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November-December 2011 ACTion Newsletter


1. Editorial - Year End Thoughts
2. SecureKey Technologies Inc. To Power The Government Of Canada's New Online Authentication Service
3. Passport Canada Set To Introduce Security-Enhanced Passport
4. Bake Privacy Into NFC Chips Now, Privacy Commissioner Says - Members Only
5. Latest In Visa Payment Technology Rolls Out At Sears Canada - Sears Canada To Enable Visa Debit And Visa Paywave For Canadian Shoppers From Coast-To-Coast
6. G&D Offers Commercial MasterCard Certified TSM Services Globally
7. Canadian Android Users Targeted By 'Expensive Texts' Malware - Members Only
8. Gemalto Deploys First Contactless EMV Payment Cards In Brazil For Santander Universities
9. HMV Hits A High Note With Visa Paywave In-Store And Visa Debit Online
10. Why Marketers Mustn't Ignore Mobile - Members Only
11. Global Payments Introduces Ingenico Ict250 Reader To Canada
12. First MasterCard PayPass Contactless Transactions With Ingenico In A Major Retail In Kiev
13. Worldwide Delivery Of MasterCard Formal Approval Services By Collis
14. Infineon Unveils 65nm Eflash Microcontroller
15. RIM Plans 'Big Push' For NFC-Enabled Blackberry Apps - Members Only
16. FIME Qualifies The First GlobalPlatform UICC Product For Gemalto
17. Visa Launches V.Me Digital Wallet
18. CPI Card Group To Become Trusted Service Manager Using Bell ID Software
19. Aconite, Alaric Announce Fraud Detection Partnership Focusing On EMV Transactions
20. After NFC, Square Adds Rewards Feature - Members Only
21. G&D Presents World's First Nano-SIM Card
22. ICC Solutions Joins EMV Academy
23. Delego and YESpay Jointly Provide SAP Customers With A Multi-Channel EMV Payment Solution
24. Visa Introduces New Mobile Prepaid Product For Developing Countries
25. Cyber Monday? It Was More Like Mobile Monday, According To Ebay & Paypal - Members Only
26. Oberthur Developing Anti-Cloning Tech For Smart Cards
27. Worldpay, Diners Club Expand European Partnership

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February 7-9, 2012
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EMV Universe Roadshow
ACT Canada is preparing a one-day EMV Universe Roadshow ("Roadshow") that will travel to five events in the US. The Roadshow is focused on sharing experiences and learnings gained through Canada's migration to EMV. This Roadshow will be appended to existing US industry events targeted at relevant payments industry stakeholders. ACT has identified five events in Q1 and Q2 2012 that present excellent opportunities for ACT members to showcase their expertise, and exchange key learnings from the Canadian migration to EMV.

NFC Solutions Summit 2012
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May 22-24, 2012
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Cardware 2012: Payment Insights
June 19-20, 2012
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Source: Catherine Johnston, President & CEO, ACT Canada (11/30)

Year end thoughts

November is the final news letter of the year and it gives me a chance to reflect on the past year and think about the next.

In payment, much of the focus for Q1 was the EMV liability shift, which was met by most of the participants. EMV hit the headlines again, as Visa announced plans to accelerate chip migration in the US, in August. Looking forward, 2012 will undoubtedly be the year that NFC enabled phones roll out in quantities, allowing us to finalize business cases and decide on corporate offerings.

In the Canadian ID market everything was quiet until the first week of November. Then Passport Canada announced details of the new 10 year (and optional 5) e-passports. A careful review shows that we will get enhanced security and identity protection at a lower cost than we now pay for two passports over a 10 year period, and save on the cost of the second set of photos. I like the fact that I can save my own time by not having to go through the process twice, and taking inflation into effect, the savings are even greater. Great job, Passport Canada! Moving to secure chip in our passports is, of course, the big news. The second announcement is revolutionary. SecureKey Technologies announced that the Government of Canada will use SecureKey's technology so that citizen's can use bank-issued credentials from TD Bank Group, Scotiabank and BMO Financial Group to securely and conveniently access online government services (see story below). This is notable for 2 reasons. The first is that it makes sense and is cost effective. The second is that bank issued chip cards offer a level of security that matches e-passports. Surely all other government issued ID should now be raised to the same standard.

As for next year, here is what I wish for you. I wish you health, happiness and success. I wish you challenges that will help you grow. I wish you the satisfaction of taking ownership and responsibility for your work and your life. And, I wish you the overwhelming joy of doing things for no other reason than they are the "right" things to do! Happy 2012.

Source: SecureKey Technologies (11/07)

Toronto based SecureKey Technologies Inc. announced that it has been awarded a contract by the Government of Canada to provide an innovative Credential Broker Service (CBS) that will allow Canadians to use their bank authentication credentials to obtain access to online government services. To ensure privacy protection, users of the CBS will authenticate through their bank but neither their login credentials nor the identity of their bank will be shared with the Government of Canada. Similarly, no information about the government service being accessed by the user will be shared with the user's bank.

The new service is part of the Government of Canada's Cyber Authentication Renewal initiative and leverages SecureKey's authentication solutions, which enable banks, credit card issuers, governments and healthcare providers to extend the security capabilities of chip-based payment and identity cards to their mobile and online offerings.

"We are thrilled to have been selected, through a competitive process, by the Government of Canada to provide this unique service", said SecureKey Technologies Inc, CEO Greg Wolfond, "This partnership between government and industry lays the foundation for an ecosystem that will offer increased choice and ease of use for consumers and businesses accessing secure online services."

Management of security credentials is a constant challenge for online government services which are used periodically, as website-specific user ID's and passwords are often forgotten. SecureKey's new authentication service will allow consumers to access government services using their online banking login credentials or, if offered by their bank, by tapping their bank-issued chip card on one of SecureKey's easy-to-use USB card readers or, in future, on a SecureKey-enabled laptop or mobile device.

To provide consumer choice and broad national coverage for the launch of the service, three of Canada's largest banks, BMO Financial Group, TD Bank Group and Scotiabank have been selected as the inaugural credential providers. These banks offer unparalleled authentication capabilities that will make customer access to online government services much easier.

"SecureKey's credential service will offer our customers a powerful combination of security and convenience when accessing their government accounts online," said Paal Kaperdal, SVP, Online Banking, TD Bank Group. "This is an innovative approach by both government and industry to improve an essential service for Canadians, and another way that TD can fulfill our promise of delivering a more comfortable banking experience to our customers."

The CBS will go live in 2012 and will be made available to all Government of Canada Departments and Agencies.

SecureKey Technologies & TD Bank are members of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.securekey.com & http://www.td.com.

Source: PR-USA.net (11/11)

Passport Canada will start issuing higher-security electronic passports, or ePassports, to Canadians next year. With the ePassport, Canadians will have the option of getting a new, security-enhanced passport that is valid for five years, starting next year, or a 10-year passport, starting in early 2013.

Today, in accordance with the User Fees Act, Passport Canada is unveiling its new fee-for-service proposal to accompany the new 10-year ePassport. Canadians are invited to have their say on this proposal.

As always, Passport Canada is striving to strike the best possible balance between security, service and cost. In fact, the proposed fee for a 10-year ePassport is actually lower, per year of validity, than the fee for the current 5-year passport.

The proposal and all supporting documentation may be found at www.passportcanada.gc.ca/consultations.

A Canadian passport is the only reliable and universally accepted travel and identification document available to Canadians who want to travel abroad. The more secure ePassport is a document that benefits all Canadians by protecting our national security.


Adopting the 10-year ePassport is a question of security and convenience. The ePassport is a higher-security travel document that will help Canadians travel abroad with ease. And since it is valid for 10 years, it is also more convenient.

Passport Canada is a cost-recovery organization. It is funded by passport fees, not Canadians' tax dollars. Despite inflation, post-9/11 cost pressures and the need to keep pace with technology, passport fees have not increased in a decade.

Before adjusting its fee structure to support the next generation of passports, Passport Canada must undergo a process prescribed by the User Fees Act. As part of this process, in the spring of 2010, Passport Canada consulted Canadians on ways to improve passport services. This input was used to help craft the fee-for-service proposal that is now available.

Highlights of the fee-for-service proposal:

  • Under the proposed fee structure:
    • Passport Canada will be issuing higher-security ePassports to all passport applicants; and
    • Adult applicants will be able to choose between 5- or 10-year validity. The enhanced-security 5-year passport will be available to Canadians starting next year; the 10-year passport will be available in early 2013.
  • If the fee proposal is adopted in its current form:
    • The price for a 10-year ePassport will be $160. The ePassport will actually cost Canadians less per year of validity than the current non-electronic 5-year passport;
    • The price of a 5-year ePassport will be $120, compared to $87 for the current non-electronic 5-year passport; and
    • Some other passport services that are currently offered for free, such as file transfers and certified photocopies, may have a fee attached.

Approximately 95 countries are already issuing higher-security ePassports to their citizens. Many countries have also moved to a 10-year validity period. Both 5- and 10-year validity periods are in line with international standards.


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Source: Visa (11/14)

Visa Canada and Sears Canada Inc. announced the availability of Visa Debit to enable Canadian card holders to safely and conveniently pay for purchases made online - at www.sears.ca, or over the phone through the Sears catalogue at 1-800-26-Sears, directly from their bank account.

Shoppers across Canada will be able to use Visa payWave to quickly "wave and go", when purchasing from Sears broad range of merchandise including apparel, home fashions and much more.

"The Sears brand is meaningful to millions of Canadian consumers and we're very proud to be working with Sears to provide the benefits of Visa Debit and Visa payWave technology," said Mike Bradley, Head of Product, Visa Canada. "Whether transacting at a retail store, online, or via the iconic Sears catalogue, Visa provides safe and convenient payment solutions, helping ensure the best customer experience possible."

"Throughout our long retail history in Canada, we've remained committed to keeping pace with technology and other advancements that ultimately allow us to provide the best customer experience possible," said Peter Kalen, Senior Vice-President, Sears Canada Inc. "Whether in-store, online, or over the phone, our customers expect an easy and efficient shopping experience. Visa Debit and Visa payWave are helping us satisfy our consumers by facilitating faster and more convenient shopping."

Visa Debit allows online electronic debiting of funds without requiring customers to sign in to their bank account. Importantly, it is backed by Visa's multiple layers of security, which help to reduce the risk of fraud through Visa's Zero Liability Policy, Verified by Visa, E-Promise, AVS (Address Verification Service) and CVV2 (the three-digit code). With Visa Debit, card holders shopping online, via mail order or phone benefit from greater payment choice and purchase flexibility.

Visa payWave offers a platform for future innovations, including mobile payment technology. Contactless payments deliver speed and convenience to merchants and Visa cardholders, while offering the built-in security benefits inherent in chip technology. Visa payWave is based on EMV chip technology, which uses a standard 128-bit encryption technology, to securely store and encrypt confidential information. When a customer uses a Visa payWave terminal, the card and the terminal exchange security information and the transaction is completed, all in less than one-third of a second. The cardholder does not need to swipe a card or let it out of their possession, keeping the transaction fast and secure.

Sears and Visa are members of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.sears.ca & http://www.visa.ca.

Source: Giesecke & Devrient (11/15)

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) has been certified by MasterCard for its Canadian TSM (Trusted Service Manager) hub in Toronto, Canada. G&D in Munich, Germany received MasterCard certification for their TSM site in 2009. G&D is now well positioned to offer commercial TSM services at two sites globally, providing customers with the ability to implement robust and reliable mobile payment solutions. G&D's TSM hub in Toronto is the first in Canada to be approved by MasterCard's Mobile Partner Program and is established as the North American TSM hub for NFC application management and provisioning.

With G&D's TSM, banks and service providers have a standardized, easy to use, cost-effective and secure method to transfer and install PayPass�-enabled payment account information, on demand, in real time, onto Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled mobile phones. After account provisioning, consumers can immediately use their mobile phone at more than three hundred thousand merchant locations worldwide where PayPass is accepted.

"G&D's Trusted Service Manager (TSM) solution is an important component in accelerating the deployment of PayPass onto NFC ready handsets. Having evaluated this TSM platform and used these services in several initiatives since 2009, we are delighted to have certified G&D's newest installation of the TSM solution in Toronto, Canada," said Ed McLaughlin, chief emerging payments officer at MasterCard.

OTA (Over-the-Air) is a remote process that enables service providers to securely download and personalize credentials into a secure element such as an NFC SIM or embedded secure element residing in the consumer's handset. Certification is based on a detailed security and functional assessment process.

"We see a very rapidly growing demand for NFC applications worldwide, and G&D is well positioned to offer complete solutions for the commercial roll-out of NFC TSM services, due to our strong position in contactless payment cards," remarks Michael Kuemmerle, member of the Management Board and Group Executive of Mobile Security at G&D. "This MasterCard certification is another important milestone G&D has realized to enable the NFC ecosystem in Canada and globally. We are proud to play a key role in this next payment innovation with our partner MasterCard."

G&D is currently preparing multiple commercial NFC roll-outs in its Toronto TSM hub as well as in its Munich TSM hub.

Giesecke & Devrient is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.gi-de.com.


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Source: Gemalto (11/22)

Gemalto was chosen by Banco Santander Brasil, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, with more than 90 million customers worldwide, to deploy the first contactless EMV payment system in Brazil. Santander Universities Global Division, responsible for the project, expects to issue thousands of contactless payment cards to Brazilian university students over the next 12 months. This innovation represents the evolution of the University Smart Card, which is already widespread in 12 countries, in more than 200 universities and with 5 million users.

This important breakthrough allows Santander Universities to take the lead in the market, providing the new contactless technology along with financial and academic functions. Rapid growth in the contactless EMV payment market is expected in the country. Santander is the first bank in Brazil to issue personalized contactless EMV cards, which are produced in the country. In addition, it is well positioned in the expansion of more advanced payment programs, such as through cell phones, using NFC contactless technology.

Besides the speed and convenience of contactless payments, students in Brazil will continue enjoying the features of the university smart cards they already have. These features include EMV security, digital ID, strong authentication and access to university facilities, as well as public transportation in some universities.

"The card offers unmatched technology in our market and gives us a leading edge that adds great value to our brand, positioning and activities. We want to strengthen our ties with universities offering state-of-the-art technology, which improves the operation of the institutions," said Jamil Hannouche, Director of Santander Universities in Brasil.

Gemalto is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.gemalto.com.

Source: Visa (11/01)

Visa Canada and HMV announced the implementation of Visa payWave contactless payments at HMV's 116 retail stores in Canada. Beginning November 1, 2011, HMV shoppers across the country will be able to quickly "wave and go", when purchasing music, DVD and Blu-rays, video games, books and more from the leading entertainment retailer.

In addition to Visa payWave, Canadian card holders shopping online at hmvdigital.ca, HMV's music download store, are now able to purchase items using their Visa Debit card. With Visa Debit, card holders can safely and conveniently pay for purchases made online or through mail and telephone orders, directly from their bank account.

"As an entertainment company focused on bringing the latest and greatest products to our customers, it's important for us to keep pace with innovation both in-store and online," said Nick Williams, President, HMV. "Visa payWave and Visa Debit bring ease, convenience and greater choice of payment methods to our customers, helping us satisfy consumer demand for a faster and more convenient shopping experience."

"We are proud to be working with HMV to enable this leading retailer to take advantage of the benefits of Visa payWave and Visa Debit technology to enhance their customer service experience," said Mike Bradley, Head of Product, Visa Canada. "Visa's payment options offer greater choice and functionality for HMV consumers, while Visa's layers of security protect cardholders whether they're transacting at retail stores or online."

Visa is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.visa.ca.


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Source: ContactlessNews (11/22)

Global Payments has announced the launch of Ingenico's iCT250 contactless point of sale terminal in Canada.

According to Global Payments, the deployment makes them the first merchant acquirer to offer the contactless payments terminal in North America.

Based on Ingenico's Telium2 platform, The iCT250 accepts payments from contactless credit and debit cards, EMV cards and NFC-enabled phones. The compact reader also features a vivid color screen and boasts the latest PCI PED 2.0 security.

Global Payments and Ingenico are members of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.globalpaymentsinc.com & http://www.ingenico.com.

Source: Ingenico (11/09)

The first live Contactless transaction was performed with the MasterCard PayPass contactless card issued by the biggest Ukrainian acquirer "Privatbank" on an Ingenico iPP terminal. The iCT220 and the iPP220 were selected by one of the biggest retail in Kiev in order to benefit from a queue busting solution.

In Ukraine, Contactless application for Ingenico has been provided by JSC "Bancomzvjazok" - the worldwide software development company for secured electronic transactions. The partners have worked successfully to bring the innovative products to Ukraine and achieved the significant success in the distribution of Ingenico solutions in various fields of electronic transactions business.

Ingenico is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.ingenico.com.

Source: Collis (11/10)

The Collis Test Centre at the head office in Leiden was accredited in June by MasterCard Worldwide to deliver chip implementation services for MasterCard Card Personalisation Validation (CPV) and Terminal Integration Process (TIP & M-TIP) services. From today onwards, customers can order these services at five additional Collis offices worldwide; being USA, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, UK and Finland. This means they will also be invoiced in their local currency.

In addition to Collis' services for MasterCard Formal Approval CPV Service, Collis proposes the EMV Personalisation Validation Tool (PVT). This tool is qualified by MasterCard Worldwide for card personalization validation by the issuer in preparation of the formal CPV service. The Collis Brand Test Tool (BTT) incorporates the Collis Card Simulator qualified by MasterCard Worldwide. It supports an acquirer in Contact TIP Validation and Contact NIV Validation.

MasterCard Formal Approval Services for CPV, M-TIP and PayPass TIP test that card and terminal products carrying MasterCard brands, or accepting MasterCard branded M/Chip & PayPass cards, meet the quality and interoperability requirements specified by MasterCard. MasterCard mandates issuers and acquirers introducing a new or modified card or terminal to apply for the CPV or TIP Formal Approval Services of MasterCard Worldwide. This enables early detection of issues which tends to reduce cost and the time-to-market.

Collis and MasterCard are members of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.collis.nl & http://www.mastercard.ca.

Source: SecureIDNews (11/16)

Infineon Technologies has released the first samples of its 65 nanometer embedded flash (eFlash) microcontrollers for chip card and security applications.

Co-developed by TSMC, the microcontroller features a 65 nm footprint that provides greater efficiency over former IC technologies, according to Infineon. The partners have also announced the development of new 300 mm wafers as a more efficient alternative to 200 mm models.

The company says they plan to debut the new microcontroller in a mass roll out of SIM card applications, which are expected to undergo process and product qualification in the second half of 2012.

Infineon is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.infineon.com.


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Source: FIME (11/17)

FIME, a GlobalPlatform accredited consulting and market integration testing service provider, was selected by Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, to validate its UICC NFC 2.0 product to achieve GlobalPlatform qualification status. Gemalto is the first smart card player to successfully align its product with the functional requirements outlined by GlobalPlatform to manage applications on UICC technology.

GlobalPlatform, the international organisation which standardises the management of applications on secure chip technology, launched its compliance programme earlier this year. Gemalto is the first digital security player to achieve GlobalPlatform certification for a UICC product. In becoming GlobalPlatform qualified, Gemalto's UICC gives reassurances to those using its product that it has successfully met the required functionality needed to manage applications that reside on the UICC in line with GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.2. The GlobalPlatform certification also confirms the UICC is adaptable and scalable to accommodate multiple-applications, and can support multiple-business models and multiple-actors within the mobile services landscape.

As the first full service testing facility to receive GlobalPlatform qualification for both its tools and ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, FIME has been entrusted by Gemalto to provide the expertise required to independently evaluate its product.

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform, comments: "We are delighted to see the first GlobalPlatform certified UICC product come to market. The standardisation of this technology offers many industry benefits as it will essentially enable the market to build a trusted end-to-end solution. This is vital as more and more services are delivered through mobile devices, and the market evolves to incorporate many new stakeholders and support new technical and business partnerships."

Stephanie El Rhomri, New Services Marketing Manager at FIME, adds: "The development of standards is vital to create market stability, ensure applications operate as advertised once live in the field and can be appropriately managed. Engaging with an independent third party to deliver the testing activity provides all stakeholders with confidence, which is important as the secure mobile services ecosystem is still emerging. The work of the GlobalPlatform Compliance Programme plays a key role in delivering these assurances and creating a trusted, secure and sustainable mobile services marketplace. We foresee demand for GlobalPlatform qualifications growing throughout the coming year."

FIME recently announced that its Asian laboratory has also received GlobalPlatform approval, enabling the company to provide testing services in both Europe and Asia. It has also become the first full service testing facility to receive GlobalPlatform approval to deliver qualifications for the Basic Financial Configuration.

FIME and Gemalto are members of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.fime.com & http://www.gemalto.com.

Source: OutlookSeries.com (11/16)

In an effort to simplify and accelerate the development and adoption of innovative payment products globally, Visa has launched the Visa Developer Center https://developer.visa.com. The primary purpose of the center: to provide approved application developers with easy access to tools needed for the rapid creation and deployment of payment applications.

The new Visa Developer Center offers eCommerce and mobile application developers a pathway to create a seamless online purchase experience for consumers. Whether enabling the purchase of small in-game digital goods, or the latest appliance from a big-box retailer, to enabling purchases with Visa's new digital wallet, developers now have access to application programming interfaces (APIs), simplified documentation, and software development kits needed to make online shopping with Visa fast, simple, and secure.

"The convergence of web, mobile, and social networks is revolutionizing the way people buy and sell and is driving the creation of new and innovative ways to pay," said Jim McCarthy, global head of product, Visa. "The Visa Developer Center ensures that application developers, especially those constructing eCommerce, mobile, and social applications, have access to Visa capabilities, while still maintaining Visa's industry-leading security standards."

The new Visa Developer Center is a one-of-a-kind resource providing access to the payment expertise, open APIs, and development tools offered by Visa and its subsidiaries, CyberSource, Authorize.Net, and PlaySpan. It will enable eCommerce merchants, financial institutions, mobile network operators, and gaming developers to integrate Visa payment functionality into their product offerings, including:

Next generation of payment solutions through V.me by Visa
Visa is taking the first step in making its digital wallet and new acceptance mark available with the launch of developer tools which can be accessed through the Visa Developer Center or at https://www.v.me/. V.me by Visa will offer a secure way for consumers to pay online as well as in person with a PC, tablet, or mobile device using Visa and non-Visa accounts. Designed to support the evolving ways and places people are transacting, V.me will also provide features beyond payments such as transaction alerts and the ability to receive personalized offers triggered in real time. Accessing V.me will be as simple as click-to-buy on a computer, touch-to-buy for a mobile browser, and wave-to-buy for physical point-of-sale NFC transactions.

To accelerate adoption of and support for innovative applications using V.me, Visa is creating an open beta developer program designed initially for eCommerce payment applications. The site (https://developer.v.me/) will enable developers to provision API credentials and access the dedicated sandbox, dynamically generate code samples to insert into applications, create and integrate merchant eCommerce sites (with sandbox testing), and provide simplified web-based documentation.

Person-to-person payments, domestic and international remittances
Visa's new developer center offers easy access to the building blocks that extend person-to-person payment services to include Visa cards. These building blocks include APIs for Visa account validation, currency conversion, transaction initiation, and anti-money laundering tools.

"Working with Visa has enabled consumers using our person-to-person payment products to send money to eligible Visa accounts anywhere -- creating significantly more options for both our financial institution customers and consumers," said Neil Platt, senior vice president and general manager, payments at CashEdge, now a part of Fiserv. "This capability includes sending money internationally, expanding the reach and value of our person-to-person service."

Mobile payments and services
Providing consumers with a way to make mobile payments and access their financial accounts has become a priority for banks and mobile network operators around the world. The new Visa Developer Center will provide mobile developers with the tools to create applications that transform a mobile phone into a payment or merchant acceptance device.

Visa is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.visa.ca.

Source: ICMA Industry News (11/18)

CPI Card Group (CPI) has selected Bell ID's Trusted Service Manager (TSM) software solutions to enable the provisioning and management of mobile near field communication (NFC)-based applications for its customer base across North America.

Using Bell ID's solutions, CPI will be able to assume the role of TSM and support mobile network operators (MNOs) and service providers such as banks and transit organisations to deploy mobile NFC services. Through its TSM services, CPI provides the personalisation of NFC secure elements and the secure provisioning of applications-such as payment, loyalty and transit-'over the air' to an NFC enabled mobile handset pre- and post-issuance. The ability to update and manage applications post-deployment allows businesses to react quickly to changing market requirements and compliance regulations. Post-issuance capabilities also enable the convenient delivery of new, pioneering services directly to customers during the lifecycle of the secure element. CPI is offering the TSM services to financial institutions, merchants, MNOs, transit agencies and administrations, enabling them to use the NFC functionalities for payment, couponing and secured access control.

"Utilising Bell ID's software solutions will enable us to offer services and support to the emerging payments industry by providing the framework for a powerful and flexible offering to our North American customers," said Steve Montross, president and CEO of CPI. "As a trusted service provider, CPI is creating the expert partnerships necessary to conduct business securely and efficiently."

CPI Card Group is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.cpicardgroup.com.

Source: ContactlessNews (11/14)

Two London companies-Aconite and Alaric International-have announced an agreement that will enable the organizations to work together to integrate and market each others' products. The two are expected to generate more benefits for their customers, particularly in relation to intelligent fraud management for EMV card transactions.

Aconite provides software and consulting services primarily in the payments and transit markets while Alaric supplies payments and fraud prevention software.

The partnership covers all of the companies' products but the immediate focus will be on providing fraud prevention, detection and management for EMV card transactions.

Aconite is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.aconite.net.


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Source: ICMA Industry News (11/18)

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) presents the world's smallest SIM card: the nano-SIM. A third smaller than the micro-SIM, the nano-SIM enables manufacturers to produce devices that are even thinner and perform even better. This new development from G&D could be finding its way into the first mobile devices as early as next year.

Measuring approximately 12mm x 9mm, the nano-SIM is about 30 percent smaller than the micro-SIM. The thickness of the cards has been reduced by about 15 percent-a tremendous technical challenge. Compared to the SIM cards most widely used today, the nano-SIM is almost 60 percent smaller. It offers device manufacturers the crucial advantage of freeing up extra space for other mobile phone components, such as additional memory or larger batteries. And because nano-SIM cards are significantly smaller and thinner, they will also make it easier to create thinner devices.

Initial samples were made available by G&D to various mobile network operators for testing. The standardization of the nano-SIM is expected to be implemented through the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) by the end of the year. Backward compatibility with older device models is ensured by an adapter solution that allows the nano-SIM to be integrated into all established mobile devices for universal use.

"The invention of the SIM card remains a milestone in the history of G&D. With the nano-SIM, we have shown how this development can move closer to perfection," claims Axel Deininger, head of G&D's Secure Devices division.

Giesecke & Devrient is a member of ACT Canada; please visit http://www.gi-de.com.

Source: ICC Solutions (11/15)

UK-based ICC Solutions LTD and EMV Academy announced a strategic partnership. ICC Solutions has joined the EMV Academy as the Academy's preferred provider of EMV contact and contactless test solutions. EMV Academy is the first U.S. based EMV training academy committed to seamlessly migrating EMV chip and pin technologies in the USA

ICC Solutions' membership in the EMV Academy enables both companies to open up new channels for customers to access the most innovative suite of EMV training, contact and contactless test solutions on the market.

"ICC Solutions remains firmly committed to providing the best possible solutions that will enable reliable, efficient and cost effective testing during all stages of an EMV product lifecycle," adds Dave Maisey, CEO, ICC Solutions. "We are very pleased to partner with the EMV Academy, which will enable both companies to offer a comprehensive solutions and services portfolio which will be strongly focused on assisting the migration to EMV in the US."

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Source: YESpay (11/09)

Delego Software Inc. has completed the integration of its system with EMBOSSTM, YESpay's multi-channel EMV Chip and PIN accredited and PCI-DSS (Level 1) certified managed payment service. With a first joint customer implementation, Nikon Canada Inc, planned for December 2011, this partnership will help SAP merchants implement an integrated retail and payment strategy in both Canada and Europe.

Delego Software Inc. is a Global Leader in providing SAP users with an interface that manages SAP Credit Card and SAP Electronic Payment Card requirements. Experts in Card-not-present scenarios, Delego decided to partner with YESpay as a result of its card acquirer pre-accredited (in Canada, USA and Europe) approved and PCI DSS (level 1) certified payment service. Delego was able to mitigate a significant amount of time and cost that would have been associated with a direct bank certification with its merchant processors. Delego is now able to offer its SAP merchants a fully managed EMV payment solution adapted for card-present payments (EasyV-Retail) and card-not-present environments (EasyV-Internet).

Harry Morge, National Sales Manager at YESpay explains: "Thanks to this strong partnership, Delego is now able to expand the services they offer to merchants. Delego is known to be an expert on the card-not-present side, but now also on the card-present side as merchants can use the full multi-channel integration with YESpay managed payment service." In addition to taking payments through a single gateway, this multi-channel offering allows Delego to stay ahead in security features such as Tokenization and PCI-DSS compliancy.

When asked why Delego chose YESpay, Greg Ferris, VP Business Development at Delego Software Inc. explained that "Delego's increasing international presence throughout North and South America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim was a key factor in choosing to integrate with YESpay. This integration is easily implemented and valid in North America and mainland Europe! Delego can now deliver proven options for both card-not-present and card-present solutions and this will further assist in the continuing growth of our customer base. I am looking at the YESpay/Delego partnership as both dynamic and strategic."

Through this strategic partnership, Delego merchants can now securely process transactions with their selected card processor such as First Data Merchant Services (FDMS) and Chase Paymentech through YESpay's EMV pre-accredited and PCI-DSS certified EMBOSS payment solution. The integration of YESpay payment software with Delego Software was completed in a matter of weeks with the help of YESpay's free integration toolkit and support. The first promising common Delego and YESpay implementation is planned for Nikon Canada Inc. in December 2011, with numerous other clients for 2012 and the following years.

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Source: Visa (11/16)

Visa Inc. announced a significant step to bringing access to secure financial services and electronic payments to consumers in developing countries by introducing a new product serving the needs of unbanked and under-banked consumers. The new product, a Visa prepaid account that can be accessed through a mobile phone, offers consumers in developing countries a secure, reliable, globally interoperable electronic payment account.

MTN Group, a leading telecommunications provider in Africa and the Middle East, plans to offer the new Visa product to MTN Mobile Money customers across its markets. As part of the launch, the new product will be available to customers in Nigeria and Uganda.

Today, more than one hundred mobile money programs provide consumers in developing countries with basic financial services, with several more being planned by mobile network operators and financial institutions. Visa's new product will enhance the security, scale and interoperability of these mobile money programs, while extending their payment functionality by enabling account holders to send funds to each other, send and receive international remittances, make purchases at merchants or online where Visa is accepted or withdraw funds at a Visa ATM.

"Reaching consumers who have previously lacked access to formal financial services with secure and reliable electronic payments is finally a reality," said Jim McCarthy, head of product for Visa Inc. "Mobile technology has become the single most important driver of financial inclusion that is enabling financial institutions, mobile network operators and Visa to connect unbanked consumers to each other and the global economy."

MTN Mobile Money has been implemented in 12 countries. At 30 September 2011, there were 5.7 million registered mobile money customers.

"The launch of this product with Visa doesn't only enhance our current mobile money offering, but also represents yet another crucial milestone in our journey to bring value-adding services to the growing population of mobile phone users in our markets. And as the appetite for mobile technology grows, MTN is excited to be at the forefront of providing millions of our customers with such important product innovations," said Christian de Faria, MTN Group Chief Commercial Officer.

How It Works
The mobile phone is changing how consumers around the world pay and get paid, and offers financial service providers in developing countries a new, efficient channel to serve the unbanked and under-banked. In the last ten years, 100 million people have been newly 'banked' through mobile services that offer consumers basic financial services that are limited in geographic reach

Visa's recent acquisition of Fundamo, a leading mobile money platform in developing countries, and its integration into Visa, has created the first globally interoperable mobile payment platform that can connect existing mobile money services with Visa's global payment network, VisaNet.

The result is a new Visa product that allows financial service providers and mobile network operators to offer consumers a payment account that provides Visa's high standards of security, reliability and global interoperability, including:
- Visa-quality Payment Security - The new product combines Visa's advanced risk processing technology with the security and authentication features of mobile devices, offering consumers in developing countries peace of mind when making purchases. Regardless of transaction size or where consumers make purchases, Visa and the account issuer will be able to authenticate the account holder at the point of transaction by requesting a PIN or password. In addition, Visa's fraud monitoring capabilities can help mitigate and prevent fraud.
- Visa Payment Functionality - From international remittances to ecommerce transactions Visa's new product will offer consumers a new payment account that enhances the payment functionality of their existing mobile money service. In markets with Visa acceptance locations, consumers may also have the option to receive a Visa prepaid companion card that can be used at ATMs and merchants where Visa is accepted.
- Transaction Authorization, Clearing and Settlement Services - For financial institutions and mobile network operators offering Visa's new mobile prepaid product, Visa will offer a full suite of payment processing and account management services supported by the world's largest payments network, VisaNet.

Developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America are among the first target markets for Visa's new mobile-based prepaid product.

Visa is working closely with financial institutions, mobile network operators, governments and non-governmental organisations in developing countries to extend access to financial services and electronic payments, helping drive economic growth and financial inclusion by migrating cash spend to electronic payments.

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Source: Oberthur (11/04)

Oberthur Technologies is proud to announce the development of PUF technology in smart cards, in collaboration with Intrinsic-ID.

PUFs are widely recognised as an important new security primitive and provide embedded systems with silicon biometry. Using this insight, Oberthur Technologies and Intrinsic-ID joined forces to promote PUFs to propose solutions to new security needs.

Thanks to PUF technology, secret and personal data do no longer need to be stored in Non Volatile Memory but can be rebuilt, when needed, from an electronic unique property of the silicon. In such a way, PUF enforces the anticloning mechanisms of embedded systems and banking, identity or transport applications are natural targets for this technology.

Taking advantage of the secure element biometric, PUF can also create a strong link between an application and a device hosting it. In a world where more and more security services (e.g. banking applications, access control, and content protection) are executed in a mobile environment, there is a need for trusted and secure systems. When combined with the classical assets of secure elements, PUF answers this need and brings trust by pairing applications with secure elements.

"Once again, Oberthur Technologies is at the fore front of innovation and security research. Combining its R&D strength and efficiency with its long term pragmatic approach regarding new developments, the Group offers today its clients new security features to answer new security problems", said Marc Bertin, Technologies and Innovation Director at Oberthur Technologies.

"We are delighted that Oberthur Technologies has selected Intrinsic-ID's Quiddikey product to develop new security features ", said Pim Tuyls, CEO Intrinsic-ID. "The combination of the proven card technology of Oberthur Technologies and the Intrinsic-ID security IP enables an entirely new range of compelling applications on mobile phones and tablets."

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Source: Greensheet.com (11/22)

WorldPay, the largest European acquirer and Diners Club International (DCI), a business unit of Discover Financial Services, today announced the signing of a merchant acquiring agreement that will increase the acceptance of Discover and Diners Club cards in the U.K. WorldPay will build on its current relationship by adding Diners Club and Discover as standard options to its portfolio of payments processing services beginning in early 2012, in time for the summer Olympic Games in London.

The partnership expands the relationship between WorldPay, a major global leader in payment processing that operates in over 40 countries and Diners Club, a globally recognized payments brand with the world's first multi-purpose charge card. Currently, WorldPay offers Diners Club acceptance only on request by a merchant and is an E-commerce processor. In future, WorldPay will offer Diners Club and Discover to all merchants and will support D-PAS, Discover's EMV-compliant payments solution, and will be enabling chip-based terminals throughout its implementation.

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