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February 2012 ACTion Newsletter


  1. Editorial - What On Earth Are They Thinking?
  2. ACT Canada Unveils New Tagline
  3. Impark Speeds Ahead with Visa payWave & Visa Debit Technology
  4. Collis Announces First Release of New Visa Mobile Payment Specifications Test Suite
  5. GlobalPlatform & EMVco Align Mobile Payment Certification Structure
  6. G&D Provides NFC-Capable Sim Cards for Italy's First Mobile Payment Pilot Project
  7. Processor Execs Echo Merchant Sentiment In Favor of PINS for Chip Cards - Members Only Access
  8. INSIDE Secure and Sunward Telecom Solution Deliver NFC For Legacy Mobile Phones In China
  9. Canadian Solution Provider Offers Instant Card Issuance Using MULTOS
  10. Visa Offering a Non-ISIS NFC Mobile Payment Service
  11. Launch of Collis Mobile MasterCard PayPass Test Suite
  12. ISIS Teams with Chase, Capital One and Barclaycard For Mobile Wallet - Members Only Access
  13. MasterCard Launches the Mobile Money Partnership Program For Underbanked Consumers
  14. Chase Selects Gemalto for Trusted Service Management
  15. Launch of the Collis Merchant Test Suite for US and Canadian Markets
  16. Pulse and Obopay Collaborate To Provide Real-Time Payment Solution
  17. Infineon's New Origa2 Authentication Chip with MIPI BIF Standard Interface Protects Mobile Device Users Better against Counterfeit Components
  18. PayPal Pushes the Cloud, But Declines to Rule Out NFC Chips - Members Only Access
  19. New Visa Service Provides Secure "Over the Air" Provisioning Of Mobile Payment Accounts
  20. More Than 100 Million MULTOS Chips Shipped In 2011
  21. Gemalto and Sony Establish Global Agreement for Felica / Near Field Communication Technology
  22. G&D To Supply Turnkey Tsm Solution For Commercial Mobile Payment Rollout In Australia
  23. INSIDE Secure Chosen by Leading Smartphone Manufacturer to Power NFC Services with a Major Open Operating System Platform
  24. NFC Vs. Cloud-Based Payments: Which Will Reach Scale First? - Members Only Access
  25. Gemalto Offers U.S. Banks Seamless EMV Migration with Instant Issuance Operated Services
  26. Collis Includes Chip CVC Test in Their MasterCard Formal Approval Services
  27. G&D Selected By Intel To Provide Trusted Service Management Of Embedded Secure Elements For Mobile Device Platforms
  28. Verisoft EMV Software Clocks At 50,000 Records per Hour

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Source: Catherine Johnston, President & CEO, ACT Canada (02/28)

What on earth are they thinking?

I've been travelling more than usual lately resulting in new frustrations, not related to line ups or baggage fees. They don't even include being told that my carry-on luggage that went from Toronto to Paris, Paris to Venice and Venice to Paris (on a very small plane) wouldn't fit on the very large plane from Paris to Toronto. I can deal with that one by simply not flying with that airline again.

2 weeks ago I was frustrated when trying to buy roaming packages from my mobile operator. On their website, I fairly easily found the items I wanted. A nice little button said select - so I did, taking me to a page where I could not see anything to suggest I had successfully "bought" the product. I did it again - with the same result. So I had to phone them. The person I spoke with confirmed that the time I spent online was wasted, but she said she would take care of it. Then she took time (mine) to up-sell me on everything else in my account. I won't even comment on why she thought I would want to extend my contract to get double the minutes when clearly I don't use my current allotment.

So you say - we all go through this - why are you complaining? For the record - she did not order my travel packages. I had to go online the next day to check and then had to call back in.

If it takes 2 online sessions and 2 phone conversations to buy a product I already want from this mobile operator, why on earth would I want to do mobile payments with them?

My second issue had to do with a boarding pass. What do you do with your old boarding passes? I throw mine in the garbage. Imagine my surprise when I looked at it and found my passport number printed in full. I'm sure the airline would argue that there was no reason to not print it. I would argue that printing it was unwarranted and at the very least a privacy, if not also a potential security, issue.

Dear ICAO - is "need to know" not the standard when it comes to airlines disclosing my passport number?

And speaking of need to know - when travelling in the US, why do I have to provide the same information on a paper form at the airport as I provided electronically the day before when checking in by web?

Come on people - you can do better. I think I'll go have a glass of wine now and think about where I can do better. Happy travels everyone.

Source: ACT Canada (02/28)

ACT Canada unveils the new tag line "ACT Canada: Stakeholders Driving Payment Evolution and Digital Identity"

This was created through a group effort on behalf of the ACT Board and the ACT Board Advisory Committee, with special thanks to Dylan Cobb, Royal Canadian Mint for his direction and inspiration

Source: Visa (01/30)

Visa Canada and Imperial Parking Canada Corporation (Impark) announced they are partnering to bring Visa payWave contactless payments to 72 of its attended parking facilities across Canada. As of January 2012, drivers at participating parking lots will be able to simply "wave and go", when purchasing parking at a payWave enabled Impark parking lot.

In addition to Visa payWave, Canadian Impark customers managing their accounts online, now have the option to pay their fees and balances using Visa Debit. Visa Debit allows customers to safely and conveniently pay for items directly from their bank account when transacting online, via telephone or by mail order.

For customers using Impark's "Pay by Phone" functionality, Visa Debit offers card holders the ability to use their bank account in conjunction with the service. Pay by Phone eliminates the need for a customer to pay at a meter or attendant, or even place a ticket on the dash. At participating lots, consumers simply use their cell phone, or go online to pay for parking - be it for an hour, a day, a week or a month. Billing is automatic and consumers can access and receive reports online or by email. And because Impark uses wireless handheld devices to monitor its locations, parking is instantly recognized as valid.

"Innovation and customer service are the cornerstone of our business", said Gordon Craig, Senior Vice President, Impark. "Visa payWave helps us meet customer expectations for speed and ease-of-use when parking in an Impark lot, while Visa Debit offers them a convenient online and phone order payment solution." Visa payWave offers a platform for future innovations and delivers speed and convenience to merchants and Visa cardholders, while offering the built-in security benefits inherent in chip technology. Visa payWave is based on EMV chip technology, which uses a standard 128-bit encryption technology, to securely store and encrypt confidential information. When a customer uses a Visa payWave terminal, the card or mobile device and the terminal exchange security information and the transaction is completed, all in less than one-third of a second. The cardholder does not need to swipe a card or let it out of their possession, keeping the transaction fast and secure.

Visa Debit allows one-step online electronic debiting of funds without requiring customers to sign in to their bank account, and is backed by Visa's multiple layers of security, which help to reduce the risk of fraud through Visa's Zero Liability Policy, Verified by Visa�, E-Promise, AVS (Address Verification Service) and CVV2 (the three-digit code).

Visa Canada is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor; please visit http://www.visa.ca.

Source: Collis (02/02)

Collis proudly announces the first release of the Collis Visa Mobile Payment Specification (VMCPS) Test Suite. The VMCPS Test Suite is used to perform functional testing of the UICC or Secure Element application based on Visa Mobile Payment Specifications (VMCPS). UICC or Secure Element vendors can use the Collis VMCPS Test Suite to perform a pre-certification on their VMCPS payment products. Pre-certification means that the Secure Element application conforms to all requirements in the VMCPS specification, and should not encounter problems during the approval by Visa International.

The test suite contains a total of 670 test cases and verifies the functional behaviour of a mobile payment application and can personalise all necessary card profiles. Scenarios have been designed to allow for the automated execution of test cases without the need for user interaction. The scenarios also foresee the (re)personalisation of the mobile payment application in case it is required by the test cases. The Collis VMCPS Test Suite shortens the development cycle, allows for pre-certification self-testing and ensures production quality assurance. This new release is part of a wider offering for mobile payments.

Berend van Geffen, Chief Commercial Officer adds: "Releasing the Collis VMCPS Test Suite demonstrates Collis' commitment in having the most up-to-date and innovative test tools for mobile payments in the market today. This new test suite gives Smart Card en Secure Element vendors the ability to speed up certification according to Visa's latest specifications. It also gives them confidence in knowing that the certified mobile payment applications are error-free and tested to the highest standard."

Collis is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 Exchange Place expert; please visit http://www.collis.nl.

Source: GlobalPlatform (02/21)

The GlobalPlatform Compliance Program for validating secure elements (SEs) has been recognized by EMVCo as an integral part of the mobile payment certification process.

GlobalPlatform is the organization which standardizes the management of applications on secure chip technology. Its certification program, which was launched in 2011, confirms that a SE will perform as outlined in the GlobalPlatform Specifications. By ensuring this level of functional consistency, GlobalPlatform promotes the creation of a globally interoperable and secure multi-application environment. EMVCo will continue to manage its own Security Evaluation Process, which certifies that the SE meets the required payment security standards.

For SEs based on the GlobalPlatform Specification and that have received GlobalPlatform's Letter of Qualification, EMVCo will undertake the required tests to validate the Application Activation User Interface. This ensures that the end-user can easily select their preferred payment provider via the mobile handset screen.

The final certification stage will be carried out by individual payment schemes - as is the process today for chip-enabled payment cards - to certify that their respective payment application is ready for market release.

Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform Technical Director, comments: "GlobalPlatform is delighted to be recognized by EMVCo in this manner. We launched our compliance program last year as we identify that market stability in any sector can only be achieved through agreeing on a framework and committing to test, verify and maintain this technology in the future. Mobile payment is no exception and we need to establish an infrastructure that will allow products to be confidently and securely brought to market. EMVCo is the first standards body to endorse the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program and we invite all parties to follow EMVCo's example and minimize certification costs for the mobile ecosystem."

Patricia Partelow, EMVCo's Executive Committee Chair, adds: "EMVCo is working with a number of industry bodies in the mobile payments area to ensure that we create a workable, efficient and trusted transaction infrastructure. At the same time, the end-to-end solution - which incorporates mobile devices, terminals and the backend systems - must be interoperable globally, regardless of technology adopted, to deliver ultimate user convenience. We believe that GlobalPlatform's Compliance Program is a key step in achieving this goal and creating a sustainable and scalable framework to be implemented by the payment and mobile communities."

The GlobalPlatform Compliance Program, which currently offers testing for SEs in the form of a UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card), will be expanded in 2012 to cover testing for embedded SEs and microSDs.

GlobalPlatform is a member of ACT Canada and of ISCAN; please visit http://www.globalplatform.org.

Source: Giesecke & Devrient (02/22)

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is supplying NFC-capable SIM cards to N�verca, an MVNO, for Italy's very first pilot project for mobile payments launched by Banca Intesa Sanpaolo. Six hundred employees and customers of Banca Intesa Sanpaolo can now use their mobile phones to make contactless payments in the northern Italian cities of Milan and Turin at more than 3,000 POS (point of sale) terminals provided by Setefi, the payment institution of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, for example in supermarkets and caf�s.

Thanks to NFC (Near Field Communication) short-range wireless technology, customers can pay their purchases by simply holding their mobile phone close to an appropriate reader. As one of NFC's development pioneers, G&D has already helped to get more than 40 pilot projects off the ground, providing solutions and services for the secure installation and management of NFC applications on mobile devices.

Giesecke & Devrient's newly developed Taurus-generation NFC SIM cards are being deployed to guarantee the security of the payment transactions. The technology group is supplying the SIM cards to Italian virtual network operator Noverca, its partner in the pilot project. G&D has also equipped the SIM cards with MasterCard� PayPass� technology for contactless payment transactions, meaning that mobile payments made with this technology meet the same security standards as conventional card payments.

"This project is an important milestone on the road to introducing mobile payments in the Italian market. The close cooperation between all the players in the mobile ecosystem is adding tangible value for their customers," says Willem Bulthuis, Group Senior Vice President, Mobile Security, Global Marketing and Sales, at G&D. "With access to 3,000 POS terminals, the smartphone users can opt for contactless payment for virtually any of their everyday purchases. Uppermost for us is the security of the transactions - we want users to feel confident at all times using this new payment technology."

Banca Intesa Sanpaolo is providing the 600 participants in the pilot project - who include its own employees and customers as well as employees of the universities of Milan and Turin - with NFC-capable Samsung Wave S5780 smartphones, which will enable them to make quick and convenient payment transactions in a wide variety of stores in both cities. Setefi, Intesa Sanpaolo's exclusive payment processor and card issuer, is the local service provider for the 3,000 contactless-capable POS terminals in use. The network comprises retailers, cafes, and much more besides. Setefi is the leading acquirer in the Italian market, managing some 300,000 POS terminals and more than 10 million payment cards issued by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group across the country. Participants in this project also have the opportunity to broaden their experience of mobile communications by using a wide portfolio of services based on N�verca's MVNO technology and G&D's SIM cards.

Giesecke & Devrient is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor; please visit http://www.gi-de.com.


Available in the ACT Canada Members Only section of our web site. Click on the link below to access this section.

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Source: INSIDE Secure (02/24)

INSIDE Secure and Sunward Telecom announced they will be demonstrating a new NFC upgrade solution that fits entirely within a standard-size SIM card and achieves industry-standard, 4-cm proximity transaction performance when inserted in a non-NFC mobile phone. Simulating a MasterCard PayPass payment transaction, the demonstration shows how non-NFC mobile phones can be easily upgraded to perform payment and other transactions simply by inserting a new SIM card, a capability that will help accelerate the adoption of NFC card-emulation applications within legacy mobile phones in China and other markets with a large installed base of phones.

"It's only been a few months since we gave the first proof of concept demonstration of this breakthrough technology at CARTES 2011, and now through the cooperation and expertise of Sunward Telecom we are able to show a complete solution that will soon be bringing new applications and business models to customers in China," said Bertrand Moussel, executive vice president, EMEA/LATAM Sales at INSIDE Secure. "Through our alignment with Sunward Telecom, INSIDE was first to place an NFC card emulation solution, including antenna, into a standard SIM card, insert it into a mobile phone and have it perform up to industry standards. Now, Sunward Telecom will be first to market with a solution based upon INSIDE's core technology that can bring the benefits of NFC functionality to the huge installed base of non-NFC phones."

The NFC SIM card product developed by Sunward Telecom achieves its groundbreaking performance using core technology from INSIDE that significantly reduces the effects of the metals and electrical noise typically found within mobile phones and other mobile devices. When inserted into a phone, the NFC SIM card is able to communicate at 4 cm with contactless readers compliant with the ISO 14443 and EMVCo standards.

"NFC technology is being adopted by the major Chinese banks and mobile service operators, and contactless mobile payments will be one of the key applications of these organizations in the upcoming years, said Eddie Kwok, CEO at Sunward Telecom. "The NFC SIM card we are developing with INSIDE has all the components, including the antenna, embedded in the SIM card, and will allow mobile service providers and their customers to conduct contactless payments and other proximity transactions using NFC without purchasing a new phone or other alternative NFC device. We are very excited to work with INSIDE to create a product based on their patented NFC core technologies and introduce it to the China mobile commerce market."

INSIDE Secure is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor; please visit http://www.insidesecure.com.

Source: MULTOS (02/01)

Everlink Payment Services Inc. is now offering its Award Winning Instant Card Issuance System to card issuers. Having been extensively involved in EMV migration, Everlink has built on this experience and is now offering a flexible issuing solution for EMV card Issuers - instantly issue a fully personalized EMV chip card. The instant issuance technology utilizes the security architecture of the MULTOS operating system on the cards, containing the certified payment applications.

The applications are loaded with the cardholders personalized details allowing them to select from preapproved, customized artwork and to set their individual PIN in one visit. The system allows the Issuer to offer their customers unmatched flexibility and choice. This solution has proven to attract new customers and provides a cost effective and innovative way for card issuers to compliment their brand identity and enhance cardholder affinity.

Everlink is working with Multos International and other industry partners for this solution and expects to enhance the offering with additional applications in the near future including contactless and dual interface capabilities.

Everlink is the first in Canada to deploy an Instant Card Issuance solution in the Canadian marketplace that is able to issue personalized and certified EMV Chip Debit cards in such an innovative manner.

MULTOS is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor; please visit http://www.multos.com.

Source: Take onTech (02/27)

Visa announced plans for a new mobile payment service that would make use of NFC-equipped smartphones, though not necessarily those for the company's Isis joint venture with AT&T, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon Wireless.

According to Visa, the program works thus: Consumers buy a Visa-certified, NFC-equipped phone; they contact their Visa provider and ask to activate mobile payments; Visa links the user's bank account to the phone securely and requires a passcode that unlocks the NFC chip on the phone; Visa then downloads the payment application and account details to the handset. Consumers would then be able to make mobile payments anywhere Visa's payWave system is accepted. Visa said that the platform could also allow vendors to offer their own mobile payments apps that tie into the Visa-approved payment service.

How It Works
For consumers the service will include support for Visa and non-Visa payment, loyalty or mass transit applications on their smartphone. Because of the flexible and global nature of the technology, consumers could, for example, use their mobile phone to download the appropriate mass transit application to pay for a subway ride in a distant city. A typical consumer experience to provision a smartphone for payments may include the following steps:

  • The consumer purchases an NFC-equipped mobile phone that has passed Visa's compliance testing, from their choice of operator
  • The consumer contacts the financial institution that issued their Visa account, or responds to an offer from a service provider or operator, asking to activate mobile payments with their smartphone
  • Visa's mobile provisioning solution links the appropriate parties and begins the process of provisioning the mobile phone for payment:
    • Authenticates the account holder by requesting the user enter a passcode
    • Facilitate the exchange of secure "keys" among the various parties that unlock the NFC-enabled chip on the smartphone
    • Initiates the secure download of payment account information to the smartphone

Intel, with its new Intel Atom-based smartphones and tablets, has agreed to use Visa's global provisioning service to enable mobile subscribers to securely download payment account information to NFC-enabled devices

Visa Canada Inc. is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor; please visit http://www.visa.ca.

Source: Collis (02/16)

Collis is very pleased to announce the launch of the Collis Mobile MasterCard PayPass Test Suite. As part of our growing Mobile Payments offering, Collis utilises its collective expertise, best practices and knowledge gained from global projects in developing state-of-the-art test tools. Collis' extensive experience with Mobile PayPass testing has been the basis of the development of the Collis Mobile MasterCard PayPass Test Suite.

The Collis Mobile MasterCard PayPass Test Suite is used to perform functional testing of the UICC or Secure Element application based on MasterCard Mobile MasterCard PayPass - M/Chip 4 Technical Specifications. UICC or Secure Element vendors can use the Collis Mobile MasterCard PayPass Test Suite to perform a pre-certification on their products. Pre-certification means that the Secure Element application conforms to all requirements in the MasterCard Mobile MasterCard PayPass - M/Chip 4 Technical Specifications, and should not encounter problems during the approval by MasterCard.

The Collis Mobile MasterCard PayPass Test Suite is a pre-certification test suite based on the test plan defined by Collis. It includes 950 test cases specifically designed by Collis to cover all functionality of the Secure Element payment application described in the Technical Specifications. Using this product significantly increases the chances of Mobile PayPass certification with just a single iteration.

Similar to all Collis Test Tools, the Collis Mobile MasterCard PayPass Test Suite has been developed with automated testing in mind. It is easy to use, offers intelligent pre-condition processing and flexible reporting options. Card image requirements are at an absolute minimum with the Collis Mobile MasterCard PayPass Test Suite and it enables quick and easy batch creation.

Berend van Geffen, Chief Commercial Officer, Collis comments: "We are very pleased to add another product to our ever-growing portfolio of Mobile Payment Test Tools. Collis has developed several MasterCard qualified test tools and is accredited by MasterCard to offer chip related consultancy and training. These qualifications, accreditation and our global experience in supporting our customers with MasterCard certification enable us to make certification easy for all issuing parties."

Collis is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 Exchange Place expert; please visit http://www.collis.nl.


Available in the ACT Canada Members Only section of our web site. Click on the link below to access this section.

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Source: Payments Business (02/27)

MasterCard has launched a global initiative dubbed the MasterCard Mobile Money Partnership Program to enable more than 2.5 billion financially underbanked consumers worldwide to have access to mainstream financial services through their mobile phones.

As part of the program, MasterCard has selected global mobile services company Comviva, Sybase 365, a subsidiary of mobile messaging and mobile commerce services company Sybase and Singapore-based mobile financial transaction software company Utiba as platform partners to enable consumers to purchase goods and services via their mobile phones at brick and mortar and online merchants worldwide as well as transfer funds and pay bills.

The partnership enables mobile network operators and financial institutions to expand the development of their financial services offerings to their customers. Comviva, Sybase 365 and Utiba's mobile money services are set to be deployed by more than 200 telecommunication operators and banks worldwide covering more than one billion consumers.

The Mobile Money Partnership Program provides consumers with MasterCard services including prepaid companion cards that account holders can use at merchants that accept MasterCard cards, virtual card accounts for e-commerce payments, person-to-person payments as well as face-to-face or remote payments using mobile phones for goods and services at merchants that do not have traditional POS acceptance.

MasterCard Canada is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.mastercard.ca.

Source: Gemalto (02/27)

Chase announced that it has selected Gemalto to provide its Trusted Service Management (TSM) solution for Chase's enterprise-wide mobile payments platform. Gemalto's TSM will provision and manage the credit and debit card data of Chase customers, validating authenticity and supporting information delivery over the air. The Isis mobile wallet, developed through a joint venture between AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless, will be the first to benefit from this partnership.

"We have had a long and successful business relationship with Gemalto issuing traditional and contactless payment cards," said Jack Stephenson, director of mobile, e-commerce and payments, Chase. "We are pleased to expand this partnership to include mobile payment. Gemalto will help us offer our customers effortless and secure mobile transactions."

As part of the agreement, Gemalto will perform issuance, personalization and lifecycle management. With the TSM infrastructure integrated into Chase's mobile payments platform, Chase will be able to load a digital version of a customer's payment card into the customer's mobile wallet in real-time. The customer will then be able to make transactions at Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled physical Points of Sale (POS) by simply tapping their mobile phone against the POS terminal.

"Contactless Near-Field Communications (NFC) technology has turned the handset into a versatile electronic wallet, such that users can now access a wide range of services like payment, ticketing and loyalty programs using their phone," said Jack Jania, senior vice president, Secure Transactions at Gemalto. "In our role as a TSM we are pleased to be providing the technology that will enable Chase card customers to securely download all their cards into their mobile phones."

Gemalto is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor; please visit http://www.gemalto.com.

Source: Collis (02/08)

Collis announces the release of a complete terminal test suite for the US and Canadian markets: the Collis Merchant Test Suite. The Collis Merchant Test Suite offers an all-in-one EMV contact and contactless solution. This product has been developed specifically for merchants, processors and acquirers within the US and Canada that are involved in the development, testing and deployment of acceptance devices.

This uniquely designed product combines the strengths of specific Collis software and hardware used for terminal testing worldwide. Specifically built for the North American market, the Collis Merchant Test Suite provides the solution for the following test processes:

  • American Express AEIPS
  • Discover & Diners Club Acquirer E2E
  • Interac Terminal Application, Acquirer, and Interoperability Certification
  • MasterCard M-TIP and NIV

Local partner, B2 Payment Solutions, will be able to advise merchants, processors and acquirers what is applicable in a given situation. The software modules comprising the Collis Merchant Test Suite (Collis Brand Test Tool and Collis Card Simulator) have been accredited and qualified by the leading card payment schemes for formal certifications. The Collis Merchant Test Suite is fully backed up by Collis experience in testing POS-terminals and ATMs and provides unique test automation and troubleshooting experience. Usage of card simulators in combination with the state-of-the-art Collis hardware ensures compliance with the brand acceptance requirements. It also provides unique features for measuring and testing the performance of payment terminals.

Collis is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 Exchange Place expert; please visit http://www.collis.nl.

Source: Discover (02/23)

PULSE and Obopay have agreed to enable real-time money transfer capabilities for PULSE financial institution participants.

As a result of the PULSE and Obopay agreement, issuers on the PULSE network can offer real-time person-to-person (P2P) and account-to-account transfer (A2A) services based on the Mobile Money for Banks and Credit Unions offering from Obopay. Participants' account holders also can receive funds from other institutions to their debit card accounts instantly.

"Combining our extensive debit network with Obopay's broad range of mobile money solutions gives consumers a faster and more efficient way to pay with their debit card, while also enabling new revenue generating opportunities for our participants," said Judith McGuire, Executive Vice President of Product Management at PULSE. "A growing number of mobility-minded consumers require instant payments and transfers. The agreement with Obopay is one way we can help facilitate that for our financial institutions and their account holders."

Mobile money solutions - including instant payment applications for P2P payments, A2A transfers, personal payment acceptance and more - are now available to PULSE network participants.

Ohio Valley Bank is the first PULSE participant to take advantage of the joint offering.

"Leveraging the connectivity and settlement process we have in place with PULSE enables us to offer this real-time service," said Tony Staley, Project Manager, Product Development, of Ohio Valley Bank. "Many banks offer one- or two-day transfers and payments. We can now offer instant payments and expect to attract new customers by providing them with a differentiated service."

The Obopay and PULSE collaboration provides a significant advantage over payments via Automated Clearing House (ACH), which often take several days to process. Additional advantages for both financial institutions and account holders include:

  • Real-time authorization - eliminates non-sufficient fund (NSF) risks and ACH returns
  • Interchange from funds transfers for financial institutions - turns an expense into a revenue source
  • Superior user experience - enables users to enter debit card numbers rather than bank account and routing numbers
  • Expedited deposit - customers receive money faster into their own accounts

To take advantage of the new offering, PULSE participants leverage the existing connectivity and settlement processes they already have in place with the network. This makes it easy for participating financial institutions to add new solutions without the need for core banking system integration.

"Enabling real-time access to funds directly from consumers' accounts distinguishes us from other payment providers," said Michael Diamond, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Obopay. "Ours is the only solution in the industry to offer instant transfer capability across financial institutions and payment networks. This enables us to help meet consumers' real-world payment needs, which can range from getting funds to family members to getting paid for goods and services as quickly as possible. Together with PULSE, we provide quick and easy mobile payment solutions."

PULSE is a Discover Financial Services company. Discover is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.discoverfinancial.com.

Source: Infineon (02/27)

Infineon Technologies has added a product to the ORIGA family of authentication solutions: The new ORIGA2 chip integrates a communication interface supporting the MIPI BIF standard defined by the MIPI Alliance. MIPI BIF (Battery Interface) is the first standardized single-wire interface for communication between the mobile device and battery pack. The standardization facilitates the development of intelligent batteries that authenticate and constantly monitor and report important battery parameters, such as temperature. This helps to enhance user's protection from potentially dangerous counterfeit batteries in mobile devices such as smart phones or tablet computers. The mobile device for example will only operate with advanced features like fast charging, if the ORIGA2 chip authenticates the battery as an original product.

The Infineon ORIGA2 chip is also suitable for printer cartridges, replacement parts, medical disposables, network components or accessories such as earphones, speakers, docking stations and chargers. Increased key length and other features further increase the security of Infineon's ORIGA2 solution. In addition, the ORIGA Digital Certificate feature enables the provision of chip-individual keys. The ORIGA2 chip uses asymmetric authentication based on elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) already introduced in ORIGA1. ECC authentication utilizes two different keys: a public key on the host side, in the mobile phone for instance, and a private key on the battery side, which is protected in the ORIGA� chip. This provides improved security at reduced system cost because on the host side the public key can be implemented in software without compromising security.

The ORIGA chips provide battery and electronics manufacturers with counterfeit detection capability to prevent device failure or damage due to unauthorized components. Device users are protected from accidents and injuries possibly caused by non-approved, untested accessories and batteries - in notebooks or mobile phones, for instance.

Infineon's ORIGA2 chip (product name SLE95200) is designed for temperatures from -25 to +85 degrees Celsius and for an operating voltage range of 2.5 V to 4.8 V. It will be available from the fall of 2012 in an ultra-small chip-scale package and in a very small QFN package.

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Source: Oberthur Technologies (02/27)

Visa Inc. announced a new service that provides financial institutions and mobile network operators with a one-stop solution to securely download payment account information to smartphones enabled with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The new service was developed in collaboration with Oberthur Technologies, a leading Trusted Service Management (TSM) company whose software and platforms are used to manage the provisioning and activation of payment accounts on cards and mobile devices.

The new offering by Visa brings together the necessary parties in the mobile payments ecosystem and lays the foundation for financial services providers and mobile network operators to securely and efficiently link Visa payment accounts to smartphones, while also offering a solution to manage those accounts post activation.

"In the same way we have enabled the secure provisioning of payment cards for decades, we are now using mobile technology to securely provision mobile payment accounts over the air," said Bill Gajda, Head of Mobile Products, Visa Inc. "Financial institutions, mobile network operators, and even transit operators now have a simple, secure process to activate payment applications at scale and make mobile payments part of everyday life for consumers around the world."

Working with Oberthur Technologies gives Visa access to technology that delivers Visa payWave, Visa's contactless payment technology, and other payment applications "over the air" to a consumer's NFC-equipped smartphone, along with the secure credentials needed to authenticate the consumer.

"The combination of Oberthur Technologies advanced technology with Visa's global secure network will deliver a powerful tool for financial institutions and mobile network operators to move quickly into the growing market for mobile payments," said Arnaud de La Chapelle, General Manager, Convergence & Solutions, Oberthur Technologies. "We're extremely pleased to extend our relationship with Visa in this innovative area."

The new solution addresses a crucial need for Visa account issuers, mobile operators, and others who want to enable mobile payments at scale. The next stage of the product, an interconnectivity "hub", will enable frictionless "many-to-many" interactions avoiding the need for parties to form bilateral commercial and technical relationships, even for entities using other TSM solutions.

How It Works
For consumers the service will include support for Visa and non-Visa payment, loyalty or mass transit applications on their smartphone. Because of the flexible and global nature of the technology, consumers could, for example, use their mobile phone to download the appropriate mass transit application to pay for a subway ride in a distant city. A typical consumer experience to provision a smartphone for payments may include the following steps:

  • The consumer purchases an NFC-equipped mobile phone that has passed Visa's compliance testing, from their choice of operator
  • The consumer contacts the financial institution that issued their Visa account, or responds to an offer from a service provider or operator, asking to activate mobile payments with their smartphone
  • Visa's mobile provisioning solution links the appropriate parties and begins the process of provisioning the mobile phone for payment:
    • Authenticates the account holder by requesting the user enter a passcode
    • Facilitate the exchange of secure "keys" among the various parties that unlock the NFC-enabled chip on the smartphone
    • Initiates the secure download of payment account information to the smartphone

Intel, with its new Intel Atom-based smartphones and tablets, has agreed to use Visa's global provisioning service to enable mobile subscribers to securely download payment account information to NFC-enabled devices.

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Source: MULTOS (02/27)

MULTOS technology providers saw a record breaking 2011 with over 100 million chips being delivered to customers in just one year, bringing the current MULTOS issuance total to well in excess of 300 million cards, reports MAOSCO Ltd., the Secretariat of The MULTOS Consortium.

MULTOS products are deployed in markets that require the security, flexibility, ease of issuance and open supply chain that are the hallmarks of the MULTOS platform; especially suited to EMV migration, government ID and embedded security markets. The 2011 results were predominantly related to the significant uptake of MULTOS cards within the banking industry for EMV migration, covering all the global payment brands and now including numerous local and regional ATM/debit card schemes.

Dave Meadon, Chairman of The MULTOS Consortium Council, comments "It has been a phenomenal year for MULTOS. These 2011 results show that MULTOS is recognised as a trusted platform for the payments business around the world. MULTOS's presence within the ID market also remains strong with a number of fully established National Identity implementations in place. As a growing group of organisations dedicated to maintaining, developing and promoting MULTOS, the MULTOS Consortium is committed to ensuring that this platform continues to meet the ever evolving needs of the payments, identity, and other markets."

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Source: Gemalto (02/28)

Gemalto and Sony Corporation have established an agreement to provide FeliCa / Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions globally. Under the agreement, Gemalto will incorporate FeliCa software technology into its UpTeq NFC SIM product lineup starting in 2012, offering mobile operators and service providers a more comprehensive range of mobile NFC services globally. The addition of FeliCa makes Gemalto's UpTeq NFC SIM the secure element that can embed the world's broadest set of applications, and with the highest level of privacy.

Gemalto will expand its UICC solutions with FeliCa technology to complement its existing NFC applications portfolio. UpTeq NFC SIM enables mobile operators to securely install additional applications from new service providers over time, even after issuance to end users. Equipping handsets today with NFC will smooth the adoption of the burgeoning Mobile Financial Services markets in Asia and around the world.

FeliCa is a contactless technology that is widely deployed in Asia for public transportation, access management, event ticketing, customer loyalty programs and micropayments. As of March 2011, there were over 516 million units of FeliCa IC Chips worldwide, incorporated in 346 million cards and 170 million mobile phones.

NFC is a short-range wireless communication technology to exchange data among various devices with various usages. This technology includes international standard ISO/IEC 14443 Type A/B as well as Type F technology compliant with ISO/IEC 18092 - NFC-IP1.

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Source: Giesecke & Devrient (02/13)

Australia's largest bank, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, is adding multiple mobile phone-based payment options to its range of mobile banking services. Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is providing the technology to allow secure contactless payments using mobile phones featuring Near Field Communication (NFC). The most important of the components to be provided is G&D's turnkey Trusted Service Manager (TSM) solution. In its role as Trusted Service Manager, the technology provider will be taking responsibility via the mobile network for services including the personalization of the payment function as well as management of the payment application over its entire lifecycle.

In the first phase, Commonwealth Bank is giving iPhone 4 and 4S owners the opportunity to transfer their MasterCard PayPass details onto their smartphone. Since the iPhone does not currently feature an NFC chip for contactless payment, a special cover with a Secure Element has been developed for iPhones to enable NFC data transfer. The iPhone cover, which can be ordered through Commonwealth Bank, is hooked up to the iPhone data interface and automatically communicates with the "Commbank Kaching" app installed on the iPhone. In the next phase, this set of mobile payment functions will also be made available to Android users.

Over the last few years, Commonwealth Bank has pioneered the deployment of contactless technology in Australia. It has supplied the bulk of its customers with contactless dual interface cards which are accepted for making payments at over 42,000 locations in Australia. This fact will help ensure a speedy launch and acceptance of NFC-based mobile payment functions. The NFC payment application needs to be activated by the user and the NFC capability remains active for 60 seconds thereafter. As with the current dual interface cards, amounts below 100 dollars do not require users to enter a PIN at the point of sale.

"Our Trusted Service Management solutions allow our customers to implement robust and reliable mobile phone payment systems simply and securely via the mobile network," says Michael Kuemmerle, member of the Management Board and Group Executive of Mobile Security at G&D. As a longstanding partner to banks and mobile network operators, G&D supplies turnkey TSM solutions and takes responsibility for managing the payment function provided over its entire lifecycle. "Our highly secure and certified TSM centers in various regions are an important building block in the NFC ecosystem that will help to speed up the spread of mobile payment systems," Michael Kuemmerle continues.

Via its local subsidiary G&D Australasia, G&D already supplies cards and personalization services to Commonwealth Bank. David Lindberg, Executive General Manager Cards, Payments & Retail Strategy, Commonwealth Bank, says that the bank's decision to continue to use G&D for products and personalization was an easy one, given the quality of service and the cutting-edge technology that G&D is already providing. The exemplary project execution and delivery has confirmed this.

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Source: INSIDE Secure (02/06)

INSIDE Secure revealed that it is integrating its near field communications (NFC) solutions into a next-generation smartphone from a leading mobile phone manufacturer scheduled to be introduced by mid-year. The new smartphone will run on one of the most widely used mobile operating systems under license, and will utilize the INSIDE MicroRead NFC controller chip and INSIDE Open NFC protocol stack software to deliver a rich set of NFC capabilities to support a broad range of NFC applications.

"We are very pleased to be providing this NFC implementation for this advanced smartphone, and to have earned the confidence of major OEMs and operators in this industry," said Charles Walton, general manager and EVP for INSIDE Secure. "Being selected by this major handset maker highlights how our NFC solutions continue to build momentum and achieve strong positions as the NFC market moves into the mainstream."

According to Walton, INSIDE's Open NFC software along with MicroRead and SecuRead devices have already been deployed in millions of smartphones.

The INSIDE NFC implementation for the new smartphone features a rich set of NFC capabilities, which will make it possible for people to use their mobile phones to pay when they shop or take public transit, get useful information or call a taxi by tapping smart tags in posters, exchange virtual business cards, pair Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi networks more quickly and engage in other useful or entertaining transactions. Further details will be announced by mid-year when this new smartphone is planned to be introduced commercially.

Furthermore, INSIDE Secure announces it has shipped 20 million MicroRead and SecuRead NFC solutions for use in a broad range of mobile devices since February 2011, with 10 million of those shipments taking place in the past three months.

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Source: Gemalto (02/09)

Gemalto has launched its in-branch Dexxis EMV instant issuance card solution for U.S. banks, designed to streamline and accelerate EMV migration. Dexxis instant issuance allows banks to immediately issue and activate initial and replacement cards directly at the physical bank branch location, rather than sending personalized cards to end users via postal mail.

Gemalto's Dexxis EMV instant issuance introduces personalization on site, by securely performing smart card chip encoding in addition to magstripe encoding and plastic printing or embossing. The solution offers a seamless migration path from magnetic stripe to fully EMV-compliant smart cards by adding the required data processing and key management. Dexxis EMV instant issuance can run directly from the bank's servers and is also offered as a managed service for even quicker market introduction. The solution allows the bank to effortlessly introduce EMV to its customers. The immediate availability of the card in the branch enables the bank to educate customers on the spot on the usage and benefits of their new card. Moreover, Dexxis EMV Instant Issuance provides cardholders the ability to choose and set the PIN for their card immediately at the branch, for an exceptional user experience.

"The versatility, robustness and performance of Gemalto's Dexxis Instant Issuance builds on our field-proven recipes for success in nationwide EMV deployments," said Philippe Benitez, Vice President Marketing for Secure Transactions, Gemalto North America. "Through hundreds of branches already connected worldwide, over a million EMV cards were instantly issued in 2011 alone with Dexxis. U.S. banks can now experience all the benefits EMV and in-branch issuance have to offer - enhanced security, international acceptance, superior customer satisfaction, outstanding brand recognition and true differentiation."

Gemalto with Dexxis already enables delivery of tens of thousands of EMV cards per day, on-the-spot to customers. With the launch of the first U.S. issued, globally compliant EMV portfolio, Gemalto is well positioned to accompany the EMV migration in the U.S., where close to one billion magnetic stripe cards are currently in circulation(1). Dexxis EMV instant issuance is part of the comprehensive personalization solutions and services that Gemalto offers financial issuers all over the world.

(1) Source Nilson Report, December 2011

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Source: Collis (02/15)

Collis customers are assured they will receive all the required services to obtain MasterCard Formal Approval without extra costs as MasterCard announces new mandate. From the 1st of April 2012 onwards MasterCard mandates testing of the Chip Card Validation Code (CVC). Banks are required to pass this additional test to get approval to issue MasterCard branded cards. Collis' Formal Approval Services process already includes testing of the CVC. This means that Collis provides their customers will all the necessary approvals without adding extra costs.

The CVC is a three-digit value that the issuer algorithmically derives, making it more difficult for counterfeiters to alter cards and reuse them for fraudulent purposes. Cards will only be certified in cases where the chip CVC implementation has been successfully validated, effective 1th of April.

Collis has been accredited by MasterCard Worldwide since June 2011 to deliver chip implementation services for MasterCard Personalisation Validation (CPV) and Terminal Integration Process (TIP & M-TIP). Furthermore Collis' EMV Personalisation Validation Tool (PVT) is qualified by MasterCard Worldwide, for card personalization validation by the issuer in preparation of the formal CPV service. By performing the test tools, you ensure that your card product that bears a MasterCard brand mark offers the correct level of service, acceptance, interoperability, performance, and security to your cardholders and acceptance locations.

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Source: Giesecke & Devrient (02/27)

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) has been selected by Intel to deliver lifecycle management of the embedded Secure Elements within Intel's Smartphone Reference Device. G&D will manage the partitioning and key management of the embedded Secure Elements Over-the-Air. Embedded Secure Elements provide an additional protected area for security-sensitive applications such as payments and ticketing using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Intel has included an embedded Secure Element in its recently announced Smartphone Reference Device, in addition to the conventional SIM card slot. This protected area provides security comparable to the levels found within smart cards such as EMV credit cards and SIM cards, so providing users of mobile devices an added degree of security and convenience for new use cases including contactless payments in shops.

G&D will act as Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for the Secure Element Issuer (SEITSM) providing the lifecycle management of the embedded Secure Elements. G&D's SEI-TSM will interface with Service Provider TSMs (SP-TSM) that enable the trusted delivery of applications to the embedded Secure Element on behalf of service providers such as banks, mobile network operators and transit authorities. G&D's TSM solutions are already supporting numerous secure services on behalf of customers such as network operators, banks and transit authorities.

Intel recently showcased its Smartphone Reference Device at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January, demonstrating support for NFC. The embedded Secure Element in Intel's platforms, in conjunction with the SEI-TSM service operated by G&D, offers a trusted end-to-end mechanism to realize the benefits of NFC. This service infrastructure can interface with any GlobalPlatform standards-based Service Provider TSM to facilitate the secure delivery and personalization of mobile applications for financial institutions, transit authorities, enterprises, and any other service providers wishing to benefit from NFC.

"Intel's strategy is to enable an open NFC and open wallet ecosystem to ensure interoperability across financial institutions, mobile device OEMs, mobile network operators and payment processors. We have designed a mobile commerce-ready Intel Smartphone Reference Device that can support open, flexible delivery of NFC services," said Mike Bell, Intel vice president and general manager of Intel's Mobile and Communications Group. "Our strategic relationship with Giesecke & Devrient enables this new ecosystem with the mutual goal of making NFC services ubiquitous, secure and successful for all stakeholders."

Michael Kuemmerle, member of the Management Board and Group Executive of Mobile Security at G&D, said: "By combining the Secure Element as an integral part of Intel's Smartphone Reference Device with G&D's secure TSM services and our long-standing trusted partnerships with banks, mobile network operators and transit authorities across the world, we are ideally positioned to support this evolving ecosystem. We are very pleased to have formed a strategic alliance with Intel to bring innovative mobile products and services to the market."

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Source: Payments Business (02/14)

Verisoft Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Verisoft International, developers of the industry leading financial card solutions provider, today announced that their engineering division tested their new EMV software with an amazing 400% speed gain over the nearest industry solution.

The new software system Verisoft V3 is based on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and can address the increased cryptographic requirements of DDA / CDA and contactless cards with unparalleled speed and ease. V3 is deployable as a Microsoft Windows server or linked as a DLL library to the main Instant EMV Server to improve performance and data reliability.

On a benchmark testing with a job of 36 DDA records and 1 Thales P3CM250 HSM, Verisoft V3 clocked at more than 50000 records per hour with key caching and proved that it can work with encrypted input and output files for full PCI DSS conformance.

"This is a major milestone in EMV card processing," said Mr. Onur Alver, Verisoft International CEO and President. "This will increase our competitive advantage in establishing our North American operations as large scale processing are a must".

The technology team of the company reported that Verisoft V3 achieved further performance gains with the software accelerator option for ICC RSA Key Pair generation.

"V3 can work with P3CM250, PayShield 9000, HSM8000 and Futurex 9100 offering an unparalleled flexibility to process EMV data. The engineering team at Verisoft has achieved a major technical feat and we are excited to offer this solution to the North American market." said Ms. Kamuran Altinbilek, Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Verisoft Canada.

V3 is the EMV personalization preparation system utilized in conjunction with Verisoft PowerEMV platform and Thales or Futurex HSM hardware. Verisoft PowerEMV is a field proven central issuance solution which is used in over 20 international banks and financial institutions for the issuance of EMV cards in full mode and handles all necessary fields and verifications required for authorizations with embossers.

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