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January 2012 ACTion Newsletter


  1. Editorial - Be Assured...?
  2. MasterCard Introduces U.S. Roadmap To Enable Next Generation Of Electronic Payments
  3. SecureKey Technology To Be Deployed In Intel Identity Protection Technology
  4. Google Calls Canada 'One Of Our Big Bets,' Looks To Grow Further Here In 2012 - Members Only
  5. Merchant Advisory Group Submits Recommendation For A Us Electronic Payments Roadmap
  6. EMVCo Delivers Update On Its EMV Contactless Mobile Payments Advancements
  7. Isis In Talks To Expand M-Commerce Network Overseas - Members Only
  8. Ingenico Launches New PayPal Payment Solution
  9. Visa Certifies Smartphones For Use As Visa Mobile Payment
  10. The Fragmented Future Of Mobile Payments - Members Only
  11. Datacard Group Provides Enhanced Card Delivery For Quebec's Driver's License And ID Program Modular
  12. Gemalto Selected By Isis To Deploy Mobile Payment And NFC Services In The U.S.
  13. ICC Solutions Receives Qualification From Discover For End To End And Host Certification
  14. Canadian Grocery Chain Adopts Visa Contactless Payments
  15. Google Wallet Purchases At Vending Machines - Members Only
  16. Ingenico, MasterCard Bring Contactless Ticketing To Turkey
  17. Telefonica Selects Giesecke & Devrient To Deliver Seamless Nfc Solutions Across Europe
  18. Aconite & Paymobile Partner For EMV Prepaid Card Issuance Program Management In Canada
  19. Moneris Launches PAYD, A New Mobile Payment Processing Service
  20. How Starbucks Made Mobile Payments Mainstream - Members Only
  21. CPI Canada Facility Receives ISO Certification
  22. Visa Debit Takes Off At WestJet
  23. The Multos Consortium Welcomes China UnionPay
  24. INSIDE Secure To Provide NFC Technology And Products To Intel
  25. PayPal Launches New Offline Payment System At Home Depot - Members Only
  26. AJB To Offer PayPal For Retail Payment Processing
  27. NXP, Bank Mega Brings Contactless Ticketing To Indonesia Theme Parks
  28. Credit Agricole Selects Gemalto For Large-Scale Deployment Of Contactless EMV Payment In France
  29. Ingenico's New Mobile Retail Platform (IMRP) Brings Cutting-Edge Mobile Commerce Products To U.S. Merchants
  30. Apriva Announces Availability Of Apriva Wallet
  31. Oberthur Technologies To Deploy One Of The Most Advanced Strong Authentication Solutions For Banca Monte Paschi Belgio

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Source: Catherine Johnston, President & CEO, ACT Canada (01/30)

Be Assured...?

They say death and taxes are the only sure things.  Everything else in your life is something you need to monitor and manage.  Thankfully we do much of this subconsciously, for example, locking our houses and cars.  It will keep out most thieves and that provides us with enough assurance to be comfortable.  Assurance is a large part of our lives.

We want to be assured that no-one can get into our bank accounts without our authorization and that no-one can claim title to our homes to sell or mortgage them.  We want to be assured that no-one can use our passports or our driver's license, because any offenses they commit would end up on our record and we could end up in jail.  Canadians also want to be assured that our health information is kept private, and legislation in many provinces provides that assurance.

Here is the problem.  I want to be assured that all my ID, and by that I mean everything that identifies me as an individual OR identifies my rights and/or privileges, is secure.  I want to be assured that bad people can't tamper with my information and can't counterfeit my ID.  Today that would cover computer records and the cards and paper documents I have in my wallet.  Soon there will be a need to secure that information on mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices.

I also want to be assured that no-one can use false ID to vote in elections where they are not eligible.  I want assurance that my province is not paying for health care for those who are not entitled to it.  British Columbia recently stated that they have 9.1 million cards in circulation and only 4.5 million residents eligible for the Medical Services Plan.  In Ontario we still have old Red and White cards in use.  Because they are not tamper or counterfeit resistant, the government in my province cannot assure me that we don't have a problem similar to BC.

No matter where you live, ask your local, provincial and federal government to assure you it is taking all necessary steps to provide you with secure ID.  The quality of your life depends on it.

Source: Business Wire (01/30)

MasterCard introduced a comprehensive roadmap focused on advancing the U.S. electronic payments system.

The roadmap, which includes the path for migration from magnetic stripe to EMV technology currently available on "chip" cards, will serve as the foundation for the next generation of products and services developed to enhance the way consumers pay.

As payments continue to evolve to include new devices and new channels, such as mobile and eCommerce, the roadmap takes steps to address how consumers really shop, providing them greater security and control in their payment choices and the potential to seamlessly integrate loyalty programs and offers into the purchasing experience.

"We're moving toward a world beyond plastic, where consumers will shop and pay in a way that best fits their needs and lifestyles with a simple tap, click or touch in-store, online or on a mobile device," said Chris McWilton, President, U.S. Markets, MasterCard. "Our roadmap represents a transformational shift in the approach to payments and is not simply about EMV, chip and PIN. We're focused on readying the ecosystem to drive future innovation and provide new consumer experiences to enhance the value of electronic payments."

Defining the Framework

Elements of the MasterCard roadmap include:

- EMV - Solidifying EMV as the foundation of the next generation of payments

- Immediate focus on acquirer infrastructure - Working with acquirers to ensure infrastructure readiness by April 2013

- Encouraging greater security and cardholder verification - Providing consumers with greater control and to reduce fraudulent transactions

- Provide benefits for merchant terminalization - Providing true financial benefits for merchants as they implement EMV-compatible terminals

- Cover all channels - Addressing all touch points where consumers will interact with MasterCard, including ATMs, the physical point-of-sale, online and mobile commerce

- Commitment to leadership and collaboration - Fostering industry collaboration to deliver the next generation of payments into the U.S. marketplace

In implementing the roadmap, MasterCard will maximize the technology advancements and investments the company has made over 45 years to benefit the payments ecosystem.

"Customers from across the payments ecosystem have been asking for a roadmap," said McWilton. "We believe we've provided issuers and merchants with a vision to 'future proof' their businesses and the flexibility to manage their technology decisions to best meet their goals and priorities."

Foundation for Growth and Enhanced Security

In the increasingly digital world, transactions will get smarter. At the heart of this is dynamic authentication, where each transaction incorporates unique information, making it virtually impossible to replicate and reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

As issuers evolve their offering and merchants upgrade their terminals, the payments system will become more secure as this dynamic data is introduced into the payment transaction. MasterCard's roadmap strongly encourages the adoption of the most secure technologies available.

"Consumers deserve a great experience any time they use MasterCard products," said Ed McLaughlin, Chief Emerging Payments Officer, MasterCard. "As the industry invests in the upgrade to EMV in the U.S., we now have the ability to enhance the consumer experience and the security of a payment, regardless of the device -- contactless card, mobile, eCommerce and technologies still to come."

Alignment, Collaboration and Leadership for the Road Forward

In its roadmap, MasterCard supports the need for the payments ecosystem to be aligned regarding the implementation of EMV standards in the U.S. The company has indicated it will support current industry timelines in an effort to minimize disruption and to maximize investments across the payments ecosystem.

MasterCard was part of the original group that created the EMV standard and has supported the successful migration to EMV-based payments in nearly every major market globally. The company's continued investment in advancing these infrastructure standards has provided insights and expertise to guide the industry in advancing payments security and convenience.

"The shift to dynamic data in the transaction process will help ensure greater consistency, security and functionality between the U.S. region and the rest of the globe," said George Peabody, director, Emerging Technologies Advisory Service, Mercator Advisory Group. "Merchants and issuers need a clear and consistent roadmap for payment card security and innovation. MasterCard's approach, starting with EMV, will benefit consumers and the industry."

Additional detail on the roadmap and implementation activities will be provided to MasterCard customers in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, initial resources can be obtained at www.mastercard.us/mchip-emv.html.

MasterCard is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.mastercard.ca.

Source: Barrons (01/10)

SecureKey Technologies announced that Intel Corporation will utilize SecureKey's authentication technology as part of Intel(R) Identity Protection Technology (IPT) beginning on Ultrabook devices with third generation Intel(R) Core(TM) technology (code named "Ivy Bridge"). The agreement provides SecureKey with an opportunity to greatly expand the number of devices that will be preconfigured to support SecureKey's authentication, identity and payment solutions.

"We are excited about working with Intel at the very core of their Intel IPT and NFC technology to enable a broad range of solutions for electronic commerce and online authentication," said Greg Wolfond, CEO of SecureKey Technologies Inc. "The solutions we are deploying, including 'tap-to-pay' and 'tap-to-authenticate', use real-world payment and identity credentials which people know and understand to enhance online security and payments in a simple and convenient manner."

The use of NFC-based contactless cards is growing rapidly as a global standard to enhance security and privacy, as well as reduce identity theft and fraud. By embedding its technology in mobile computing devices, SecureKey allows consumers and business to securely access online services and affect payments online simply by tapping these cards and on their NFC-enabled devices. Working with device or cloud-based digital wallets, SecureKey can also provide secure proxies to stored credentials, making the online experience even more seamless.

"Intel Identity Protection Technology provides users of Ultrabook devices and future generations of Intel-based devices with a more secure and convenient e-commerce experience," said George Thangadurai, general manager, Intel PC Client Services Group. "Intel looks forward to collaborating with SecureKey to provide innovative solutions for consumers and businesses."

Working with Intel, SecureKey technology can be used by devices that support the U.S. Government's National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) and Canada's Federated Identity Management, which promote interoperability of security credentials to lower costs, improve convenience for consumers and build a more secure ecosystem for online payments and authentication for consumers and business. SecureKey was recently awarded a contract by the Government of Canada, which will allow Canadians to use their bank authentication credentials to obtain access to online government services.

SecureKey Technologies Inc. is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.securekey.com.


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Source: The Paypers (01/13)

The Merchant Advisory Group (MAG), a cross-industry association of large merchants focusing on the payments industry, has submitted a recommendation for a US electronic payments roadmap focusing on the importance of Chip and PIN adoption.

The MAG has repeatedly discussed with payments stakeholders about the possibility to develop a payments roadmap.

The MAG's recommendations include:

- a coordinated migration to Chip and PIN transactions which should support a broad range of payment types and devices;

- merchants and issuers should determine the range of payment types, communication protocols and devices they will support

- merchants and issuers who migrate to Chip and PIN should benefit from full liability shift protection

- those not investing in Chip and PIN, or who decide to not perform cardholder authentication at the POS, should bear the liability of any fraudulent activity that occurs as a result of their business decisions

The roadmap should acknowledge the diversity of the marketplace by developing implementation timelines for all stakeholders including issuers, acquirers, hardware manufacturers and merchants.

The MAG's recommendation is available via the organisation's website.

The Merchant Advisory Group is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.merchantadvisorygroup.org.

Source: Smart Card Trends (12/14)

EMVCo, the EMV standards body collectively owned by American Express, JCB, MasterCard and Visa, has published a white paper providing an update on its work to securely standardise contactless mobile payment (CMP) deployment.

The paper, titled: 'EMVCo White Paper on Contactless Mobile Payments', highlights the areas in which EMVCo is engaged in the development of the CMP landscape and offers an overview of the other standards bodies providing input. Free to download from EMVCo's website, the document should be read by all stakeholders working to deliver CMP, and will be of particular interest to those parties that are new to the payments market.

Patricia Partelow, EMVCo Executive Committee Chair, comments: "EMVCo recognises the great potential of using a mobile handset to initiate a payment. At the same time, we acknowledge that this creates new challenges for the payments market that must be resolved to implement a secure, efficient and sustainable infrastructure. EMVCo has been working over the last few years to ensure that its specifications and testing processes meet the requirements of this emerging payment environment and the development of this white paper delivers a full update on the activity. The document also aims to enhance the understanding of EMV technology among CMP industry stakeholders."

In 2007, EMVCo released documents outlining two areas that required its involvement. The status of both these issues is provided within this recent white paper. Firstly, EMVCo's work to coordinate the payment industry's efforts in the development lifecycle for CMP standards to align with the pace at which today's mobile devices are conceived, designed and brought to market. Secondly, EMVCo identified a number of technical infrastructure issues associated with enabling contactless payments via mobile handsets which required resolution before meaningful steps forward could be made.

Patricia adds: "EMVCo is continually looking to enhance the EMV Specifications to meet the evolving technical requirements of the advancing payment community. By understanding the needs of all players, including mobile network operators, handset manufacturers and other members of the mobile ecosystem, we can work to effectively and efficiently standardise the CMP landscape and deliver an interoperable and scalable payment environment. We call on these players to engage in the EMVCo Associates Programme which offers a participation framework that enables companies to support market convergence and have a more active role in guiding EMVCo's strategic and technical direction."

Moving forward, EMVCo remains committed to establishing a workable and consistent CMP certification process. It also continues to work with GlobalPlatform - the organisation which standardises the management of applications on secure chip technology - to advance specification work for payment applications residing in secure elements (SE) such as a UICC or embedded SE.


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Source: Ingenico (01/16)

Ingenico announced its relationship with PayPal, which will enable merchants with Ingenico POS devices to accept PayPal payment options. This business relationship will make it easier for millions of PayPal customers to use their accounts in retail stores.

"Today's savvy shoppers want the option to choose how they pay for goods and are agile enough to easily switch between multi-shopping platforms. Our goal, as one of the key POS device and solutions providers, is to equip merchants with a versatile secure platform capable of accepting and handling diverse forms of payment," said Thierry Denis, president of Ingenico North America. "By working with PayPal to bring their payment solutions to offline retail, we will naturally empower both the merchant, by providing a better way to connect with its shoppers to generate incremental sales, and the shoppers by adding speed and convenience at the checkout combined with expanded payment options. This relationship enables us to offer the most advanced solution for today's practical shopper."

"PayPal's vision for the future of shopping includes people making purchases anytime, anywhere and over any device. Ingenico is helping PayPal realize this vision by putting PayPal in stores and at the point of sale," said Don Kingsborough, vice president of retail and pre-paid products. "Millions of PayPal users will soon have several innovative ways to make purchases at many of their favorite retailers, including using Ingenico terminals to swipe their PayPal payment cards or to enter the mobile phone number and pin associated with their PayPal accounts."

Ingenico has already begun to integrate PayPal's payment card solution into its legacy Unicapt32 platform POS devices as well as its entire new generation of Telium 2 series POS devices. Given the vast installed base of Ingenico's devices in the United States, the company will integrate and support PayPal on both of its platforms. The integration will allow merchants with Ingenico's i6xx series and iSc250/iSC350 devices to accept both PayPal's payment card and its alternative mobile phone number & PIN payment solutions.

Ingenico is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.ingenico.com.

Source: Visa (01/10)

Visa Inc. and Visa Europe announced that NFC-enabled smartphones from Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Research In Motion (RIM) have been certified for use with Visa's mobile application for payments at the point-of-sale, Visa payWave. The Samsung Galaxy SII, LG Optimus NET NFC, BlackBerry BoldTM 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9790, BlackBerry CurveTM 9360 and BlackBerry Curve 9380 have been added to the list of Visa compliant payment products available for commercial deployment by financial institutions.

All the new devices certified by Visa host the Visa payWave application on a secure SIM card and feature NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, the short range communications standard that enables mobile phones to securely transmit payment information to a contactless payment terminal.

"This is an important step for Visa, its financial institution partners and the mobile industry," said Bill Gajda, Global Head of Mobile Product, Visa Inc. "In addition to issuing plastic magnetic stripe or chip-enabled payment cards, financial institutions can now consider offering their accountholders a way to transform their smartphones into fully functional mobile payment devices."

Visa's certification of these smartphones paves the way for mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators and retailers to partner with financial institutions to offer Visa mobile payment functionality to consumers globally.

Visa's Certification Process

Visa has played a leadership role in establishing global standards for mobile payments, making sure that they are aligned with existing technology and security standards for chip payment cards and can easily be integrated into the existing payments ecosystem. For example: Visa payWave on mobile devices is compatible with existing contactless (NFC) payment terminals already installed at retail outlets worldwide, enabling Visa accountholders to simply wave their enabled phone in front of a payment terminal in order to pay.

Visa has a compliance testing process for both mobile devices and the secure elements that host the Visa payWave mobile application. The process includes extensive technical and usability testing with respect to the Visa mobile payment functionality. This helps to ensure reliable and secure Visa transactions which are compatible with the global standard for chip-enabled payments, and establishes a required signal range for all mobile (NFC-enabled) Visa payment devices. Visa's compliance testing process helps to ensure the combination of the phone; secure chip and Visa's mobile payment application will provide the level of security and user experience Visa accountholders have come to expect from Visa.

"Today's announcement is another example of the momentum we are seeing behind NFC as an industry standard for mobile payments," said Nick Holland, senior analyst Yankee Group. "Yankee Group predicts that the value of NFC-based transactions will grow significantly, from $27 million in 2010 to $40 billion in 2014."

Visa is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.visa.ca.


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Source: Datacard (01/17)

Datacard Group announced the award of a competitive tender from the Societe de l'assurance automobile du Quebec (SAAQ) to upgrade to the Datacard MXD Card Delivery System and MXi Envelope Insertion System for enhanced card delivery and mailing for its driver's license and identification cards.

SAAQ has been a customer of Datacard Group since 2002, and mail nearly 1.8 million driver's license and identification cards to the citizens of Quebec per year.  They decided to upgrade their card delivery system to provide a more enhanced automated mailing system.  With the integrated MXD card delivery system and the MXi envelope insertion system, SAAQ can now create custom, ready-to-mail card carriers for all of their driver's license and ID cards.

"It was important for SAAQ to select a vendor that could provide innovative technology at a competitive price-point," said Mike Berman, vice president and general manager of North American Public Sector for Datacard Group.  "SAAQ ultimately selected Datacard Group and our MXD card delivery system and MXi envelope insertion system because of the print quality and card delivery capabilities. The system's truly modular design enables features to be added in the future as requirements and needs change."

The MXD card delivery system enables on-demand printing, card affixing and form folding in a personalized card carrier that is then sent to the automated MXi envelope insertion system to be placed into a ready-to-mail envelope. High-quality, on-demand printing reduces the costs and complexities of storing large pre-printed carrier stocks for operations.

Datacard is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.datacard.com.

Source: Gemalto (12/12)

Gemalto has been selected by Isis to secure its mobile commerce platform through Gemalto's Allynis Trusted Service Manager (TSM) solution. Isis, the mobile commerce joint venture between AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless, will provide consumers and merchants with an open and secure mobile commerce platform that will revolutionize how consumers shop, pay and save.

"We selected Gemalto for their long-standing relationships with financial institutions and mobile operators, which includes experience in securely provisioning services over the air and issuing sensitive financial information to the consumer," said Ryan Hughes, Chief Marketing Officer of Isis. "Gemalto's dedication to security is unmatched in the industry and will provide the Isis Mobile Commerce Platform with the necessary infrastructure to ensure consumer and merchant confidence in the Isis Mobile Wallet."

Isis will enable consumers to enjoy the speed, security and convenience of mobile contactless payment using NFC technology at retail outlets such as restaurants, movie theaters and drug stores. Consumers will be able to securely pay, present loyalty cards, and redeem coupons all with a tap of their phones.

"Gemalto is thrilled to support Isis in delivering the speed, security and convenience of mobile contactless payment," added Sebastien Cano, Senior Vice-President, Gemalto North America. "Using our extensive experience with worldwide commercial deployments Gemalto has designed a solution for Isis to support mobile payment and a host of NFC services like digital couponing and loyalty programs, access control and mass transit."

Gemalto is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.gemalto.com.

Source: ICC Solutions (01/24)

ICC Solutions is delighted to announce the immediate availability of ICCSimTMat: Discover and ICCSolHost: Discover - both of which are qualified by Discover, to perform certification testing according to the Discover D-Payment Application Specification (D-PAS).

The Discover D-PAS Acquirer-Terminal End-to-End test plan contains the test cases that may be executed by an Acquirer to validate that the Acquirer's infrastructure and terminals can support D-PAS chip card transactions.

This Discover D-PAS Acquirer Host Test Plan contains the test cases that may be executed by an Acquirer to validate that their host systems can support D-PAS chip card transactions.

"The qualification of these new test packages allows us to ensure the availability of leading-edge technology for our Acquirers so that they can maintain conformance to our network specifications" said Troy Bernard, Director of Chip Payment Technology at Discover.

According to Dave Maisey CEO / Managing Director at ICC Solutions, "ICC Solutions' is delighted to welcome these new test packages, qualified by Discover, to our extensive portfolio, re-enforcing our position as a global leader of recognised test solutions serving all Payment Associations. These new test packages offer a test environment in which to perform Discover D- PAS Acquirer-Terminal End-to-End and Discover D-PAS Acquirer Host certification testing."

Discover & ICC Solutions are members of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.discover.com & http://www.iccsolutions.com.

Source: ContactlessNews (12/01)

Metro Inc. is partnering with Visa to bring payWave contactless payments to its chain of 600 grocery stores across Ontario and Quebec.

Beginning early next year, shoppers at Metro, Metro Plus, Super C and Food Basics will be able to pay for items with a tap of a contactless Visa credit or debit card against a reader at the point of sale.

Visa is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.visa.ca.


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Source: ContactlessNews (12/07)

Ingenico announced the launch of a new contactless card payment system for public transportation in Eskisehir, Turkey. Based on MasterCard's M/Chip Advance technology, the new system will allow riders on Eskisehir's buses and tramways to pay for fares with the tap of a contactless "Esparacard" card.

Ingenico designed and supplied both the point-of-sales hardware and software payment solutions for the Esparacard project. Other partners include Garanti Bankasi, Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality, MasterCard, Asis and ILFER companies.

According to Ingenico, the company's POS equipment was specially modified to recognize unique and personal cardholder information embedded on the Esparacard. For example, the reader can automatically tell whether a rider qualifies for a student, or a teacher, or senior fare discount with a single swipe.

The prepaid Esparacard contains both contact and contactless features, and is a part of MasterCard M/Chip Advance worldwide's new payment platform for transportation.

The Esparacard system is also integrated with the banking infrastructure to allow the use of credit cards from all banks, according to Yilmaz Buyukersen, mayor of Eskisehir

Ingenico & MasterCard are members of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.ingenico.com & http://www.mastercard.ca.

Source: Giesecke & Devrient (12/02)

Telefonica's new Digital unit and Giesecke & Devrient have reached an agreement to establish a single European-wide platform for Near Field Communication (NFC) services. By the terms of this agreement, Giesecke & Devrient will provide the Trusted Service Manager (TSM) technology required for this solution, such as over-the-air (OTA) transfer and personalization of NFC applications. Giesecke & Devrient will also deliver the lifecycle management of Telefonica's NFC application platform and will be one of the suppliers of NFC-enabled SIM cards.

Telefonica will introduce new NFC-based services, made available to end users through a wallet application, starting with deployment in Europe over the next few months. This new NFC management platform on Telefonica's network will also be made available to third-party service providers, including financial institutions, transit operators, and loyalty partners.

Giesecke & Devrient's TSM solution comprises a whole range of functions to manage NFC services over the air via the wireless network. These include administration, personalization, and software updates for NFC-enabled SIM cards.

Joaquin Mata, Global Head of Financial Services at Telefonica Digital, said: "The final goal for Telefonica is to build an open NFC ecosystem ensuring interoperability and offering service providers a friendly environment to deliver NFC services reaching a large number of mobile subscribers. Giesecke & Devrient is one of Telefonica's strategic partners in building this new ecosystem and has the required technological know-how to turn NFC services in a commercial reality."

Michael Kuemmerle, member of the Management Board and Group Executive of Mobile Security at G&D, said: "Our innovative TSM solutions give network operators and service providers a way to introduce innovative NFC services quickly, easily, and securely. The wireless network offers a great deal of flexibility in the administration of these services. We are very pleased that Telefonica has chosen to work with us as their trusted partner; their decision underlines our global technology and service leadership in this promising market."

Telefonica has been working hard on NFC technology the last years to acquire all the necessary expertise and know-how and be one of the industry leaders on this field. After running a number of successful commercial trials in different locations like Sitges (for payments), Pilsen (for transportation), Distrito NFC (with employees covering several use cases) and other locations, now is the right time to plan a wide deployment of NFC services.

Financial services is a key focus area for Telefonica's new Digital division which has been formed to lead its growth in the new digital world. Through a combination of research and development, partnership, investment and acquisition, Telefonica Digital will bring innovative products and services to market that allow it to drive continued growth in the core telecommunications market, as well as in new digital service areas.

Giesecke & Devrient is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.gi-de.com.

Source: ICMA Industry News (01/18)

Aconite announced an agreement with Paymobile Inc., that provides for a complete outsource solution for EMV open loop prepaid issuance.

Paymobile's prepaid programs, using Aconite's smart card prepaid and application management platforms, will enable issuers to quickly move to EMV prepaid card products. The issuer is also 'future proofed', as this solution provides the ability to issue and manage multiple applications such as benefits payments, public transport ticketing and other specialized prepaid card products.

Aconite is a leading provider of software and consulting services for managing business applications on chips in smart cards, tokens and mobile phones. Paymobile is a Canadian technology company providing businesses and government with complete program management services for a wide range of open loop prepaid and virtual card accounts.

Paymobile's use of Aconite's Prepaid Value Manager provides world-class EMV open loop prepaid card issuance program management services to Paymobile issuer clients. Aconite Prepaid Value Manager supports the issuance, available balance and shadow/sub account management of an overall, EMV based prepaid/pre-authorized processing environment. Aconite Prepaid Value Manager supports smart prepaid products that can be used with both online and/or offline terminals; in contact and/or contactless mode, and closed or open-loop schemes.

Mike Vasalenak, Aconite's regional director for Canada, said, "We are very excited to be working with Paymobile in the Canadian market as our two companies can together offer unique capabilities in smart prepaid services to Canadian issuers." "This partnership also reinforces Aconite's commitment to the Canadian market," added Patrick Regester, Aconite's executive vice president sales and marketing.

President and CEO of Paymobile, Gino Porco, commented, "EMV is a progression which we believe will soon totally replace magnetic stripe cards. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Aconite, which will provide us a meaningful advantage in delivering value and security to our existing and future clients in the prepaid space. Aconite's expertise coupled with Paymobile's card management systems and mobile technology will catapult us beyond what's currently available in today's marketplace and for years to come."

Aconite is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.aconite.net.

Source: Moneris (01/16)

Moneris announced the launch of PAYD, offering Canadian small business owners - who have not historically accepted credit card payments - the ability to do so using their smartphone or tablet devices.

Moneris' decision to develop PAYD is in direct response to the needs of a large portion of Canadian small businesses currently not accepting credit card payments. According to Moneris, there are potentially over 1 million registered and unregistered businesses that do not process any form of card payments. PAYD provides this underserved segment an easy method to capture sales, in a secure and cost-effective way.

The PAYD card reader plugs into the audio port of most smartphones, including Apple iOS, Google Android and Research In Motion BlackBerry devices, allowing credit cards to be swiped on the spot for ease-of-use. PAYD merchants can take advantage of simplified and upfront pricing. The service is backed by the security of Moneris' existing web-based payment processing platform, allowing merchants to access their accounts, transactions and history in a secure manner.

"Traditionally, many smaller entrepreneurs including artists, photographers, residential cleaners and artisans have missed out on sales because they could not accept credit cards," said Jim Baumgartner, President and CEO, Moneris.

"PAYD offers this segment, who may have the perception that their business is too small or that costs associated with accepting cards are too high, the ability to expand the reach of their business."

"Moneris is committed to developing new and innovative solutions to help merchants of all sizes," said Baumgartner. "We are one of the only credit and debit card processors in Canada to own, operate and deploy virtual solutions and products that offer merchants the security and reliability they expect when accepting payments."

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Source: CPI Card Group (01/10)

CPI Card Group announced that their Concord, Ontario facility has received ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2008 certification for manufacturing and personalization of plastic cards. CPI's commitment to exceptional customer experience and continual improvement is evident by receipt of this certification.

"CPI's commitment to customer satisfaction has always been the driver for continual improvement of our business processes. This certification confirms that we are making the right choices in terms of providing state-of-the-art quality products to our customers," said Ricardo Santos, quality manager of CPI Canada.

The ISO 9001:2008 standard requires that CPI offer its customers a plastic card manufacturing and personalization experience that's extremely effective and efficient. The rigorous standards evaluate quality, customer care and continual improvement at every stage in the manufacturing and personalization process. The certification process reviews the entire business cycle beginning with order entry at customer service, moving through production, and continuing through the final step of shipping products to the customer. These strict standards require that CPI commit to, and continuously measure effectiveness of ongoing quality management system improvements, ensuring that their customers receive service and products that far exceed the traditional manufacturing experience.

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Source: Visa (01/09)

Visa Canada and WestJet announced that Canadian card holders can now use Visa Debit to purchase airline tickets online and through the airline's Sales Super Centre. With Visa Debit, card holders can safely and conveniently pay directly from their bank account for air travel.

"We're thrilled to enable WestJet with the benefits of Visa Debit technology," said Mike Bradley, Head of Product, Visa Canada.  "By offering Visa Debit, WestJet is providing greater choice and functionality for its customers, while Visa's layers of security protect cardholders whether they're transacting by phone or online."

Visa Debit al

lows one-step online electronic debiting of funds without requiring customers to sign in to their bank account, and is backed by Visa's multiple layers of security, which helps to reduce the risk of fraud through Visa's Zero Liability Policy, Verified by Visa, E-Promise, AVS (Address Verification Service) and CVV2 (the three-digit code).

"We're pleased to offer this new payment opportunity for guests," said d'Arcy Monaghan, WestJet Director, Distribution Strategy. "Offering multiple payment options is in line with our commitment to a great guest experience."

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Source: Multos (11/15)

The MULTOS Consortium, the industry body comprising companies from all sectors of the smart device industry announced that China UnionPay (UnionPay) has joined the group.

China UnionPay is one of the largest payment brand with more than 2 billion cards performing over USD$1.8 trillion in transactions in 2010. As China's banking card issuers start for PBOC chip migration, there is a growing need to ensure a number of leading chip operating systems are available. To that end, China UnionPay has joined the MULTOS Consortium to signal the endorsement of MULTOS as one of the technologies for Chinese chip card issuing.

Joining as a Partner Member in the MULTOS Consortium, China UnionPay expands the growing member base of the group that includes payment schemes, silicon vendors, secure software developers, card manufacturers, personalization system solution providers and integrators across the globe.

Stuart Attwood, Commercial Director of The MULTOS Consortium commented, "We welcome China UnionPay into the MULTOS Consortium and recognize the importance of now including among our members, the world's fastest growing payment scheme and the significance this brings for all our members with business activity in the Chinese market. We look forward to UnionPay's participation in the consortium activities, and the growth of MULTOS-enabled card technology being deployed in China."

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Source: INSIDE Secure (12/14)

INSIDE Secure announced it has entered into an agreement with Intel Corporation  to provide the company with INSIDE's NFC products and technologies. The agreement marks a significant milestone for INSIDE Secure and the future of the NFC industry, helping move this emerging technology towards full-scale market adoption.

The agreement gives Intel access to INSIDE's software, firmware and core hardware technology for development of future Intel products. In addition, INSIDE will provide Intel's Mobile Wireless Group with access to scalable NFC solutions based on INSIDE's MicroRead, SecuRead and Open NFC products.

"We are very excited to have this opportunity to work alongside Intel in the development of scalable NFC solutions for the industry," said Charles Walton, chief operating officer for INSIDE Secure. "Working with an industry leader like Intel will play a significant role in the mainstream rollout of NFC."

"NFC is gaining traction in many markets as one of the most convenient ways to use consumer electronic devices for payments and retail commerce transactions, for access to facilities and information, and a host of other applications," said Aicha Evans, vice-president and general manager of Intel's Mobile Wireless Group. "We look forward to working with INSIDE to develop and bring to market a range of exciting connectivity solutions for mainstream consumer products that incorporate NFC features."

A third-generation product that sets a new standard for ease of integration, the MicroRead NFC controller offers a broad range of NFC options and provides the capacity to support multiple secure element types, including SIM, SE or SD card, to support multiple business models. SecuRead integrates INSIDE's award-winning MicroRead NFC controller with a high-performance secure element and a GlobalPlatform-compliant Java Card operating system. Both products are integrated with INSIDE's Open NFC protocol stack to provide best-of-breed solutions. Winner of the prestigious SESAMES Innovation Award, Open NFC has quickly become recognized as an open solution for NFC enablement on mobile devices, and has received significant industry support from a broad array of participants in the NFC ecosystem.

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Source: AJB Software (01/16)

AJB Software Design, Inc. announced its relationship with PayPal. Working together the companies will offer Point of Sale (POS) application programming interfaces (APIs), making it easier for AJB's large retail customers to offer PayPal as an in-store payment option for shoppers, who can access multiple payment sources and coupons within the PayPal wallet.

AJB's Retail Transaction Switch (RTS) will provide the framework to allow the millions of PayPal account numbers to be processed as financial tender by existing and future customers of AJB. PayPal members will have the option of paying for merchandise by swiping a PayPal payment card or by entering the mobile telephone number and PIN associated with their accounts.

AJB will build a native PayPal interface within its integrated payment solutions platform. The interface can then be made available to AJB's extensive retail customer base.

"AJB has 20-years' experience integrating payment based vehicles within retail environments," said Pat Polillo, Vice President of Sales at AJB. "We are delighted to work with PayPal on their POS integration efforts. The wealth of retail experience we have been able to build over the years is integral in delivering solutions that work seamlessly in a POS based environment."

"PayPal is committed to extending easy, flexible and secure payments from the online world into retail stores everywhere. By working with a leading integrated payment expert such as AJB, millions of PayPal account holders will have access to some of the best brands in North America," said Don Kingsborough, Vice President of Retail and Prepaid Products, PayPal.

Benefits of the AJB/PayPal Relationship

- AJB has 140+ customers who rely on AJB products and services. By offering PayPal within the AJB product suite, retailers can easily integrate PayPal payments into 250,000 POS terminals in their stores.

- AJB assists with simplifying the PayPal/POS integration by using a well-defined set of API's that POS software providers have already integrated and support.

- AJB will help speed PayPal payments to market for retailers; by already developing, testing and validating the PayPal interface within the AJB product suite.

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Source: ContactlessNews (12/15)

NXP and Bank Mega partnered for a collaborative venture to bring an enhanced contactless ticketing solution to Trans Studios Makassar and Bandung, two of Indonesia's largest indoor theme parks.

The DESFire EV1 microcontroller-based technology enables visitors to securely access theme park facilities and attractions without cash or tickets, as well as make payments at retail locations and public services. Visitors also use the same card for payment of road toll and car park fees.

The card functions as an access management key and a customer program tracker. It improves the visitors stay by making their transactions quick and secure, while reducing the chances of fraud and human error.

The contactless card also provides Trans Studios and Bandung park operators with valuable insights on customers' preference and spending habits, which will allow them to plan and effectively deploy more customer oriented programs in the future.

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Source: Gemalto (01/31)

Gemalto announces it is behind Credit Agricole's large-scale deployment of contactless EMV banking cards in France. The Credit Agricole group is market leader in full-service retail banking in France and one of the largest banks in Europe. Gemalto is the first to market the highly secure Optelio contactless EMV banking card certified by GIE-CB ("Groupement d'Interet Economique - Carte Bancaire") with optimized EMV risk management features for the French market.

The deployment opens the door to the world of contactless payment for all of Credit Agricole's customers. Cardholders can enjoy a new payment experience by simply waving or tapping their card in front of a contactless reader at the point-of-sale for purchases under 20 euros, while transactions above that amount will require a PIN confirmation. The technology saves time for both merchants and cardholders and greatly reduces cash handling.

The card also features additional protections that reinforce security and complement the traditional EMV payment functionality. These added features provide improved flexibility while maintaining a high level of risk management for Credit Agricole.

"Leveraging their global expertise in EMV and contactless rollouts worldwide, the Gemalto team put forward the right product at the right time for our program in France," according to Credit Agricole.

"With this new project, Credit Agricole is keen to offer their customers secure and reliable payment solutions, while benefiting from the latest technological innovations," added Gabrielle Bugat, Senior Vice President, Gemalto.

"Contactless is one of the key cooperation and development areas for 2012, both for Gemalto and Credit Agricole."

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Source: Ingenico (01/11)

Ingenico and iMobile3, LLC announced a strategic partnership which will power the launch of Ingenico's new Mobile Retail Platform - iMRP - in the United States. With the introduction of its new open mobile platform, Ingenico continues to innovatively provide merchants with best-in-class offerings required to deliver secure multi-channel commerce solutions directly to store associates and consumers via smartphone and tablet-based mobile means.

Ingenico's new Mobile Retail Platform (iMRP) will provide merchants with the flexibility to expand their existing commerce reach by including a versatile, fully integrated mobile solution designed to enhance the overall customer engagement and shopping experience. Through the iMRP, merchants' in-store mobile offerings:

- Facilitate targeted one-on-one customer interaction
- Add secure in-aisle and on-site mobile sales
- Increase conversion rates and personalized customer experience
- Provide consumers with multiple choices of payment including EMV chip card, contactless, magstripe, and NFC-enabled mobile payments

"Combining Ingenico's industry leading secure payment solutions with iMobile3's cutting-edge mobile products and professional development services allows us to create powerful mobile commerce solutions for merchants and consumers alike," said Thierry Denis, President of Ingenico North America. "Merchants are continuously seeking new ways to connect and interact with their loyal consumers, and consumers are looking for unique experiences with their preferred brands. Our new open mobile retail platform will allow merchants in the States to capture new revenue, increase customer loyalty, and improve profitability by engaging consumers where today's shopping experience is increasingly taking place - on the mobile device in their hands."

As the first truly open mobile retail platform, iMRP integrates the most advanced hardware including Ingenico's iSMP, the first EMV Chip-enabled smartphone mobility payment solution, with world-class applications and enterprise-grade professional services to provide tailor-made mobility solutions right out of the box.

"Ingenico is pioneering the future of retail with iMRP and will facilitate the next generation of industry innovators," said Bob Leonard, co-founder of iMobile3. "We are proud to power Ingenico's iMRP and to be in a position where we can collectively change how merchants transform their business to leverage the full impact of today's mobile revolution."

Founded in 2008, iMobile3, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida is led by Bob Leonard (CEO) and Brian Gentry (Chief Technology Officer). Over the past four years, the company has signed business deals with several major global brands and has firmly established a leadership position in the mobile applications market. Both Leonard and Gentry will work closely with Ingenico's Mobile Retail Unit to oversee the deployment and future expansion of Ingenico's mobile retail services and solutions offerings.

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Source: Apriva (01/10)

Apriva has announced that its Apriva Wallet mobile commerce platform is now available to merchants through Apriva's national network of merchant acquirers, independent sales organizations (ISOs) and other channel partners. A multi-functional and highly secure solution that can be white labeled by both merchants and channel partners, the Apriva Wallet enables consumers to engage in a rich and intuitive retail experience with merchants through their existing iPhone and Android devices.

"The majority of mobile wallets that are in the market today offer only a limited set of services," explained Paul Coppinger, president of Apriva. "The Apriva Wallet is a flexible platform that can support a wide array of devices and networks, and interoperate with a number of payments processors and financial institutions. We designed the Apriva Wallet from the ground-up as a standalone solution that encompasses all of the features required for a rich mobile commerce experience."

"Apriva's approach to introducing new technology," continued Coppinger "is to empower merchant acquirers with products and services that they can use to differentiate themselves and achieve a competitive advantage. We've continued this philosophy by designing our Wallet to operate within today's infrastructure, as well as support emerging technologies that are entering the marketplace in the future. We seek not to disrupt the payment ecosystem, but rather to enhance it and, over time, evolve it."

The Apriva Wallet is infrastructure-agnostic, and can interoperate with any payment processor, financial institution and wireless carrier. It works with current, magnetic stripe payment technologies and does not require physical changes to the point of sale environment. The Apriva Wallet works equally well with emerging standards such as NFC and EMV. It is compatible with both the Apple iOS and Android operating systems, and a Windows Mobile version is scheduled to release later this year. The Apriva Wallet is built on Apriva's AprivaTalk security protocol, recognized as one of the payment industry's most robust and reliable security standards.

From a functionality standpoint, the Apriva Wallet brings together a number of features and applications to provide a rich mobile commerce experience for both merchants and consumers. Among these include:

Easy opt-in: Consumers can easily download the Apriva Wallet at any participating merchant by providing their mobile number at the point of sale. They can also download the Apriva Wallet through the various app stores.Secure transactions: Apriva Wallet utilizes AprivaTalk, considered the most reliable and secure transaction technology in the payments industry. AprivaTalk exceeds all regulatory mandates, thereby providing greater protection for merchants and financial institutions from fraud.Electronic receipts: Apriva Wallet delivers instant electronic receipts on every purchase. Consumers can receive these receipts both on their mobile device as well as in their preferred email accounts.Loyalty programs: Apriva Wallet offers an integrated and comprehensive loyalty program to merchants at no charge. This full-featured offering is easily branded by merchants and enables even the smallest business to compete with larger companies by offering their own robust program that can result in greater customer retention, increased sales and higher profits. Apriva Wallet can also integrate with a merchant's existing loyalty program.Location-based services: Apriva Wallet supports LBS technologies to help both merchants and consumers benefit from geographically-targeted offers.Couponing: Apriva Wallet allows merchants to flexibly distribute coupons to any specific set of customers.Tickets: Consumers can use the Apriva Wallet to purchase and download event tickets to their mobile device.Advertising: Merchants can use the Apriva Wallet platform to promote new offerings to individuals, groups or mass markets.Social Media: Apriva Wallet integrates with both Facebook and Twitter, enabling consumers to communicate and share retail experiences through social networks.Identity Protection: Consumers can store valuable personal information in the Apriva Wallet, such as driver licenses, institutional identity cards, healthcare information, passports, and other cards that a consumer would carry in a physical wallet.

"Apriva has always differentiated itself by delivering robust commerce technologies that have provided tangible solutions in a complex and constantly evolving market," said Brent Iadarola, global research director for Frost & Sullivan's Mobile & Wireless practice. 'The Apriva Wallet is a shining example of how foresight and simplicity can enable merchants, consumers, and service providers to fully leverage the profound benefits of M-commerce. By creating an ecosystem that supports a multitude of devices, and offering a comprehensive feature set, the Apriva Wallet is a compelling, flexible and accessible platform that should remain relevant for many years to come."

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Source: Oberthur (12/07)

Banca Monte Paschi Belgio has selected Oberthur Technologies to provide one of the most advanced end-to-end Smart Authentication solutions, certified by MasterCard.

Oberthur Technologies' complete offer comprises the innovative Smart Display Cards, the authentication server and the Access Control Server (ACS) to secure the e-shopping services.

The Smart Display Card is an all-in-one dual interface banking card and a two-factor authentication device equipped with a display and key-pad, all embedded in the ISO card form factor. The Smart Display Card provides an innovative and simple answer to financial institutions willing to improve the overall security of their online services. The authentication server and the ACS provided by Oberthur Technologies will be hosted in one of Oberthur Technologies' PCIDSS-certified service centers.

Dino Albanese, Member of Banca Monte Paschi Belgio Executive Committee: "Result of a strong partnership with MasterCard and Oberthur Technologies, we are very proud to offer this unique, innovative, secure and convenient payment solution to our customers."

Stephane Thiry, Vice President Product Sales Benelux at MasterCard: "We are very pleased to collaborate with Banca Monte Paschi Belgio and Oberthur to provide this innovative payment solution. Built in cooperation with NagraID Security, Oberthur Technologies' dual interface Smart Display Card will enable MasterCard customers to offer the full range of remote authentication and information services to consumers."

Eric Duforest, General Manager Europe at Oberthur Technologies: "We provide a "one-stopshop", end-to-end Smart Authentication solution that brings the most cutting edge technologies and innovations to Banca Monte Paschi Belgio customers."

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