fare collection, cryptography and more.

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Source: Ingenico (11//05)

Ingenico announced that Elavon has elected to launch Ingenico's new Telium2 series countertop and wireless terminals to its customers in the United States and Puerto Rico. This decision represents Elavon's strategic move to scale its global relationship with Ingenico and the regional choice to introduce Ingenico's market‐leading and time‐proven secure point‐of‐sale (POS) technology in preparation for the migration to EMV chip card and NFC contactless payments in the U.S.

"We continue to grow and enhance our strategic, global relationship with Elavon. Their drive to deliver robust and innovative payment solutions to customers sets high standards for their partners throughout the entire value chain. We are pleased that our Telium2 series products have successfully met their stringent quality and security requirements, and are now an integral part of their U.S. payment solutions portfolio," commented Thierry Denis, president of Ingenico, North America.

"Built‐in product features – including EMV chip card, contactless, and NFC mobile acceptance – provide a solid foundation for Elavon to add their industry‐leading security, loyalty and value‐added solutions that allow customers everywhere to keep up with rapidly evolving consumer payment choices."

As part of the product launch in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, Elavon has successfully completed the Class A certification of Ingenico's Telium2 iCT2xx and iWL2xx series terminals and software application. The certification covers the iCT220 and iCT250 countertop terminals. The iCT220 and iCT250 terminals will be available to Elavon's customers nationwide as stand‐alone countertop solutions or in conjunction with Ingenico's external iPP220 & iPP320 PIN Pads.

"Our commitment to delivering secure, innovative and scalable solutions and services is unmatched in the industry. Elavon is very selective when choosing the products that we market across our global footprint," said Marianne Johnson, Executive Vice President, Global Product & Innovation at Elavon. "Ingenico and their Telium2 series terminals offer a solution that is well suited to our portfolio of payment services and provides a common global product platform, backed by responsive support."

With crisp color screens, multi‐media functionality and the fastest built‐in printer ever integrated into a payment device, iCT2xx and iWL2xx terminals will provide Elavon's customers everywhere with a solid foundation to offer payment and value‐added services to their customers on a platform that supports EMV, contactless, and NFC technologies. In addition, the two companies are also leveraging Ingenico's IngEstate tool, a terminal management platform, which is successfully used in other regions of the world to provide Elavon with remote terminal management and support capabilities for Elavon's Telium installations in the U.S.

The collaborative relationship between Ingenico and Elavon successfully spans across multiple regions worldwide. Elavon has already extensively deployed Ingenico's Telium2 series products with a single application that can be used on Ingenico's countertop, PIN Pad, mobile and wireless terminals in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and across Europe.

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Source: MULTOS (11/05)

FIS, the world's largest banking and payments technology provider, has joined The MULTOS Consortium, a group of international blue chip organisations responsible for the promotion and development of the MULTOS smartcard specifications.

The MULTOS Consortium is a group of globally based, industry-wide companies, whose remit, in part, is to develop, manage and promote MULTOS and the MULTOS product specifications for smartcards.

Joining as a Partner Member, FIS will participate in the MULTOS Business and Technical Advisory Groups. This will allow them to play a prominent role in the development and growth of the MULTOS specifications.

Stuart Attwood, Commercial Director of The MULTOS Consortium, comments "It is a real pleasure to welcome FIS into the Consortium. Their depth of experience, expertise and knowledge across a broad industry base will greatly enhance our offering for the Smartcard marketplace in the USA and abroad, further reinforcing MULTOS' position as a leading global high security smart card platform."

Bastian Knoppers, SVP, Card Personalisation, FIS, says "We are pleased to become part of the global team that is working to create industry-wide standards for smartcards. As a global leader in the payments industry, we are proud to lend our voice and expertise to this key initiative."

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Souce: NXP Semiconductors Inc. (11/27)

Thanks to the success of recent migration projects, massive adoption of EMV, and dual interface EMV projects in Canada, the industry is experiencing significant growth which is expected to continue well into the foreseeable future.

NXP remains fully committed to the market and is ramping production, testing, and assembly capabilities by end of 2012. Thanks to these major improvements, NXP is ready to take on new projects regardless of volume changes and without impact on lead times.

Please feel free to reach out to the NXP team in the region (Steve, Pat, and Jose) for additional information on how NXP can provide support in facilitating a successful card deployment - Steven Fera - Steven.Fera@nxp.com; Jose Correa - Jose.Correa@nxp.com & Patrick Comiskey - Patrick.Comiskey@nxp.com.

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Source: Apriva (11/12)

Apriva announced that it has certified Ingenico's advanced iWL250 terminal, the first payment terminal to support 3G connectivity on multiple payment processing platforms. The terminal is both NFC- and EMV-capable, and meets the latest PCI PTS version 3.0 security standards. The iWL250 is available immediately to Apriva's network of over 850 merchant acquirers in the United States.

"We are very pleased to introduce the iWL250 terminal, which gives acquirers a viable and innovative product that will serve the needs of small- and mid-size merchants for many years to come," said Robert Martin, Apriva's senior vice president for attended merchant solutions. "Apriva is continually looking to complement our industry-leading terminals portfolio with compelling solutions that enable merchants to take full advantage of new technology. The addition of the iWL250 terminal illustrates Apriva's commitment to provide the widest selection of secure, reliable and cost-effective wireless processing technologies to merchant acquirers and independent sales organizations."

Designed with ease of use and advanced functionality in mind, the iWL250 handheld terminal operates on 3G wireless networks, as well as legacy infrastructures and multiple payment processing platforms. The terminal supports traditional magnetic stripe technology, along with emerging EMV and NFC payment presentation technologies. The device is fully PCI compliant, and relies on the Telium2 architecture to ensure that transactions are fast and reliable. In addition, all payment processing technologies are embedded into the device, eliminating the need for any expensive hardware upgrades.

"Today small and medium size merchants are faced with more complexity and competitive pressures to be able to engage with the customer and accept different forms of payment not only at the check-out, but anywhere they are. Thus, merchant acquirers are under intense pressure to deliver innovative POS solutions and terminals that are fast, secure, and completely adaptable to leverage emerging technology," said Rod Hometh, vice president for market development for Ingenico North America. "The iWL250 Telium series device is perfectly suited to address these competitive market conditions and more. We have every expectation that this terminal will serve the versatile needs of Apriva's customers, by delivering maximum security and unparalleled performance for years to come."

As Martin explains, the addition of the iWL250 terminal underscores Apriva's commitment to deliver best-of-breed technology to its customers.

"Apriva is working hard to ensure that our customers have access to the solutions that work best for them—today and tomorrow," concluded Martin. "As consumers migrate from using traditional magnetic stripe cards to EMV or NFC, merchants can continue to rely on Apriva to provide the highest standards of secure wireless processing solutions in the industry."

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Source: Close-Up Media via COMTEX (11/09)

Inside Secure announced the PicoPulse NFC "booster" chip, which enables manufacturers to fit all components of an NFC card emulation and peer-to-peer mode solution into a standard SIM form factor.

According to a release, the Inside PicoPulse NFC RF front-end booster chip is provided with the Inside high-performance VaultSEcure hardware solution secure element to support NFC-compliant card emulation and peer-to-peer operation for SIM and other form factors.

SIM cards based on the PicoPulse chip can be plugged into current mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices to transform them with the power of NFC functionality to enable more people to engage in mobile payment, transport, access control and other secure transactions.

"SIM cards enhanced with our breakthrough PicoPulse chip offer a compact, cost-effective solution that mobile operators and other service providers can use to boost the deployment of devices that can be used for EMVco-compliant NFC mobile payments and other services, complementing NFC smartphone deployments," said Pierre Garnier, Executive Vice President of the NFC and Secure Payment Divisions at Inside Secure. "Inside Secure has again demonstrated its leadership in the NFC market by being first to offer a solution that puts NFC card emulation, including antenna, into a standard SIM card and have it perform up to industry standards when inserted into a mobile device." The PicoPulse chip reduces the effects of the metals and electrical noise typically found within mobile phones and other mobile devices, enabling the Inside solution to use an antenna that measures a 10 x 5 mm, yet still achieve transaction performance, even when the SIM card is inserted in devices under or beside the battery, the Company said.

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Source: Mobile Payments Today (11/12)

MasterCard and ING Group have announced a joint trial in the Netherlands that is testing a new way to pay online using mobile phones.

The trial uses the same secure element in the mobile device that supports the Mobile MasterCard PayPass application for contactless payments to deliver a secure payment experience at Internet merchants.

The solution being tested in the trial supports two purchasing scenarios: mobile phone and Internet. For purchases by phone, customers select payment method, provide shipping information, and then enter their PIN to authenticate the transaction. An EMV-compliant cryptogram is supplied by the phone directly to the merchant's payment gateway for processing.

For purchases over the Internet, customers complete the payment step on their mobile using a secure QR code that connects the Mobile PayPass application in the phone securely to the merchant's online shopping cart.

In both cases, consumers can use coupons and vouchers in real-time, and receive an e-receipt upon successful payment.

"As a company leading the global transformation of digital payment technology, we continue to work with innovative partners like ING to develop and test solutions that address and enhance the ways consumers can pay for goods and services — both today and tomorrow," said Jorn Lambert, group head of emerging payments in Europe for MasterCard Worldwide. "This trial builds on our recently announced PayPass Wallet Services and our vision of delivering to consumers and merchants a secure, converged payments experience in-store, online or on a mobile device."

The trial, which began in mid-October, will run through the first quarter of 2013.

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Source: Infineon (11/06)

Infineon Technologies AG announced that its high-performance communication interface for Near Field Communication (NFC) applications is gaining wide acceptance as a de facto industry standard. The Digital Contactless Bridge (DCLB) interface specified by Infineon offers fast and secure connection between an embedded Secure Element and an NFC modem. As a freely available and globally open solution, DCLB is widely implemented by manufacturers of NFC modems and Secure Elements for handsets. To date, more than 10 manufacturers have licensed the Infineon DCLB interface.

"We strongly support open solutions such as the DCLB interface as they accelerate mass deployment of a new technology," says Juergen Spaenkuch, Vice President and General Manager Platform Security of the Chip Card & Security Division at Infineon Technologies. "In contrast to proprietary solutions provided by a single supplier, broadly accepted standards increase compatibility of various devices and allow system integrators to choose among a variety of offerings."

NFC communication interface meeting highest security standards

Infineon defined the DCLB interface to provide an effective solution for secure NFC applications requiring fast response time such as mobile payment, access control or ticketing in public transport. It improves performance of the connection between an NFC modem device and the Secure Element where the transaction is partially executed by supporting peak data rates of 848 kilobits/second (kB/s). This is almost eight-fold the volume of data compared to other interfaces. In addition, Infineon's security controller is the first embedded Secure Element awarded with the highest security certificate, the Common Criteria EAL 6+ (high), by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

"For NFC to quickly achieve wide market coverage, the consumer must be able to rely in the secure handling of his data and expects convenient handling of the technology," says Alex Green, senior research manager for financial and ID technology at IMS Research, recently acquired by IHS. "With innovative solutions and product engagement in the NFC ecosystem, Infineon contributes to bringing NFC to the mass market."

The importance of various NFC applications including mobile payment or ticketing in public transport is gaining momentum. Worldwide shipments of NFC-enabled handsets are expected to grow from 79 million units in 2012 to 900 million units in 2016, representing 44 percent of all handsets. Shipments of NFC Secure Elements used for such handsets or PCs are expected to increase from 120 million units in 2012 to 1.3 billion units in 2016 ("The World Market for NFC – 2012 Edition", IMS Research, an IHS company, January 2012).

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