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April 2012 ACTion Newsletter


  1. Editorial - What are they thinking – round 2
  2. ICC Solutions Receives Two Queen's Awards For Enterprise In Both International Trade And Innovation
  3. Western Union Signs Agreement With Acxsys Corporation To Offer Expanded Online Account-Based Money Transfer Service To Financial Institution Customers In Canada
  4. Royal Canadian Mint Announces Digital Currency
  5. Univ. Of Toronto Research Team Develops Mobile ID Protection App – Members Only
  6. Doubt The Power Of Cash? Look What Walmart's Doing
  7. Delineating The Mobile Value Chain: A Holistic View Of Mobile Payments
  8. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Adopts NBS Technologies Open Card Format Printer To Enhance Their Loyalty Program
  9. Gemalto Selected By America Movil, Banamex and Banco Inbursa As The Technology Provider For Transfer Mobile Payment Service In Mexico
  10. McDonald's To Trial Cloud-Based Mobile Payments – Members Only
  11. Everlink Introduces - Merchant Acquiring Program
  12. UL Becomes End-To-End Transaction Security Provider With Acquisition Of Collis
  13. Canadian Carriers To Launch NFC Payments 'Within Six Months'
  14. Discover Extends Mobile Strategy With New iPad App
  15. Starbucks: Mobile Payments Top 42m, New M-Commerce Services Brewing – Members Only
  16. Ingenico Adds First Data Encryption Solution To Pos Terminals
  17. ARM, Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient Form Joint Venture To Deliver Next-Generation Security For Services Running On Connected Devices
  18. Cappuccino and Croissant? Just Tap and Go: Infineon's Security Chip For Europe's Biggest Contactless Bank Card Project
  19. PayPal Debuts Tiered Suite Of Online, Offline And Mobile Payments Options For Small Businesses – Members Only
  20. Giesecke & Devrient Secure Flash Solutions Makes USB Sticks Safer Thanks To Encryption And Centralized Administration
  21. ICC Solutions Ready With Visa Mobile Payment Application Test & Certification Tools
  22. Everlink Introduces – Compliance Express
  23. 75 Percent Of World's Poor Unbanked But Mobile Phones Revolutionizing Access – Members Only
  24. Chase Launches The Amazon.Ca Rewards Visa Card In Canada
  25. G&D Becomes First Manufacturer To Gain ITI Certification For New EID Cards In Brazil
  26. Shop.Ca Partners With Moneris Solutions For Processing Platform
  27. Cardsmith and Apriva Announce Strategic Partnership
  28. NXP Enables Mobile Ticketing For Smart Mobile Devices
  29. Five Myths Of Mobile Banking – Members Only 

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Source: Catherine Johnston, President & CEO, ACT Canada (04/27)

What are they thinking – round 2

Two months ago I complained about how difficult it was to buy roaming packages from a certain unnamed mobile operator.  It is hard to believe how much time it took to buy a product I actually wanted.  Well... since then I have found out how hard it can be to get them to bill you for something you did buy.

It came to our attention that 14 months ago they stopped billing us for a specific component of our invoice, but because everything else was on the bill we did not notice it.  When we did discover it, we tried to bring it to their attention – and tried – and tried.  Over the course of three weeks we made numerous calls and were told that someone would get back to us.  We persisted for 2 reasons.  The first is that it was the honest thing to do, and the second was that we feared that one day a computer would spit out a report that would result in the termination of services, even though none of this was our fault.

Internally it was escalated to me.  I called (now more than 14 times) – each time reaching someone new and having to explain the situation, all in the attempt to get them to escalate the issue.  After all, I have to close the books for 2011, so timing is critical.  By the way, this is not the only problem we are having with them, so I finally decided to escalate the problem higher within their organization.  I submitted all the required information via their web site and got a reply the next day saying that they could not verify our account and would I send all the same information I had already sent.  Then they did 2 things that had me shaking my head.  They printed all the information I had already sent – yes – the same information they were again requesting AND a message that said – do not reply to this email.  Are you confused yet?  I certainly was.

Next – a manager finally contacted me, days after his voice mail message to me said he would.  He said he understood the timing issue and would prepare a manual invoice.  Aha, I thought, finally I am getting somewhere.  He was true to his word, but unfortunately, this week he emailed to say they had made a mistake on that invoice and we should re-open our books to make the adjustment.

Since I can't seem to get through to the executive office there, I have a request for you, dear reader.  If you know the President of any of the mobile network operators in Canada, would you please forward this editorial?  I'm sure they will check to see whether we are one of their accounts.  For those who find themselves blameless, they will have gotten a good chuckle at the expense of a competitor.  For the one that is to blame, it may be the first time that the exec office hears about this.  I promise that when someone who can actually make a difference calls, I'll take the call!

Keep tuned for next month's "Guess who provides the poorest service" contest.

Source: ICC Solutions (04/21)

ICC Solutions Limited has achieved the high accolade of receiving two Queen's Awards for Enterprise in both the International Trade and Innovation categories.

These highly prestigious awards are the most coveted corporate prize in the UK, honouring outstanding companies achieving the highest levels of excellence who have made an outstanding contribution to the British economy and are awarded annually by Her Majesty The Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister, who is assisted by an advisory committee that includes representatives of government, industry and commerce.

The International Trade Award recognises that ICC Solutions has achieved substantial growth in overseas earnings and in commercial success, with continuous achievement in international trade over at least six years. The Innovation Award is assessed on invention, design, production, performance, marketing, distribution and after-sales support,with continuous innovation and development over at least five years.

Dave Maisey, CEO at ICC Solutions and Co-Founder, proudly comments: "This is a tremendous achievement for our Company, especially to win both the International Trade and Innovation Awards in The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Year. This clearly demonstrates that ICC Solutions is truly capable of comprehensively servicing a global market with the most innovative tools to the highest levels of excellence, therefore ensuring that EMV and Payment Association certifications can be performed as efficiently as possible. I wish to personally thank our whole team for their commitment and professionalism in ensuring that we have established an enviable reputation worldwide, and also sincere thanks to our valued and respected global clients who have placed their trust in our solutions."

Wendy Maisey, Customer Relationship Director and CoFounderadds: "These Awards reflect our continued commitment to our existing clients in ensuring that we provide the best possible levels of service and the solutions to help these organisations achieve their EMV objectives. Additionally, these Awards serve as a clear and positive signal that ICC Solutions can be relied upon to be a capable and trusted partner in assisting with national EMV migrations, such as those recently instigated in the US and China."

The Queen's Awards for Enterprise are valid for five years.  For more information, visit: www.royal.gov.uk/MonarchUK/Prizesandawards/QueensAwardforEnterprise

ICC Solutions is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 Exchange Place expert; please visit http://www.iccsolutions.com.

Source: BusinessWire (04/02)

The Western Union Company and Acxsys Corporation announced an agreement to offer Western Union domestic and international money transfer services to financial institutions in Canada offering the Interac e-Transfer service. The agreement paves the way for expanded access to money transfers for Canadian customers via the enhanced Interac e-Transfer service and Western Union system. Previously, the Interac e-Transfer service permitted account-to-account transfers only within Canada.

The agreement will expand the Interac e-Transfer service by giving banking customers the ability to send and receive money transfers directly through their online and mobile bank accounts, with funds accessible for pay out at more than 485,000 Western Union Agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories.

"Our agreement with Acxsys Corporation is an illustration of the continuing changes taking place at Western Union and our aggressive efforts to expand the company's business to new consumer and Agent segments in Canada, including financial institutions," said Stewart A. Stockdale, executive vice president and president, Global Consumer Financial Services, Western Union.

Stockdale concluded, "By entering into this agreement, Western Union and Acxsys Corporation will help meet the prevailing need for Canadian financial institution customers to conveniently send money around the corner and the world, with fund payout options. Clearly, Acxsys Corporation is a great partner for us and we look forward to growing this business together with them."

The Western Union global money transfer service enhancement will be made available to the expanding list of over 90 financial institutions in Canada currently offering the Interac e-Transfer service.

"Customers love Interac e-Transfer and with the global Western Union network, we can give customers more options to serve their money transfer needs," said Mark O'Connell, President and CEO, Interac Association and Acxsys Corporation. "We will be working together to introduce the expanded service to financial institutions across Canada."

Interac e-Transfer provides a fast and secure way to send and receive money almost instantaneously from one Canadian bank account to another through online or mobile banking, by either using a mobile phone number or an email address. Money never travels by email or text message; this is used only to notify the recipient and to provide the recipient with instructions on how to deposit the money.

Interac Association is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor; please visit http://www.interac.ca.

Source: ICMA Industry News (04/12)

Did you know the Royal Canadian Mint, the agency that produces Canada's money, has been "actively monitoring the evolution of currency and payment technologies for a number of years?" They have! And they've developed their own digital currency, the MintChip.

Apparently the Mint recently diverted some of its research and development funds-who knew mints had these?-into coding MintChip, which uses NFC technology similar to Google Wallet. The Mint announced a competition for developers in North America. Build apps with MintChip, which is still in the experimental phase, and you can win $50,000 in gold bullion.

The Mint has prototypes and five patents pending on its technology, says the Mint. The system is designed to work well for microtransactions under $10 and "nano-transactions" under $1. "The Mint hopes that software developers and entrepreneurs will use MintChip to ignite trade and commerce for these very-low-value markets," the Mint says on the website for the competition. The Mint's chief financial officer will give a keynote about MintChip on April 17.

Iowa-based Dwolla is growing by leaps and bounds. Developing world favorite M-Pesa has had revolutionary impact in Africa, serving as a bank for 15 million people. Barclays in the U.K. has introduced a mobile payments called Pingit. And of course, Bitcoin keeps trucking along. Meanwhile, Popmoney, a mobile payments partnership between Moneygram and payment system Fiserv, recently popped up. But this is, as far as we know, the first time a government has sponsored a digital currency.

The MintChip competition is powered by hometown startup ChallengePost and sparked a debate when it was posted to Hacker News with the inflammatory title, "The Royal Canadian Mint just announced a new alternative to BitCoin."

The Royal Canadian Mint is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor; please visit http://www.mint.ca.


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Source: PYMNTS.com (04/27)

Walmart has launched a new "Pay with Cash" option for its Walmart.com customers. Online shoppers can now pay for their purchases with cash at any physical Walmart location.

At checkout, web shoppers who choose "cash" as the payment option will receive an order number and an email receipt. Customers then have 48 hours to present that order number at the cash register of any physical Walmart store to complete payment, at which point the shipping process is initiated.

Walmart says its decision to offer a new payment option is motivated by FDIC statistics on the underbanked. The FDIC estimates that 25 percent of U.S. consumers have limited banking options, and therefore prefer cash to make purchases. The release also revealed that just 15 percent of Walmart transactions are completed with credit cards.

Walmart Canada is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.walmart.ca.

Source: Mercator Advisory Group (04/27)

As excitement surrounding mobile payments develops, most of the focus has been placed on the wallet apps such as Google Wallet and Isis jockeying for position. However, the success of a mobile payments system will depend on far more than which piece of software will be used on the most devices. A fully functional system will require the integration of a number of different factors, including POS terminals, processing, the devices themselves, and more.

Mercator Advisory Group's new report, Delineating the Mobile Value Chain: A Holistic View of Mobile Payments, defines all eight points of the mobile payments value chain, explaining precisely how each point factors into the system as a whole. Systems based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology are examined first, and then those based on Quick Response (QR) codes are reviewed. The report profiles a major participant in the mobile payments market for each point along both value chains. In addition, the report forecasts consumer use of EMV, NFC, and QR code-based payments between 2012 and 2020.

Highlights of the report include:

Clear definitions of each value point required for a mobile payments system to function (from start to finish) as well as examples of organizations involved at each value point and the products they currently offer

Forecast of the number of consumers using EMV, NFC, and alternative mobile payments systems (such as QR codes) each year from 2012 until 2020

Discussion of the potential for QR code-based payments, both for the short term and once NFC uptake has accelerated

"Over the past few years, the emergence of mobile wallets has been among the most anticipated developments in the payments industry," says Dave Kaminsky, Analyst in Mercator's Emerging Technologies Service and author of the report. "However, the development of mobile payments requires input from a large number of organizations across both the payments and mobile industries. From mobile device manufacturers and operating system developers to point-of-sale (POS) terminal manufacturers and payment processors, each has a part to play in bringing mobile payments to life."

Mercator Advisory Group is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor; please visit http://www.mercatoradvisorygroup.com.

Source: NBS Technologies (04/10)

NBS Technologies Inc. is proud to announce the successful integration of their new open card format printer, the Javelin® FLX, into Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas.  This printer will be used to issue all personalized rewards, temporary access, and key cards for the Hard Rock Hotel's Backstage Pass loyalty program.

Launched in 2012, the Backstage Pass loyalty program, rewards guests for engaging in activities across the property, including gaming, dining, drink, partying and sleeping. The FLX card printers are a crucial part of the Hard Rock Hotel Vegas' overhaul of their loyalty program.  "The new reward card program has three tiers of access: General Admission, Entourage and Platinum Access.  Each new tier reached requires a differently coded and personalized card,"  says Mike Essig,  IT Director at the Hard Rock Hotel.  According to the Hard Rock Hotel's website, each tier is based on a points system that will reward members for every dollar they spend with the card, whether they're gambling, dining or sleeping.

Another essential part of the Hard Rock Hotel program renovation was to make joining as effortless as possible.  As a result NBS has provided the Hard Rock Hotel with multiple card printers to place throughout their facility, making it more convenient to get a Backstage Pass card. Using NBS's easy-to-use Javelin® Dashboard software supplied with each printer, fonts, graphics and card layouts can be stored within the printer's memory. "Without a cost-effective open card format printer such as the FLX, this would not be possible," says Philip Barton, the NBS Technologies General Manager with responsibility for  Javelin printers. "Multiple Javelin® FLX printers can be connected directly to a casino's network without the need to have a PC at each printer location.  This means that card issuance is not confined to a single location."

Furthermore, the Backstage Pass card can also act as a room key for members staying at Hard Rock's Hotel.  This feature is believed to be an industry first giving people a way to gain access to the program upon check-in.

The Backstage Pass card is now available at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas,as is the Javelin® FLX card printer from NBS Technologies Inc.

NBS Technologies is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 Exchange Place expert; please visit http://www.nbstech.com.

Source: Gemalto (04/23)

Gemalto announces being selected as the technology provider for Transfer, the service to be offered by the joint venture between America Movil/Telcel, Citibank´s Mexican unit Banamex and Banco Inbursa in order to turn the mobile phone into an innovative and efficient payment instrument for carrying out transfers and air time purchasing, among other operations. Transfer is the service that enables financial transactions in real time, 24 hours a day, from a mobile device through SMS messaging.

America Movil is the leading telecommunications services provider in Latin America with around 242 million mobile phone subscribers and operations in 18 countries. Telcel, its local unit in Mexico, has over 67.5 million customers. Banamex has an extensive distribution network of about 1,662 branches, 5,787 ATMs and more than 4,200 banking agents located throughout the country. Inbursa provides banking services in Mexico and is controlled by Grupo Carso, the holding company for América Móvil.

Gemalto is the technology provider in Mexico of Transfer´s transactional platform and is responsible for the service development, support and operation. Gemalto´s experience from over 70 mobile financial services deployments worldwide ensures the solution is designed to grow seamlessly as consumer adoption rapidly ramps up and services diversify in Mexico.

Transfer is based on Gemalto´s LinqUs mobile payment platform, which ensures that customers will be able to use their mobile accounts safely through different channels. This platform integrates in accordance with the financial and telecommunication industries standards allowing the users to perform transactions like transfers, air time purchasing and cash withdrawal from the convenience of their mobile phones. The user will also be able to manage his accounts through other self-service channels like interactive voice response and web sites.

"Transfer is a service that arises from the combination of two highly technologically sophisticated systems, with a large coverage: banking and telecommunications", said Daniel Hajj Aboumrad, CEO of America Movil. "The great potential of Transfer is present not only in Mexico, but also in the rest of Latin America where, together, we have around 240 million customers."

"We are proud to lead this technological innovation effort, creating simple and convenient financial solutions for the population needs, particularly the unbanked, through a very simple formula. We are aware of the potential that  this platform has to transform the banking operation, initially in Mexico, and expanding it to Latin America", said Manuel Medina Mora, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Banco Nacional de Mexico and Grupo Financiero Banamex.

"Transfer benefits from Gemalto´s solid global experience in both the banking and telecommunications sectors, holding a large number of mobile financial services programs worldwide," added Rodrigo Serna, Vice President Telecommunications of Gemalto Latin America. "This major project strengthens the relationship with América Móvil, Banamex-Citigroup and Inbursa for the development of mobile financial services across the region."

Gemalto is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor; please visit http://www.gemalto.com.


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Source: Everlink (04/18)

Everlink Payment Services Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the Everlink Merchant Acquiring Program. This turn-key offering is the latest addition to a growing line of Everlink POS Acquiring products and services available to Credit Unions, Financial Institutions and ISOs.

"Our program provides a turn-key merchant services offering that will increase customer loyalty, account retention and improve branch revenues through a guaranteed recurring revenue stream," says Jim Hackett, Vice President Business Development of Everlink Payment Services Inc.

The Everlink Merchant Acquiring Program, which is often referred to as MAP, offers a complete electronic payment processing service that includes Payment Brand credit processing, easy to use Internet portals for reports, referral submission and tracking application status, and the latest PCI compliant POS terminals with contactless capability.

The Everlink Merchant Acquiring Program was developed to offer Credit Unions, Financial Institutions, and ISOs a complete range of services that are convenient, reliable, secure and affordable and is just one of many solutions scheduled to be unveiled in 2012.

Everlink Payment Services is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 Exchange Place expert; please visit http://www.everlink.ca.

Source: ICMA Industry News (04/05)

UL announced the acquisition of Collis. The addition positions UL as the world's first global provider of end-to-end transaction security, interoperability and conformance evaluation and advisory services for the mobile, payment card, eTicketing and ID management sectors.

Collis develops and tests secure transaction technology for banks, governments, mobile network operators and public transport companies.  Its solutions include advisory services, test tools and expert training associated with smart card technology, mobile payments, NFC/TSM, security and risk, transactions, cards, devices and central host systems.

"Clients in the world of secure transactions need a well-known, global trusted brand for all of their independent advisory services, test tools and certification services," said Dirk Jan van den Heuvel, chief executive officer of Collis. "Helping UL respond to this need is a tremendous opportunity for our customers and our people alike."

Collis marks the third acquisition for UL's fast growing transaction security service line, following the additions of RFI Global in June 2010 and Witham Laboratories in January 2012. The growth in expertise, global footprint and capabilities fully extends UL into a worldwide mobile payments industry that is expected to grow 43 percent annually to $984 billion by 2014.

"Adding Collis' talented team and state-of-the-art technology completes a world-class platform for transaction security evaluation and advisory services," said SajeevJesudas, president of UL Verification Services. "Not only does this acquisition fill out our comprehensive line of security evaluation services, but it equips us to advance safety science with the rapid pace of transaction innovation for years to come."

Collis will join the UL Verification Services business unit, which provides testing, inspection, audit and advisory services for a multitude of product categories and market segments, including the electrical, electronic, transaction security, wireless, high-tech, softline and hardline industries.

Collis is a member off ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 Exchange Place expert; please visit http://www.collis.nl.

Source: NFC World (04/25)

Negotiations between Canada's telecoms companies and banks are in the final stages and mobile network operator Rogers Communications expects to launch a mobile wallet service within six months, Reuters reports.

"In Canada, we are more ready than probably any country in the world," David Robinson, head of Rogers' emerging business team, told Reuters.

Twelve to fifteen percent of Canadian retailers already have contactless point-of-sale terminals, the report adds, and Enstream, the established joint venture between Canada's mobile network operators, plans to launch its TSM platform this summer.

The carriers plan to charge a flat annual fee to banks for loading a card onto an NFC phone, says Reuters.

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily (04/10)

Discover recently released a trio of mobile enhancements, including a new iPad app, as it continues to extend its strategy to engage cardmembers.

The iPad app lets cardmembers to securely pay their bill, view transactions and sign up for quarterly Cashback Bonus categories. Users can also instantly redeem their Cashback Bonus and Discover Miles by browsing the available mobile merchant redemption partners via the app.

"Simply put, we recognize that the iPad is playing a more significant role in our cardmembers' daily lives," said Sanjay Gosalia, director of ebusiness at Discover, Riverwoods, IL. "With that in mind, we viewed the iPad app as the perfect opportunity to extend the brand and engage with our cardmembers in a format and context that is most relevant for and desirable to them.

"The app was designed in a simple and elegant way to help consumers manage their accounts, whether they wish to pay their balance, redeem their rewards or sign up for various programs," he said.

Enhanced navigation
Discover reports that within the first week of its introduction, the new iPad app was the number one download in the finance category and made it into the Top 10 of all iPad apps.

Additionally, the Discover iPad app and mobile site have been enhanced with improved navigation and intuitive design.

Discover has elevated its most popular core functions and simplified navigation to improve the mobile experience.

The mobile site offers a simplified version of the Discover.com account summary interface and includes functionality to view transactions, make a payment, view rewards activity and enroll in Discover's five percent Cashback Bonus program.

The site is accessible directly from a mobile phone browser by visiting m.discover.com.

"Technology is constantly evolving and we are continuing to develop innovative programs that give our cardmembers what they want, when they need it," Mr. Gosalia said.

"By listening to their feedback, we are able to take our customer service to a whole new level and provide tools and technology programs that are simple, relevant and useful," he said.

Relevant rewards
In other news, Discover recently introduced new Cashback Bonus and rewards experiences, including the ability for cardmembers to sign up to earn 5 percent Cashback Bonus on up to $1,500 in restaurant and movie purchases between April 1 and June 30.

Additionally, cardmembers can sign up to earn five percent Cashback Bonus on up to $300 in grocery store purchases from May 1 to May 31.

Discover is also adding Domino's Pizza, QVC, Under Amour, Aerie and 77 Kids to its list of redemption partners.

"Moving forward, by combining the context of a cardmember and the capabilities of a mobile device, we believe there are opportunities to even better service the cardmember," Mr. Gosalia said. "We also will remain focused on rewards.

"As a leader in cash rewards we continually seek to evolve our programs to surprise and delight our customers anytime, anywhere where they use their Discover card," he said. "Moving forward, we are uniquely positioned to unlock relevant and distinctive rewards experiences."

Discover is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor and Exchange Place expert; please visit http://www.discover.com.


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Source: NFC News (04/06)

Ingenico has announced that it will integrate First Data's TransArmor data encryption and tokenization technologies across its line of Telium point of sale terminals.

According to the partners, the addition of TransArmor will provide greater security to U.S. retail customers making EMV, NFC and magnetic stripe payments on Telium reader products.

In 2012, beginning with Telium retail devices, the TransArmor solution will be available to merchants in every Telium form factor including customer facing, countertop and mobile payment devices.

With the TransArmor solution, payment card data is encrypted from the moment it enters the merchant environment throughout the entire transaction, according to First Data. After the payment is authorized, sensitive payment card data is replaced with a non-sensitive, random token number that preserves the value of card data for merchant business operations and marketing purposes but removes all cardholder or transaction information that criminals may find useful.

Ingenico is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 Exchange Place expert; please visit http://www.ingenico.com.

Source: ICMA Industry News (04/05)

ARM, Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient announced the creation of a joint venture dedicated to delivering a secure, accessible environment for advanced services running on the growing range of connected devices. This includes tablets, smart-TVs, games consoles and smartphones.

All three companies are investing to accelerate adoption of a common security standard and create a vibrant ecosystem that will enable a new generation of innovative services. Security is critical for companies that wish to do business over these types of connected devices and provide the rich, seamless services that consumers expect. With improved security, delivered in a way that is easy to use, consumers will engage with a greater level of trust in the devices and services available.

The joint venture, which is subject to regulatory approval, will provide a secure environment for a new wave of advanced services to flourish, based on easy to use, accessible and consistent device security. Technology developed by the joint venture will be based on established solutions from the founding companies. It will provide a practical solution for manufacturers to deliver devices that enable services with a new level of trust. This trust will mean that consumers are able to simplify, improve and extend their digital lives. Faster, more secure and richer access to the services they want will then be possible, wherever and whenever they want it.

Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient have agreed to contribute their respective software expertise to the joint venture. This will accelerate standardization and interoperability, based on industry standards, to ensure that existing customer investments are future-proofed. All three companies will contribute assets to the new venture, including patents, software, people, cash and capital equipment. ARM will own 40% of the joint venture, with Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient each owning 30%.

Gemalto is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor; Giesecke & Devrient is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor and Exchange Place expert; please visit http://www.gemalto.com & http://www.gi-de.com.

Source: ICMA Industry News (04/27)

Long waits and rummaging for small change to pay for coffee and a newspaper on the way to work? Potentially a thing of the past in Germany's metropolitan area Hanover, Braunschweig and Wolfsburg: There, the German Banking Industry Committee (Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft) today launches its 'girogo' project: Europe's biggest contactless payment trial.

Over 1.3 million bank and savings bank customers will now be offered tap-and-go facilities in an array of shops and filling stations for fast and easy payment of sums up to 20 Euros. An integrated security chip from Infineon Technologies is the first in the world to hold German Banking Industry Committee's approval for the new contactless bank cards.

The girogo bank card is a so-called dual interface card: the customer can continue to use it for contact-based payment by inserting the card into a payment terminal. For contactless payment, the buyer no longer has to insert his card into a reader. He simply holds his card bearing a contactless chip in front of the reader at the check-out. No signature or PIN entry is required, meaning the payment process takes less than a second. By using the contactless-technology customers can pay small amounts of up to 20 EUR in a quick and convenient way.

'The new contactless bank cards incorporating girogo functionality offer customers added convenience and speed in paying small sums up to 20 Euros,' says Dr. Andreas Martin, board member of the Federal Association of German Cooperative Banks (BVR). 'The girogo project forms the basis for the further development of German payment systems.' In addition to contactless payments the girogo bank cards also support the well-established contact-based payment methods. German Banking Industry Committee security requirements are regarded as the world's most stringent standards and therefore Infineon's security controllers have met them for many years now.

'Infineon is the world's first chip manufacturer to meet both the high German Banking Industry Committee security guidelines and the contactless performance requirements of the new bank cards in Germany. This endorses our leading expertise in the fields of security and contactless communication,' says Dr. Stefan Hofschen, President of the Chip Card & Security Division at Infineon Technologies AG.

The market shows a clear trend towards chip-based cards, which are almost completely superseding magnetic-stripe cards. Eurosmart puts the global number of chip-based payment cards - including contactless cards - to be shipped in 2012 at 1.2 billion, which represents year-on-year growth of 19 percent. A clear shift towards dual interface and contactless payment is evident. According to German Banking Industry Committee analysis, the introduction of the chip has been instrumental in reducing fraud levels. Data theft at cash dispensers is reported to have been 45 percent down in 2011 from the previous year.

Information on the SLE 78 security controller The security microcontroller the German Banking Industry Committee is using for the contactless bank card in the girogo project is using Infineon's 'Integrity Guard' digital security technology: the world's first chip card microcontroller to receive German Banking Industry Committee's approval for use in the new contactless bank cards. Furthermore, the security microcontroller fulfills EMVCo (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) security requirements for payment cards and meets the 'Common Criteria EAL 5+ (high)' international standard. Infineon has developed the Integrity Guard safety technology specifically for valuable applications e.g. payment cards- applications requiring reliable protection of the data. In common with all the security microcontrollers of the SLE 78 family, the chip deployed here stores and processes the data within the chip in encrypted form. It provides a dual interface, i.e. with both contact and contactless capabilities. The chips of the SLE 78 family have not only one but two central processing units (CPUs) which cross-check each other continuously, ensuring that errors stemming from attempted attacks are immediately detected and protective action is taken: the affected operations are aborted.

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Source: ICMA Industry News (04/19)

The loss of USB sticks can pose a big threat to corporate data security. With its SafeToGo product series, Giesecke & Devrient Secure Flash Solutions (G&D SFS) offers three encrypted USB sticks that ensure the integrity of the data stored on them. The USB sticks, which can be administered centrally, make it possible to implement a wide variety of security applications. G&D SFS is a joint venture of German security specialist Giesecke & Devrient and Taiwanese flash technology expert Phison.

The USB sticks automatically encrypt all data using a 256-bit AES algorithm and are protected with a strong password. If the wrong password is entered 20 times, the stick automatically deletes all the data stored on it. This rules out the possibility of brute force attacks, in which all theoretically possible combinations of characters in the encryption key are tried out. As both encryption and verification of the password take place in an integrated processor, it is impossible for attackers to manipulate the registration process. No software needs to be installed on the PC to which the USB is connected.

Since every company has its own security requirements, Giesecke & Devrient Secure Flash Solutions offers three different product variants. The SafeToGo stick is the basic product for storing encrypted data. SafeToGo FIPS, which meets the U.S. FIPS 140-2 Level 2 security standard, is aimed primarily at the American market. SafeToGo SMART, the third product in the range, has an integrated smart card that enables two-factor authentication across a range of security applications. With this product, G&D SFS is targeting companies that have stringent security requirements, yet still want to profit from a wide range of functions. The potential applications include, for example, e-mail encryption, secure VPN remote access to the corporate network, and secure user logon to PCs (two-factor authentication). The new solution offers greater flexibility compared with conventional smart cards: it can be used on any type of computer without the need to install an additional smart card reader.

Companies can retain an overview of their flash memories by deploying management software to administer the USB sticks from a central location. In this way, IT administrators can not only reset passwords remotely or roll out new password guidelines, they can also delete the data on lost sticks via the console. What is more, a backup function enables the deleted data to be restored to a new stick.

The SafeToGo USB sticks are available immediately from BlockMaster distributors around the world or direct from Giesecke & Devrient Secure Flash Solutions.

Giesecke & Devrient is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor and Exchange Place expert; please visit http://www.gi-de.com.

Source: ICC Solutions (04/16)

ICC Solutions is delighted to announce the immediate availability of ICCSimCTC: Visa Mobile being the first test tool which was qualified by Visa to perform the VMPA certification tests for Visa Mobile Contactless Payment Specification (VMCPS).

VMPA is a Java Card applet that runs on the Secure Element (SE) installed on the handset. ICCSimCTC: Visa Mobile is only testing the Visa Mobile applet. There is an optional module if testing the Visa Mobile applet on USIM or UICC. ICCSim reader is used as normal for other form factors such as dual interface GP2.2 card and MicroSD

The consumer device used to perform a Visa contactless payment transaction usually consists of a standard credit-card sized form factor. However, new technologies allow for the introduction of consumer devices with different form factors that are capable of conducting Visa contactless payment transactions. These possible form factors include, but are not limited to, mobile handsets, mini-cards, key fobs, and PDAs.

David Maisey C.E.O. commented "ICC Solutions was the first test tool vendor to implement VMPA. We worked closely with the Visa laboratories last year for initial preparations and then certifications. We are pleased by the uptake and global interest of the implementation".

ICCSimCTC: Visa Mobile has been selected by the 3 Visa appointed test laboratories.

Josep Gil, Applus+ IT Business Unit Director, commented "This new generation of test tool is a key step forward for payment systems integration in mobile devices. Applus+, as one of the three Visa recognized laboratory worldwide for VMPA certification tests, has decided to trust in ICC Solutions to complete its testing services portfolio for smart phones, tablets, tokens and other daily used smart devices. Applus+ is now proud to offer comprehensive testing services for payment systems developers, manufacturer and integrators".

ICC Solutions is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 Exchange Place expert; please visit http://www.iccsolutions.com.

Source: Everlink (04/16)

Everlink Payment Services Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Compliance Express. This program combines a series of Everlink POS Acquiring and Professional Services designed to offer Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) an all-inclusive solution for making their merchant clients compliant with EMV rules and regulations.

"Everlink is a recognized leader in the introduction of EMV technologies and conversions in the Canadian financial services and payments industry. Our world class expertise and leadership in this area have been captured and are now available to help clients leverage this expertise to their business advantage, thus avoiding costly penalties and making sure the conversion is done right, the first time around", says Mark Ripplinger, President of Everlink Payment Services Inc.

The key elements of the program hinge on Everlink working closely with each of its Compliance Express clients to obtain Chip capable terminals and update the payment application on the device to make it EMV compliant. The cost of the service will vary depending on the size of the organization, the payment infrastructure and the proprietary agreements that exist with the Acquirer.

Everlink is uniquely qualified to offer the Compliance Express program to facilitate your organization's transition to EMV technology and Interac compliance. The team at Everlink not only has an in-depth understanding of EMV, but operates one of the most robust, high-availability EMV transaction processing environments in Canada. With a wealth of experience in EMV processes and operations from both the acquiring and issuing perspectives, Everlink is a sound, dependable choice to be your strategic EMV partner

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Source: Chase Card Services (04/02)

Chase Card Services Canada announced the launch of the Amazon.ca Rewards Visa Card. Cardmembers earn two reward points for every dollar spent on eligible Amazon.ca purchases and one reward point per dollar spent everywhere Visa credit cards are accepted. There is no limit to the amount of reward points cardmembers can accumulate and points do not expire. The Amazon.ca Rewards Visa Card is the second in the Chase portfolio with the online retailer, joining the Amazon.com Rewards Card that launched in the U.S. in 2002.

"We are pleased to expand our partnership to include Amazon.ca with this new card for the Canadian consumer," said Martin Parizeau, chief executive officer, Chase Card Services Canada. "Online shopping has been growing with Canadians taking advantage of global retailers. With the wide variety of items available for sale, Amazon.ca has become a leading online retailer within the Canadian marketplace. Chase brings strong capabilities in enabling online acquisition, which will allow us to seamlessly integrate the Amazon.ca Rewards Visa Card into the consumer's online shopping experience."

Visa payWave makes paying for everyday purchases quicker and easier than ever. Cardmembers simply look for the Visa payWave logo on a merchant's terminal and wave the Amazon.ca Rewards Visa Card. There is no need to enter a PIN or sign a receipt.

Chase Card Services is a member of ACT Canada; Visa Canada is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor; please visit http://www.chase.ca & http://www.visa.ca.

Source: Giesecke & Devrient (04/18)

GD Burti, the Brazilian subsidiary of international technology group Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), is the first and thus far only manufacturer of national security documents to meet the security requirements for the new Brazilian eID cards. The high-security RIC (Registry of Civil Identity) cards have been granted certification by Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia da Informação, Brazil's foremost IT authority. GD Burti has already delivered more than one million RIC cards as part of an initial pilot project. RIC cards store biometric data and will make it easier for Brazilian nationals to visit other Mercosur treaty states.

The new RIC card meets the Brazilian government's standards for its national ID cards – which must contain an eID application as well as a match-on-card solution for fingerprints – thus enabling unambiguous identification of individuals: state authorities such as the police will be able to scan a person's fingerprints using a portable device and compare them with those stored on the person's ID card. Additional security is ensured by Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which guarantees the authenticity of the data stored on the chip. The RIC card enables each Brazilian citizen to be registered under a single number valid nationwide. That eliminates one of the biggest security risks of the country's current ID documents, which require multiple registrations in the various federal states under different registration numbers.

The RIC card is a hybrid card containing both a contact-based and a contactless module. The latter comprises a travel application that complies with the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and will facilitate travel between the Mercosur treaty states. Both a photographic image of the ID holder and the holder's fingerprints are stored on the RIC card.

What is more, a variety of optical and electrical security features protect the RIC card against forgery and enable citizens to verify a card's authenticity quickly. These include integrated kinegrams, guilloches and other optical elements such as microtext or rainbow print.

GD Burti is currently the first and only card manufacturer to be granted the ITI certification, which it received in February of this year. The standards of Brazil's top IT authority, Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia da Informação, are comparable with FIPS, the Federal Information Processing Standard formulated by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology. As from June 2012, the ITI certification will be mandatory in Brazil for all new national eID documents with PKI signature functionality. GD Burti thus already meets the prerequisites for taking part in the upcoming tender for the manufacture and delivery of Brazil's national ID cards. The company has already delivered more than one million RIC cards to Brazilian authority Casa da Moeda do Brasil as part of a pilot project. G&D's subsidiary in Brazil invested heavily in the upgrade of its production facility last year, putting it in a position to mass-produce ID documents

Giesecke & Devrient is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 sponsor and Exchange Place expert; please visit http://www.gi-de.com.

Source: Moneris (04/16)

SHOP.CA has announced its partnership with Moneris Solutions. Moneris will provide e-commerce payment processing services for SHOP.CA's sophisticated and powerful transaction platform.

SHOP.CA represents a revolution in Canadian online shopping. At launch, shoppers will have access to more that $10 billion worth of product inventory across 26 categories, with thousands of brands and 750 stores. Canadians can shop for their favourite brands without having to turn to U.S. sites, which may limit selection, impose shipping and brokerage fees and void warrantees.

Slated to launch in May 2012, SHOP.CA will offer everything from apparel to eBooks and consumer electronics. It will also include free shipping and free returns, as well as cash back on every purchase through its lucrative Social Loyalty Network™.

"We have seen a significant inflection point in online shopping among Canadians," says Jeff Guthrie, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Moneris. "SHOP.CA will deliver the Canadian-tailored online shopping experience they are looking for while Moneris will provide the reliability and security they need when making purchases. We are truly excited to be a part of the Canadian online shopping revolution that SHOP.CA will start."

SHOP.CA will have a strong online presence across all social media platforms, including mobile and tablet devices. Moneris will showcase its innovation in the e-commerce space while offering easy-to-use payment services for consumers.

"We created SHOP.CA to meet the specific online shopping needs of the Canadian consumer, and partnerships with industry leaders is a key to our strategy," says Drew Green, ceo and founder of SHOP.CA. "Our partnership with Moneris is unique and ensures that data and personal information is absolutely secure."

Moneris is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.moneris.com.

Source: Apriva (04/23)

CardSmith and Apriva announced that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver secure, mobile payment solutions integrated with CardSmith's cloud-based campus card payments platform. Through this relationship, institutions will be able to cost-effectively deploy wireless vending and mobile payment acceptance around campus and eliminate the cost, security and maintenance requirements associated with traditional Ethernet and data jack infrastructure. The combined offering supports campus ID card and Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit card transactions.

"We are very pleased to enter into this relationship with CardSmith, which is one of the true innovators in delivering cloud-based payments services to universities and other institutions," said James Lawrence, Vice President of Apriva. "Our work with CardSmith will enable campus card users to conveniently purchase goods and services at more locations on and around campus, including cashless vending machines and locations with mobile or outdoor requirements. In addition, our joint solution will be ideal for sporting events, taxi/bus applications and fundraising activities. Through this combined offering, students and other cardholders will have much more flexibility for using their campus cards to make purchases, while merchants and institutions will have a cost-effective vehicle to tap into the evolving mobile commerce ecosystem."

"Apriva has long been recognized as the industry leader for secure wireless payment processing solutions," noted Taran Lent, Vice President and Co-founder, CardSmith. "We are delighted to enter into a partnership with this highly-regarded provider, and expect that our joint efforts will benefit our many clients who are looking to integrate mobility into their campus card programs."

System integration is underway and the companies expect to roll out the first wave of joint wireless payment solutions in the second half of 2012.

Apriva is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2012 Exchange Place expert; please visit http://www.apriva.com.

Source: NXP (04/10)

NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced availability of MIFARE4Mobile as an embedded applet on the latest and upcoming NXP embedded secure elements to support mobile ticketing for the sizeable MIFARE Classic system install base worldwide. The solution is available now in NXP's newest stacked solution the PN65O, incorporating the bestselling PN544 NFC controller and recently enhanced SmartMX based P5 secure application platform (embedded secure element).

The MIFARE technology platform has become the most widely adopted contactless technology on the market today and is an essential element in public transportation schemes, ticketing systems, loyalty programs, and access management as well as more than 40 other applications around the world. Through a comprehensive licensing program the MIFARE technology platform is available on several form factors, including embedded secure element, UICC SIM and micro SD, from different vendors.

Initially developed by NXP Semiconductors, MIFARE4Mobile is a technology which is used to manage MIFARE-based services such as transit ticketing, access management and loyalty, in NFC enabled mobile devices, from over-the-air installation to end-user interaction via the user interface of the mobile phone. MIFARE4Mobile is guided by the MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group, which was formed by leading players in the NFC ecosystem in 2010, and is currently defining the next evolution of MIFARE4Mobile specifications. The upcoming specifications aim to support additional MIFARE technology platform products and compliance to global standards such as Global Platform.

The currently published MIFARE4Mobile specification is V1.01 and has the capability to serve MIFARE Classic based infrastructures. In its first MIFARE4Mobile applet implementation, NXP Semiconductors extended V1.01 features to allow for multiple service providers within one secure element.

NXP offers the only complete integrated solution with NFC radio, OS software stack, and SmartMX-based secure element derived from IC's used in passports and bank cards and now including MIFARE4Mobile. MIFARE Classic customers benefit from enhanced user convenience and interactive experiences with high RF performance, security and flexibility when using their smart phone for payment and transportation.

"The availability of MIFARE4Mobile on our PN65O complements NXP's NFC and transit industry leadership and reflects the commitment NXP has to enable convergence of mobile and transit use cases. With the majority of leading smart phone OEMs launching NFC handsets, network operators and transit authorities' interest in mobile ticketing continues to rise. Making MIFARE4Mobile available on NXP embedded secure elements and interoperable with the worldwide MIFARE Classic infrastructure is just the start. We look forward to enhancing this offering as the MIFARE4Mobile specifications continue to evolve as part of our industry leadership," commented Jeff Miles, vice president, mobile transactions, NXP Semiconductors.

NXP continues to enhance and develop solutions compliant with existing and future MIFARE4Mobile specifications. As additional MIFARE4Mobile versions are defined and specified, NXP will add enhanced versions to its future products allowing customers to use additional MIFARE emulation methods such as MIFARE DESFire and advanced multi-MIFARE card management on the company's PN65 family of solutions.

"NFC technology supporting MIFARE DESFire and Classic continue to be of substantial interest to transit agencies to enable a secure application for interoperable mobile ticketing and payment. We are pleased to see the introduction of NXP's solution with MIFARE4Mobile as a viable way to bring mobile ticketing, payment, and related applications to transit users," David deKozan, vice president, strategic initiatives, Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc. Cubic is a leading integrator of payment and information technology and services for intelligent travel solutions with a global customer base of transport operators in cities that include San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, London, Vancouver, Atlanta, Brisbane and Sydney.

Near Field Communication (NFC) continues to gain widespread global acceptance with over 45% attach rate of smart phones by 2015 (Source: ABI). NFC-enabled handsets have increasingly become mainstream products for consumers while contactless applications - including payment, transit ticketing and access management - continue to grow in popularity. Being the industry leader, NXP is at the forefront of security and NFC technology with better performance, smaller footprint, and smaller antenna and package optimization.

With over 650 cities and more than 50 countries using MIFARE technology platform, mobile applications and, specifically, ticketing for public transit, are among the key topics regarding smart mobility. Mobile ticketing offers a totally new passenger experience, integrating smart trip planning with instant purchasing availability of the required fare products and real time passenger trip information.

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